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Is cricket overrated in India?

Cricket is, without a doubt, an overrated sport in India. Cricket is ingrained in the Indian subcontinent’s culture. The story of India would be incomplete without discussing cricket. It is more than a sport; it is also a tradition and a culture.

Long back A British ship laid anchor off the coast of Kutch in western India sometime in 1721. Onlookers were intrigued by the leisure activities that the sailors engaged in along the coast. 

This is the first time cricket has been mentioned in India.

The founding of the Calcutta Cricket Club (now known as CC & FC) in 1792 was yet another watershed moment for the sport in the country. In reality, after the MCC, it is the world’s second-oldest cricket club (1787).

The CCC planned a match between its squad and the Old Etonians ten years after it was founded. The game’s highlight was Old Etonian Robert Vansittart’s century. On Indian land, it was the first recorded century.

 But, more importantly, has it cast a pall over other sports?

Why Is Cricket So Overrated In India?

Is Cricket Overrated In India?

Cricket is a popular sport that is enjoyed by 1.3 billion people worldwide, and there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, it is unfair to other sports, and there appears to be a rational justification for the country’s choice of cricket. India does not have the lobbying power in FIFA’s IOS, but it does at the ICC. Isn’t it logical?

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1. Other National Teams Have Fallen Short Of Expectations

People may respond by claiming that cricket has harmed other sports and that athletes are unable to play effectively as a result. But it’s worth noting that Cricket was also at the time, and the Canadian hockey team had won six straight gold medals in the Olympics from 1928 to 1956. India was a powerhouse till 1980, and all subsequent team game played after then has been in the same status.

2. 1983 World Cup

The 1983 World Cup victory changed the face of Indian cricket forever. The Indian squad was considered a long shot at the time, but they went on to win the event twice, defeating the world’s best team, the West Indies. India finished with a dismal score of 183 in the finals. Nobody thought India would have a chance at this World Cup. In the Mecca of cricket, though, Kapil Dev and his side made history. Since then, every youngster has aspired to play for India.

3. A Strong Governing Body-BCCI

Is Cricket Overrated In India

Cricket in India is administered by the BCCI, which is a well-organized, efficient, and methodical body. Over the years, the BCCI has made a number of positive efforts to safeguard and promote India’s cricketing interests. It has been extremely successful in establishing itself as a major player in international cricket.

On the other hand, governing bodies such as AIFF, HI, IHF, and others are very chaotic and unmethodical in their operations, and are frequently preoccupied with internal issues. In comparison to the BCCI, their financial mechanisms are likewise rather weak.

Cricket became the most popular sport in the country thanks to widespread support.

4. IPL Factor

When Lalit Modi initially launched this T20 spectacle in 2008, it became an immediate hit. Since then, the IPL has proven to be a game-changer as well as a huge money-maker in the country’s sports history. The top cricket players from across the globe gathered in India to compete in this prestigious tournament. Furthermore, it provided a platform for relatively obscure players to become heroes. The amount of money and fame associated with the competition would entice any aspiring cricketer to participate. The IPL has boosted cricket’s popularity among Indians to such an extent that every aspiring player now wants to be a part of the world’s biggest cricket spectacle.

Although we now have other rival competitions such as the Indian Super League, Hero Indian Hockey League, Indian Badminton League, and so on, none of them have the same level of reputation or popularity as the IPL.

5. Sachin Tendulkar

Is Cricket Overrated In India

‘If cricket is my religion, Sachin Tendulkar is my deity,’ he says.

When the ‘god’ of cricket is based in our own nation, it’s only logical that Indians will remain devoted to the sport.

When cricket is being played, seen, or heard, his presence can always be felt, whether he is participating or not.

Sachin Tendulkar has helped to promote cricket in India. Because of this individual, even girls and women began to watch cricket. His influence on cricket is incalculable.

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