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here is the latest UFC quickest knockout!

UFC Quickest Knockout

The faster it is, the excellent it is.

There’s something about a strike that sends a guy flying to the mat that captures the attention of not only die-hard fans but even casual spectators who’ve come into the sport by chance.

A knockout is one of those incredible things that can be defined as “brutal” and “beautiful” in the same phrase (usually howled by an overzealous Joe Rogan).

While a TJ Dillashaw-style fifth-round brain-loosener or a Dan Henderson back-from-the-dead H-bomb will always garner a warm reception, nothing gets the fans going quite like a one-strike knockout in the first round.

To honor the uncommon gift of the swift finish, we offer to you 10 UFC KOs that occurred in less time than Usain Bolt took to break the 200m record.

Gray Maynard (0:09) vs Joe Veres

The battle between Gray Maynard and Joe Veres is the first on our list of the quickest knockouts in UFC history. Maynard’s second UFC fight came after the Ultimate Fighter in 2007. He faced Joe Veres, who was fresh to the UFC at the time.

Gray Maynard greeted Joe Veres by knocking him out less than 10 seconds after the first bell. The bout was called off at 4:51 of the first round.

Makwan Amirkhani vs Andy Ogle – 8 seconds

Amirkhani was expected to make his UFC debut in 2015. Andy Ogle, who was on a losing run at the time, was scheduled to compete against the Finnish talent. Makwan Amirkhani dashed forward Ogle as the bell rang, stunning him with a flying knee.

UFC Quickest Knockout

It just took another uppercut from Amirkhani to knock out the UFC veteran, and it only took a couple more hits on the mat before the referee intervened. Ogle felt it was time to retire the gloves.

Leon Edwards vs Seth Baczynski – 8 seconds

Just when everyone believed Amirkhani had given a performance that would be remembered for at least a few years, Leon Edwards came along and proved everyone wrong later that year.

After losing his UFC debut, Edwards was scheduled to meet Seth Baczynski in April of 2015. Seth became aggressive as soon as the bell rang, using his jabs.

After losing his UFC debut, Edwards was scheduled to meet Seth Baczynski in April of 2015. Seth became aggressive as soon as the bell rang, using his jabs.

James Irvin (0:08) vs Houston Alexander

On April 2, 2008, James Irvin placed the light heavyweight division on high alert in Colorado.

Irvin was taking up Houston Alexander, who was returning off his 1st loss within the polygon and searching for redemption. to start the bout, the 2 touched gloves, circled around, and Irvin threw a superman punch that connected and born Alexander. He then supplementary two ground and pound shots that place him out cold eight seconds in. Irvin would later star on a UFC show in his next fight, losing to Anderson Silva.

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Ryan Jimmo (0:07) vs. Anthony Perosh

Ryan Jimmo’s seven-second knockout of Anthony Perosh is one of the quickest in UFC history.

UFC Quickest Knockout

Jimmo was making his UFC debut at UFC 149 versus Perosh, who was on a three-fight winning streak inside the octagon. The duo exchanged gloves to begin the battle, and Jimmo’s first, and only, punch of the bout was a huge overhand right that caught Perosh’s chin and knocked him out cold in seven seconds flat.

Chan Sung Jung (0:07) vs. Mark Hominick

On December 10, 2011, Chan Sung Jung kicked off the main program at UFC 140 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jung had called out Hominick, therefore it was a major bout because Hominick’s last fight was for the UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo.

As Jung stepped down, the guy they nicknamed Korean Zombie followed up his comments by touching gloves and dropping Hominick with a punch as Hominick missed with a massive right hand. Before the ref intervened, a violent ground and pound began.

Todd Duffee (0:07) vs Tim Hague

Todd Duffee was slated to make his UFC debut against the late Tim Hague in Portland, Oregon in 2009. The Canadian in Hague was fresh off his UFC debut, in which he submitted Pat Barry, thus it was a duel of hopefuls.

UFC Quickest Knockout

When the bout began, the pundits predicted that it would come down to who landed first. That is precisely what occurred when Duffee unleashed a massive right hand only two seconds into the bout, dropping the Canadian and applying ground and pound that knocked Hague out cold.

Duane Ludwig (0:06) vs Jonathan Goulet

Duane Ludwig held the record for the quickest knockout in UFC history for nearly 13 years.

Ludwig fought Jonathan Goulet in his comeback to the UFC on January 16, 2006. Both men circled to begin the fight, and Ludwig threw a strong punch that connected exactly on Goulet’s jaw, knocking him out cold six seconds later.

Jorge Masvidal (0:05) vs Ben Askren

The most famous knockout in UFC history also happens to be the quickest.

Masvidal and Askren were eager to settle their issues inside the cage at UFC 239, and they were ready to do so. Askren had defeated Robbie Lawler in his UFC debut a few months prior, and it was expected that if “Funky” won, he would be given a championship opportunity.

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