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Is Badminton Indoor Game? Know Here!

Is Badminton Indoor Game

Since all aggressive stage badminton suits are performed at indoor courts, badminton needs to be taken into consideration as an indoor sport. Nonetheless, badminton may be performed outside for leisure purposes. Playing badminton withinside the lawn or at the seashores may be very popular.

Professional badminton is always played on indoor courts. However, recreational badminton can be played in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Badminton is performed with a shuttlecock whose weight is extraordinarily mild; among 4. five and five. five grams. It is the product of mild feathers, and its layout is such that after being hit via way of means of the racquet, it flies into the air with a spin or excessive speed.

If we play badminton outside, the shuttlecock’s speed and direction will be altered by the outside wind. This would have a negative impact on the players’ natural game.

Professional Badminton

While many people like playing badminton outside, professional tournaments must be held indoors so that the players can compete in a wind-free environment. This assures that the playing conditions are the same for all participants.

Even a seemingly insignificant-looking light wind may make a major impact at the top level of the game when the competitiveness is exceedingly intense. Not only will it be difficult for players to perform at their best, but it may also change the game’s trajectory. Such a thing cannot be tolerated at a competitive level. That is why professional badminton is usually played indoors, where the game is not affected by the wind.

Why Indoors?

Is Badminton Indoor Game

A shuttlecock achieves a substantially higher peak speed during the game than other similar sports played with racquets. Professional players gain tremendous control over their shots and shuttlecocks as a result of extensive training and practice. Furthermore, if they were to play outside, they would not be able to execute their strokes with the same level of certainty as they do on indoor courts.


The reason for this is that the outside world is never steady, particularly the wind, which changes speed and direction almost constantly. Even a very modest wind speed that we may not detect has an impact on the shuttlecock’s trajectory, direction, spin, and peak speed.

This makes it tough for players to accurately predict where and how the shuttlecock will land on their side, making it even more difficult to react to such strokes. It will be impossible to hold a match that can test the talents and stamina of individual players in a dependable and fair setting if even highly competent players are unable to gauge the shuttlecock’s speed and direction appropriately.

Wind Speed Zero

When badminton matches are played on indoor courts, however, the conditions are ideal for a really competitive and high-level competition. The wind speed is zero, therefore the players may presume that nothing will affect the shuttlecock’s route and direction.

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Playing Badminton Outdoors

Is Badminton Indoor Game

Yes, badminton can be played in the open air, and it can be a fantastic experience. In reality, individuals prefer to play the sport outside rather than on indoor courts.

When you play the game outside, you can play it whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have enough time. As a result, it may be enjoyed in the backyard, garden, or even on the beach. It may be a fun informal recreational activity that also provides a good amount of physical exertion.

In reality, more individuals play badminton as a general-purpose exercise than for competitive purposes. Even a half-hour of badminton may provide a decent workout for your arms, legs, and shoulders. It can serve as a nice warm-up before beginning any other game in a competitive encounter.

Badminton on the Beach.

Badminton is a popular outdoor sport on beaches, where tourists and picnickers may escape the monotony of their vacation by playing a pleasant game of badminton with their family and friends.

Beaches, on the other hand, can be windier than a yard or a garden. So, how does badminton become played on the beach? In fact, for those that play the game as a casual leisure pastime, the wind component is not something to be feared, but rather something that adds to the enjoyment. It may cause even the best player to lose to someone who has never touched a racquet or shuttlecock before getting professional in beach badminton.

Reduced Wind Conditions.

Because wind is the primary characteristic that makes badminton an indoor sport, a badminton court may be built up in an outdoor location with very little wind. You would be able to play the game in natural light as a result of this. Sunglasses should be used if the sun is too bright.

Can a Heavier-Weight Shuttlecock Solve the Problem?

Some claim that the lightweight shuttlecock, which may quickly lose its route owing to the wind if played outside, is the biggest factor preventing badminton from becoming a professional outdoor sport. The weight of the shuttlecock can be increased to alleviate this problem.


This lovely item glides through the air between great players’ excellent strokes and lands at the other end of the court in such a variety of creative ways that attacking it necessitates the presence of another champion on the opposite side of the court. That is how badminton is played.

Even a light breeze should not be allowed to upset the shuttlecock. It is quite light, weighing between 4.75 and 5.75 grams. Since its inception, nothing has changed in terms of design and construction, albeit the quality and durability have greatly increased.

AirBadminton (the AirShuttle)

The International Badminton Federation (IBF), currently known as the Badminton World Federation (BWF), was founded in 1934 and is the international body that sets the rules and regulations for professional badminton. The BWF, in collaboration with HSBC, launched AirBadminton in 2019.

AirBadminton is essentially badminton played outside. It employs the AirShuttle, a unique shuttlecock. This innovative shuttlecock outperforms traditional shuttlecocks in terms of durability, stability, and wind resistance. As a result, it’s designed to be used outside and on any type of surface (grass, sand, streets, etc.).

The AirShuttle was intended by the BWF to be used outside, especially in windy circumstances. This allows AirBadminton to maintain the majority of the characteristics of traditional badminton.

If you want to learn more about AirBadminton, we recommend watching the video below. It appears to be fantastic.

So, Indoor Or Outdoor?

Returning to the subject of whether badminton is an indoor or outdoor activity, we can reply that it is primarily an indoor sport that can be quite enjoyable when played outside.

Indoor badminton is about competition and perfection, whereas outdoor badminton is a part of popular culture. Badminton is a demanding indoor sport that requires much training and practice to master. Badminton, being an outdoor sport, provides a fantastic workout and can help you meet your daily physical activity requirements.

Last Word

Without a doubt, badminton is a popular sport. However, it is more popular as an outdoor sport/game, with professional and competitive matches taking place on indoor courts with low wind.

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