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Best Matches Of John Cena! Here’s The List!

Best Matches Of John Cena

John Cena VS Brock Lesnar VS Seth Rollins:

2015 Royal Rumble

John Cena was looking for his sixteenth World title, expecting to match Ric Flair’s record by recovering the title he had lost to Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2014.

Seth Rollins was Mr Money in the Bank, a vile heel who months earlier had separated probably the best group in wrestling history. Seth Rollins went for the gold title, and his presumptuous disposition was upheld incomparable in-ring ability.

Brock Lesnar was the Beast. He tasted glory by putting and heart-breaking end to the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, he had annihilated John Cena at Summerslam, and it appeared as though nobody could overcome him. Like he could never lose the Championship. Except if obviously, he didn’t should be stuck to lose it.

Best Matches Of John Cena

That was the narrative of the match. The two men attempting to bring down the Beast, leaving the other to battle them one man to another. A high-speed coordinate for certain gigantic spots, for example, twofold German Suplexes, flying knees got into F5 and flying elbow drops through tables, for the top of 20 minutes they have you as eager and anxious as ever, willing that the three men would wrestle constantly.

Lesnar would be successful, springing up toward the end with German suplexes and an F5 to Rollins. Lesnar proceeded to lose the Championship to Rollins by Monet In The Bank cash in at Wrestlemania. Be that as it may, the Rumble match was an advanced exemplary not effortlessly neglected.

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There may not be an any better illustration of such a match than this one between John Cena and AJ Styles from the Royal Rumble in 2017. Right out of the door they were trading enormous moves and blows to each other. Attitude Adjustment, throw out, lie there. Styles Clash, throw out, lie there. In the possession of less capable men, this match might not have worked. Fortunately, Cena and Styles are two of the best.

Cena showed a touch of more forcefulness and aggressive methods here than expected and he had the option to hold Styles down. At last, after two strong Attitude Adjustments, Cena finally was able to bring home his sixteenth WWE Championship. It is one of the most outstanding matches of man’s profession and it covered an exceptionally engaging rule from Styles also.


John Cena was not popular with the bad-to-the-bone WWE crowd in 2007. He was famous with youngsters yet his work was well underneath the level you would anticipate from the substance of the organization. His quarrel with Shawn Michaels was an enormous piece of work that gave his run as WWE Champion validity.

Their match at WrestleMania 23 was quite a headliner match yet they are close to an extended match on Raw was stunningly better. On April 27, 2007, Cena and Michaels wrestled for 55 minutes and put on a great show. WWE matches simply don’t keep going this long except if it’s an Iron Man match and these two conveyed the match impeccably. It additionally brought about Michaels getting a non-title to prevail upon Cena. A must-look for any who missed it.

John Cena versus Daniel Bryan – 2013 Summerslam

Next in John Cena’s best matches is the beginning of the most disappointing storyline in WWE that prompted perhaps its most prominent second. John Cena handpicked Daniel Bryan to confront him at Summerslam. It came after the hairy genius had become one of the most well-known wrestlers on the program. His ‘YES!’ had become one of the most famous ever, with the fans hindering other matches to recite it and yell Daniel Bryan’s YES!

The coordination was a straightforward form with Bryan letting Cena know how he was a genuine wrestler. How Cena was only a top wrestler, a “Sports Entertainer”. He recounted the story of how in Japan they’d slap their adversaries, to extend regard and fire up their challengers. Bryan wouldn’t slap Cena, disregarding the legend.

The match has a unique visitor referee Triple H. This was great since there will never be any trickeries when exceptional visitors and arbitrators are involved.

In all honesty, The Game himself called the match directly down the centre. The match was staggering. The two men did the best that they can with it and in any event, got back to move spots from their experience on Velocity in 2003. The two men took out moves to a whole lot different levels, for example, Bryan’s surfboard stretch, and Cena even dared to perform the action from the top rope.

Bryan appeared with another move, the Running Knee. Bryan broke Cena’s nose with a sniff knee to the face and stuck him to come out on top for the WWE Championship.


Best Matches Of John Cena

The John Cena vs Randy Orton rivalry was exaggerated to the mark of spoof because it was unarguably amazing. They had extensive contentions and matches in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2014 preceding at long last heading out in a different direction. Through the entirety of their many compensations from pay per view matches, just a little modest bunch were great, and only one was extraordinary.

At Breaking Point in September of 2009, Cena and Orton wrestled in a match with ‘I Quit stipulations. for the WWE Championship. The story was basic, Orton cuffed Cena and tormented him yet Cena would not stop. This was right toward the start of Cena’s never surrender character so there was a real show here that was absent in his I Quit coordinates with Batista, The Miz, and Rusev.

Cena figured out how to get the key chance from Orton and cuff both of them together prior to stifling Orton with his own arm.

John Cena versus CM Punk – Money in the Bank 2011

There were several Cena vs Punk matches that might have made this rundown, yet this one stands apart as John Cena’s best match ever. New of his renowned “Pipe bomb Promo” CM Punk was the most sizzling thing in wrestling in those years, gathering consideration from established press and wrestling fans.

CM Punk was displeased by WWE about the fact that executives not focusing on him, so intended to leave the organization after this match and proceed to wrestle in different organizations, claiming he would go to New Japan, or Ring of Honor.

Cena was the WWE Champion, shielding against Punk who needed to take his WWE title from him and away from the organization he cherished. The rivalry bubbled over to burning intensity, with Vince McMahon taking steps to fire Cena assuming he lost, and Punk offending Cena and McMahon.

The match was a moment exemplary, acquiring a 5-star rating from regarded wrestling columnist Dave Meltzer, and getting basic approval from fans from all over the world, named John Cena’s best match ever.

The two men showed fantastic work rate and mid games, with Cena’s franticness to stop Punk from removing the title obviously. The group in Chicago, Punk’s old neighbourhood, was furiously hostile to Cena and favourable to Punk and was probably the most smoking group we have seen.

Punk got away with the title in stunning style, after Vince McMahon attempted to meddle, which Cena rejected, and endeavoured to have Alberto Del Rio cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Punk got away through the group with the Championship, blowing one final kiss to Vince McMahon in a never-ending picture. It will go down as John Cena’s best match ever, and perhaps the best in all of WWE history.


John Cena acquainted the world with the United States Championship Open Challenge in 2015. Subsequent to beating Rusev at WrestleMania 31, Cena put the title at risk consistently on Raw. From a consistent stance, this was perhaps Cena’s best run of his vocation.

To the extent that his Raw matches go, this was the best one. Cesaro is perhaps the most underused star on the primary program and he demonstrates it at whatever point he is set in a situation to perform. His coordinate with Cena was the headliner of Raw and together they demonstrated they could have a headliner program whenever and at any spot.

Best Matches Of John Cena


During a similar time as the Cesaro match, John Cena took on Kevin Owens in Owens’ WWE program debut. WWE has an extremely unmistakable headliner style. A style has delivered numerous incredible matches yet every once in a little while it is great to see something other than what’s expected.

This match was something else. Cena and Owens didn’t just trade finishers for 20 minutes however they wrestled in an elegant way and made the fans consider it was a moment of beauty. They contended as two men new to the next and the fans gobbled it up. Owens got a perfect success, which is an interesting event when an exceptional heel faces Cena, and it covered off this exemplary match.

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