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How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet?

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet? Well, I n the WWE, a wrestler is more than just a wrestler. The individual in question is an entertainer who works in the world of sports. Having a great screen presence is one of the key requirements for being a sports entertainer. Now, charisma and a beautiful face can contribute to screening presence. In fact, changing your hairdo might alter how you appear. And over the lengthy history of WWE, many people have maintained a certain hairdo.

You may talk about their physique or their wrestling talent, or their charisma, but these men also, at some point, may have inspired people to talk about their haircut as well. And recently, wrestling fans have become interested in learning how WWE superstars maintain their hair wetness. Therefore, in this post, we will address everything relating to the hair maintained by WWE wrestlers, as well as some of the WWE wrestlers who are known for having the best hair. Thus, If you want to know the secret to how wrestlers maintain that wet look in their hair, you should read this article till the conclusion.

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet?

Athletes are no different from the rest of us when it comes to hair care; they use hair products. The research suggests that they most likely combine a product containing butch wax or pomade with an ultra holds gel or spray. It is unknown whether or not they employ a product brand associated with WrestleMania for their hair care. Additionally, there is no proof proving that the wrestlers soaked their hair with a specific substance. The majority of the time, according to sources, is water because nobody wants to use a product during a match for fear of slipping.

In a past interview, Roman Reigns was asked about the products that he uses to give the impression that his hair is wet. He clarified that he only uses leave-in conditioners from a variety of brands. In most cases, he will simply grab whatever strikes him as interesting at the moment, add some water, and then let it fly.

Why Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Wet?

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet?

The straightforward response to this inquiry is that it has a more appealing appearance. Yes, most people are aware that having damp hair running down their shoulders makes them appear like movie stars. Thus that is the clear-cut solution to the problem. However, if you want to delve a little bit deeper, we’ve compiled a few additional responses that can provide the clarification you require.

In addition, because wet hair is heavier than dry hair, it is much simpler to move it in front of the face with a simple tilt of the head, which helps to conceal communication when a wrestler is calling a position in the ring. Additionally, the movement of wet hair is more dynamic than the movement of dry hair.

For instance, if a wrestler is attacked with a spinebuster, the hair may also move, giving the impression that the hit had a significant impact. As a result, it gives the impression of being more devastating and legitimate. They stay cooler throughout a match when they have wet hair, especially if they get it to the point that water drips from it.

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Why Do Wrestlers Have Long Hair?

The primary reason for this is so that they can hide their identities when speaking with anyone they are collaborating within the ring. They are able to call spots and check to see if someone or whatever is in the appropriate location before performing a high spot in a match without the camera or the viewers noticing them doing either of these things.

Another important factor is that whipping their hair while punching and kicking give the appearance of having more impact. A third justification would be aesthetic. Having long hair lends an impression of mystery. It may serve as the final component of a gimmick.

Roman Reigns Reveals Why He Keeps His Hair Wet For WWE Matches

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet?

Of all the WWE Superstars, Roman Reigns is without a doubt one of the most well-liked. The Big Dog has held the titles of US Champion, Intercontinental Champion, former Universal Champion, several WWE Champions, and Tag Team Champion.

The former member of the Shield triumphed in the Royal Rumble match as well. Roman has accomplished practically everything there is to achieve in this field; thus, there is very little else that he has not done. Reigns currently have a huge fan following thanks to his stellar performances in the ring.

He undoubtedly has the largest fan base among WWE Superstars of the modern era. The WWE Superman is renowned for having long hair and a French beard. Additionally, Roman had signed up for Instagram and posted a picture of himself at the WWE Super Showdown.

Every fan of Roman Reigns is aware that The Powerhouse likes to compete with wet hair because he believes it gives him an advantage in the ring. The same question was raised in a recent YouTube video, and he responded to it as seen on GQ’s official YouTube channel.

Roman Reigns remarked that he likes the way it looks when his hair is wet. Maybe he’s using it so he can maintain his composure and concentrate on the competition inside the ring. The Big Dog made it clear that keeping his hair wet was a personal preference and that nobody should make a big deal out of it.

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Wrestlers With Best Hair In WWE

The following ten wrestlers have the best and finest hair in WWE history.

1. Ric Flair

The Nature Boy is just one of many characters that may have been inspired by Gorgeous George’s flamboyant and conceited persona; nonetheless, the Nature Boy managed to pull off Gorgeous George’s legacy with style. In addition to creating an outstanding wrestling legacy, he achieved so by maintaining a great physique. His hairstyle was an integral part of his distinctive image, which enabled him to make a magnificent debut in his imperial robes.

This hairstyle was a representation of his gimmick, which was referred to as “The Stylin’, Profilin’, Limousine Riding, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealing, Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Son Of a Gun!”

2. Edge

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet

Edge looks amazing in his current hairstyle after cutting off his lengthy locks, but among all the factors that contributed to his status as a Rated R Superstar, his hairstyle plays a significant role. Also, Edge appears like a rockstar. There were numerous aspects about Edge, but his hairdo was definitely one of them.

Whether it was a spear thrown from the top of a ladder or merely the ring, whether he was eyeing greedily at his prize or finding the proper opportunity, whether he swept into the ring or just wore a pair of shades, he was easily distinguishable. And a big part of the reason for that is his hairstyle, which he adopted as naturally as his provocative movements.

3. Tatanka

He was a commanding performer, and his entrance theme—a war cry—was complemented by a war dance. His hairstyle has been through so much abuse, but it has managed to endure the horrific tasks of being a wrestler and emerged looking as undamaged as it did right before the match. He has experimented with the colour and appearance of the hair, but even after all these years, he continues to wear it.

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4. Rick Rude

Rick Rude is an obvious choice when discussing attractive people. Although Rick Rude was a brilliant wrestler and a contentious figure in sports entertainment, all of it may have been just the drawback of being a draw.

His commanding appearance on film was a significant contributor to his ability to attract an audience. He was aware that he was one of his generation’s most attractive men. He was gorgeous therefore, it makes sense why he was given this label. His figure garnered more attention than his hair in the community. However, his hairdo was also quite amazing.

5. Jimmy Hart

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet

In spite of the fact that Hart is getting older, he is still capable of making a hair look cool. His bright clothing served as a representation of his flamboyant nature, and his hairdo only served to heighten his appearance.

The shades, the outfit, or the “Mouth of The South tag” made him difficult to miss if you saw him in the WWE or at any other wrestling event. His already distinctive personality gained an additional feature from his hairdo. You simply can’t look at him when he enters the room.

6. Shawn Michaels

The Heart Break Kid was the type of person that you were obligated to find appealing. The representative of the brat generation was Shawn Michaels. You could not deny how hot he was. However, before he began promoting his solo songs, he was a member of a hip-tag team with Marty Jannetty called The Rockers, and together they were recognized for rocking hairdo.

Michaels was able to achieve success in his solo career and maintained that hairdo for a considerable amount of time after he and Jannetty went their own ways after the breakup. His theme song’s popularity can be attributed in part to how well the description fits the character.

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7. Undertaker

Before he donned a bandana or a cowboy hat, Undertaker’s appearance was already intimidating. He owned the mullet hairdo convincingly back in the day when he played a ghostly, horrible, grotesque, macabre character in all-black ring gear. Even though you’re watching it years later, it might look funny now, but his supernatural gimmick, can’t the same be said? Through the years, The Undertaker has maintained his persona, which Mark Callaway and the WWE have modernized.

8. Razor Ramon

In his day, Razor Ramon was a formidable opponent who had to be taken seriously. He fancied himself to be the Bad Guy all by himself. He was the first of his kind to truly become very well-liked by the crowd. His Scarface-like stunt was an immediate hit.

The toothpick, the stroll, the music for the arrival, and the hairstyle all worked together flawlessly. There is no way that you could have appreciated the Bad Guy without at least enjoying his presence. There is no way.

9. Seth Rollins

The split hair colour is the only aspect of Rollins’ hairdo that many fans will notice. On one side, he has blonde hair, and on the other, raven hair. But what makes it effective is the explanation for why he painted a section of his hair golden. Since he began working for NXT, he claims that other men with long black hair have become more common. He altered his hair as he did in order to stand out.

Simply note that Rollins deserted his Shield brothers and even attacked Orton while they were teammates. This is also a gimmick. In essence, he has two faces. He is a Gemini, which is another fact that may or may not be unimportant. Two faces and two hair hues complement each other beautifully.

10. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is widely acknowledged as a significant figure in the company’s operations at the present time, and this opinion is shared by both casual and diehard viewers of the show. He exudes a strong presence on screen, making it difficult to believe that his hairstyle has not been a topic of discussion. His long hair plays a significant role in his presence.

Even though handling them for the duration of a match may be extremely difficult, he does it well. His hair is always the perfect match for his must-see wrestling moves, whether it be the Superman punch, the top rope leap, or the spear. They merely give him a new appearance and enhance his wrestling prowess.

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Three Female Wrestlers With Best Hair And Looks In WWE

The three female wrestlers with the best hair in WWE history are listed below:

1. Eva Marie

How Do Wrestlers Keep Their Hair Looking Wet

We are going to begin the list with one of the most glaringly obvious examples of a wrestler who was favoured only on the basis of their physical appearance. Eva Marie was given more opportunities than her talent deserved, even though she wasn’t exactly forced to become a champion.

Eva was the main star on Total Divas and, despite not being at all prepared, was immediately focused on the main roster. When that became obvious, she was transferred to NXT, but Eva Marie was given a significant role in the program. She was given another chance at the main roster and was given a title shot, but the problem was that she was never able to perform at the level needed in the ring. It was crystal clear that she was being pushed purely for her appearance.

2. Kelly Kelly

Without a doubt, Kelly Kelly built a noteworthy career during her time in the WWE, but was any of that due to her in-ring work? Fans will have few answers when asked about memorable Kelly Kelly matches in the past.

Kelly Kelly, in contrast to many others who were hired and promoted based solely on their appearance, at least worked incredibly hard to try and get better. She earned the respect of the WWE Universe because of this, but in the end, she is just another wrestler who was promoted based primarily on appearance rather than ability.

3. Aksana

Due to the fact that Aksana participated in so few memorable matches or WWE events, the majority of wrestling fans have actually forgotten about her existence. Despite the fact that Aksana had a stunning appearance in the ring, she fell short.

Her fights were always made up of simple motions, and the other person was always the one doing the work. It was evident that she was hired and then promoted on television solely based on her physical beauty because there was no true advancement to give the impression that she was improving.

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