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Is AEW Scripted? Know Here!

Is AEW Scripted?

All Elite Wrestling is an abbreviation for All Elite Wrestling. Consider WWE, but with a sports/competitive emphasis rather than an entertainment emphasis. The Pakistani-American Khan family, led by multibillionaire Shahid Khan, who also owns the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, among other endeavors, is funding the new company. Tony Khan, his son, will be president and CEO of AEW.

AEW will have four executive vice presidents who will wrestle competitively as well as handle backstage duties. There’s Matt and Nick Jackson, a famous, high-flying tag team best known for their performances in Ring of Honor, TNA, and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Then there’s Kenny Omega, widely regarded as the world’s finest non-WWE wrestler (now that A.J. Styles has retired).

Finally, there’s former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, who’s going by “Cody” until the legal issues with WWE are resolved. Cody Rhodes, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, quit the company in 2016. He was performing as “Stardust,” a fantasy, comic book-esque figure inspired by his elder brother’s Attitude Era gimmick, Goldust, at the time of his departure. Despite several pleas, WWE refused to allow Cody to retire this character and return to being himself.

Cody has now fulfilled his promise in lesser companies, becoming both the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the latter of which Dusty initially won in 1979.

Cody’s wife, a former WWE ring announcer Brandi Rhodes, is an AEW wrestler and the company’s chief brand officer. She sees herself and others in on-screen positions that have been long lacking in WWE.

“I’m a lover of valets and managers,” Brandi told Complex in an interview. “Not unexpected, given that I am one for my husband, Cody. Sensational Sherri and Bobby Heenan’s work has definitely inspired me.”

Are There Different Former WWE Capabilities Concerned With AEW?

Chris Jericho has joined with AEW and will face Kenny Omega at the upcoming Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Pac, formerly known as WWE Superstar Neville, has joined with AEW and has been scheduled to face “Hangman” Adam Page. It was recently announced that he is withdrawing from the event, although some analysts believe that this is part of the show’s plot.

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn, who was originally a member of WWE’s D-Generation X team, will compete in a battle royal. Dustin Runnels, formerly known as WWE Superstar Goldust, has also joined with AEW and will face his brother, Cody.

The acquisition of famous wrestling announcer Jim Ross, who was the voice of WWE for many years, especially throughout their acclaimed Attitude Era, is particularly intriguing. J.R. will also participate on the new promotion’s advisory board.

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I’ve been listening to approximately a PPV called “All In.” What turned into that?

All In changed into a huge impartial wrestling exhibit prepared and promoted through Cody and The Young Bucks in September 2018. Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer claimed that Ring of Honor could be not able to promote 10,000 tickets to an arena-sized stay event. Cody took that as a challenge; he and the Bucks began putting together an arena show at the Sears Centre in Chicago. Tickets sold out in 30 minutes.

The event, which comprised 11 bouts, was a huge success, with over 11,000 people in attendance. It also acted as proof of concept for an upstart wrestling company, demonstrating that non-WWE wrestling might be viable and profitable in the United States. The Young Bucks started talking to Tony Khan, and then Cody was brought in. From then, things took a turn for the worst.

How Is AEW Different Than WWE?

Political humorist and analyst Jon Oliver hosted a segment right before WrestleMania 35 about WWE’s history of mistreating its employees, from steroid accusations to problems paying for healthcare and necessities to long-term, post-career injuries among former wrestlers, including post-concussion syndrome.

According to Cody Rhodes, AEW will cover 100 percent of all medical fees and procedures. He also alleges that AEW has increased the minimum wage for wrestlers so that they can cover their own expenses. Although Cody appears committed to improving the quality of life for his wrestlers, he does not favor a wrestlers’ union.

Wrestlers will have more time for themselves and their families following TV tapings and live broadcasts, as AEW intends to focus on television rather than live “house shows.” Unlike WWE, AEW will not use prepared promos; instead, everyone will be accountable for winning people over with their own words, delivered from the heart. AEW will also give non-verbal storytelling in the ring precedence over the backstage controversy.

Brandi explained, “AEW is all about the bell to bell motion.” “There will be less soapy backstage drama and more wrestling.” Of course, we have interesting personalities that people will like and relate to. But it’ll be the real athleticism and activity, the diversified roster, the new faces mixed in with the old, that you’ll remember always.”

Although the company will not have an “off-season,” they plan on cycling talent in and out to reduce wear and tear. I’ve been listening to approximately a PPV called “All In.” What turned into that? But AEW is not encouraging WWE wrestlers to jump ship, either, and had this to say to contracted wrestlers who want to work for AEW:

“Honor your contract,” Brandi said.”You signed it for a reason, something which could have been, so simply see it through. You in no way realize what can also additionally take place in time. When you attain the cease of it, with any luck you’ll have sufficient time and enjoy to make the following nice desire for yourself personally.”

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