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Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers?

“Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers?” Well, the fact that many romantic relationships start at work is well known to anyone who has ever worked in a shared office setting or another comparable arrangement. It makes sense that people would occasionally become attracted to one another when you spend practically every day with a group of people who are all working towards the same objective. Taking this into consideration, are you even capable of comprehending the kinds of pressures that the typical professional wrestler faces? It’s one thing to be in close proximity to individuals at work and develop feelings for them, but when those people also happen to be among the most physically gifted and handsome people in the world, workplace romance probably reaches a whole new level.

Nobody will be surprised to learn that wrestlers frequently hook up with other wrestlers, but some may be surprised to learn that a small number of competitors have elevated the normal practice of backstage hookups to the level of an art form. They have set a new standard for inappropriate behaviour in the locker room by giving the impression that their objective is to have sexual relations with as many people as possible. No, we’re not passing judgement. Actually, the lusty legacies of the most successful wrestlers leave us speechless. So, now let’s begin by taking a more in-depth look at the question “Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers?” and the facts that surround it.

Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers?

To answer your question, yes, WWE Divas do sleep with wrestlers. The WWE has employed some of the most attractive WWE Divas over the years, and many of them have gone on to date or wed other WWE stars. Due to their extensive travel (300+ days a year), wrestlers typically stay on their own and have little leisure time to venture out and meet new people. Wrestlers also have very little time to spend with their families, which means that they frequently seek solace in the arms of other men. Because of this, it is typically more convenient for wrestlers to begin their careers before they are married or have children. Some of the WWE Divas have earned a reputation for the number of superstars they have had affairs with over the years; others, like AJ Lee, have only ever met one superstar (AJ met and wed CM Punk while she was still in the WWE) and became engaged to him before quitting the industry.

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List Of Famous WWE Divas Who Slept With WWE Wrestlers

The WWE Divas who are in a relationship and have slept with several wrestlers are listed below. So now, let’s get started with the list-

1. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly was brought on by WWE to help with the reinvention of the ECW brand, but it quickly became clear that she was more successful than ECW itself. Kelly Kelly, a former champion of the Divas division, was better known for her stunning good looks than for her in-ring prowess. After ECW flopped, Kelly was moved to the main roster, where she really started to establish a reputation for herself. Throughout the years, Kelly has dated a number of WWE Superstars, the most notable of which was Test, with whom she had a relationship that lasted for two and a half years. They parted ways not long before Test’s tragically early demise. In an interview, Randy Orton said that Kelly had slept with “about ten guys,” including John Cena, CM Punk, Batista, Chris Jericho, Test, Dolph Ziggler, and himself. Also, a photo of her kissing Chris Jericho, who was at the time married, went popular on the internet a few years ago.

2. Lita

The majority of wrestling fans are aware of Lita’s numerous affairs, as well as how those affairs influenced WWE in general. Since 1999, Lita and Matt Hardy have been a couple. Lita gained notoriety as the Hardy Boyz’s athletic valet. However, it was discovered in 2005 that while Hardy was recovering at home from an injury, Lita had secretly begun dating Edge, a common friend of both Matt and Lita. After the information got out, Hardy’s contract was initially terminated; however, he was later reinstated. Soon, a wrestling angle was added to the actual situation. After a while, Lita and Edge broke up, and shortly after that, she began dating CM Punk. And in 2013, the on-off romance came to an end, and Punk then wed AJ Lee. It is possible that there were others, given Lita’s notoriety both inside and outside of WWE, but according to the sources, these are the only WWE guys that Lita has had intimate ties with in the past.

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3. Torrie Wilson

Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers

Torrie Wilson was one of the most stunning Divas to ever enter the WWE, but she was unable to win any Championships during her tenure there. As a result, most people only remember her as a Playboy cover girl. The fact that Torrie Wilson once dated baseball icon Alex Rodriguez is known to a good number of fans. Nevertheless, prior to that, Torrie was wed to Billy Kidman, who had previously held the title of WWE Cruiserweight champion. The four-year marriage eventually resulted in a divorce. After her encounter with Kidman, there were rumours that Torrie was seeing Tajiri, another cruiserweight champion. However, this romance did not have a happy ending, just like the one with Kidman.

4. Mickie James

It is safe to assume that Mickie James was a well-liked character among the WWE Superstars. Mickie James was a prominent member of the WWE group. The wrestling career of the Virginia-born Diva has garnered some attention. Although she has worked for both WWE and TNA, she is undoubtedly talented, and she has held a women’s title nine times, which is a U.S. record. While it seems that she is great in the ring, it also seems that she is a champion in the dating world. Kenny Dykstra, a member of the Spirit Squad, and Mickie had a brief romantic relationship at first, but it ended quickly. Prior to the breakup of the two and her departure from WWE to join TNA, Mickie James had an affair with John Cena, the WWE’s resident happily married role model. Mickie is currently married to Magnus, who is a member of the TNA roster and performs in the company.

5. Ashley Massaro

Unfortunately, Ashley Massaro’s victory in the 2005 Raw Diva Search was the sole noteworthy accomplishment of her wrestling career. However, one thing that cannot be denied about Ashley is the fact that she is stunningly beautiful. She had a part of two relationships with WWE wrestlers when she was working there. After Matt Hardy ended his relationship with Lita, she began seeing Matt Hardy as a potential partner. She then began dating Paul London after their romance failed. It probably didn’t hurt that she was a valet for Brian Kendrick and London at the time, who were the Tag Team Champions. You can at least be sure that Hardy might still be upset at what London and Hardy said to each other about Ashley on Twitter.

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6. Stacey Keibler

Do WWE Divas Sleeping With Wrestlers

As a WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler has a rather prosperous career. She has additionally acted in a number of films and television shows, and she even competed in Dancing With The Stars, finishing third. But that’s not the reason you came here! You may be sure that her relationship history has probably always been the most intriguing aspect of her. David Flair, son of Ric Flair, was Stacey’s first prominent partner in the WWE. Their romance may have ended because of David’s lack of skill in the squared circle. Whatever, Stacy quickly started dating Test before breaking up with him and falling for Hollywood icon George Clooney. She has finally found the man she will spend the rest of her life within businessman Jared Pobre, and they have a kid together.

7. Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt, who was widely regarded as The First Lady of Wrestling, is said to have had relationships with numerous wrestlers while she was a member of WCW and ECW. Over the years, Missy is said to have had relationships with wrestlers including Sting, Eddie Gilbert, Road Warrior Hawk, John Tatum, as well as a long list of other unidentified wrestlers. When Hyatt was John Tatum’s manager, they were actually dating, but that didn’t stop her from sleeping with Gilbert. Because of this, Tatum and Hyatt’s relationship ended, not only in real life but also on-screen. Given that she married Gilbert in 1988, hopefully, Gilbert’s promiscuous past is behind her. During her career in the wrestling industry, Missy was involved in numerous sexual harassment plotlines as well. However, most people remember her as a successful manager and valet.

8. Victoria

The former WWE Women’s Champion was well-known for her Widow’s Peak and independent demeanour, but there are also rumours that she had slept with John Cena while she was a member of the company. No matter how hard you work at your craft, it does not seem good if rumours start to circulate that you are sleeping with the top talent. Victoria had a successful career in WWE before transferring to TNA, where she once more established herself as Tara. She won the TNA Knockouts title five times while with TNA. She opened a restaurant in Chicago with a wrestling theme in 2013 after deciding to try her hand at the restaurant industry (named The Squared Circle). She went to California in 2015, leaving the restaurant in the hands of her husband and a close friend.

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