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Is Djokovic Better Than Federer?

Is Djokovic Better Than Federer?

Yes, Arguably Djokovic is significantly better than his career-long rival Roger Federer, we have all the stats in front of us which proves that Djokovic is slightly superior.

The way that Rafael Nadal is the best tennis player on earth isn’t begging to be proven wrong. In any case, where do his opponents Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic rank with regards to ability on the red soil?

Federer has for some time been viewed as a grasscourt subject matter expert, while Djokovic has stepped his clout on hardcourt somewhat recently.

However, when just their exhibitions on the mud are thought about, who ends up as the winner? Thinking about the absolute and most significant measurements on a superficial level, who has the edge? How would they toll when they play against one another and when they clash with Rafael Nadal? Let’s investigate:

Stats for Djokovic vs Federer

Is Djokovic Better Than Federer?

1) Total wins: Djokovic- 243 vs Federer- 226: The Serbian maestro has 17 additional successes on clay court when contrasted with Roger Federer

As far as matches won, Novak Djokovic has the reasonable edge. The 20-time Grand Slam champion has 243 successes on a superficial level when contrasted with Federer’s 226. The Serb has additionally lost 12 fewer matches than the Swiss (59 versus 71).

World No. 2 in this manner has a success level of 80.4%, while Federer has just a 76%-win rate.

In the yearly breakdown as well, Djokovic beats the competition. The previous World No. 1 has won at least 10 matches on earth for 16 years straight, from 2006 to 2021. Federer, nonetheless, has just 13 seasons added to his repertoire with something like 10 game dominates on earth.

2) Major titles won: Djovic-17 vs Federer-11: Novak Djokovic has six additional titles to his name on clay than Roger Federer. The Serb has lifted 17 prizes when contrasted with the Swiss’ 11.

Besides, the Serb has won 12 “major titles” by all accounts – – two French Opens and 10 Masters 1000s. Federer, in the interim, has just seven – – one Roland Garros title and six Masters 1000s.

3) Head to head comparison: In the no holds barred, nothing remains to be able to isolate the two. The pair have confronted each other multiple times on clay and have won four matches each. The Swiss and the Serb have faced each other two times in the French Open. Federer won in 2011, while Djokovic won the very next year.

What were Djokovic’s and Federer’s stats when they played against Nadal?

Is Djokovic Better Than Federer?
  • The most intriguing measurement is the means by which Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have fared when they were in opposition to the best Rafael Nadal on clay. The 40-year-old (Federer) has faced the Mallorcan multiple times on clay up to this point and has figured out how to win just two times.
  • His most memorable triumph came at the 2007 Hamburg Masters, where he finished the 21-time Grand Slam champion’s 81-game dominate streak on a superficial level. Federer’s second success against Nadal on clay came two years after a memorable victory, at the Madrid Masters.
  • Djokovic, in the interim, has beaten Rafael Nadal multiple times on clay in 27 gatherings. More critically, he has figured out how to beat the Spaniard at his stronghold, the French Open, two times, the only man in history to do as such. The fact that the World No.1 makes it clear the 2nd has been a greater danger than Federer to Nadal on clay.
  • Djokovic is additionally more compelling against top-10 players on a superficial level, winning 46 of his 78 matches (58%). The Swiss, in the meantime, has 32 successes to his name in 63 matches (50.8%). In the event that the experiences against Nadal are eliminated from the situation, their success rate improves to 74.5% and 63.8% individually.

What was Rafael Nadal’s verdict?

Rafael said: “I comprehend that the discussion about the quantity of Grand Slams is generally alive, yet our circumstances are totally different. Roger and I have been stuck for a seriously significant time frame. Djokovic played very well in 2021 and is currently at the top. to the ATP positioning. Federer and I have pretty much similar possibilities winning other Grand Slams, while Novak’s odds are good that a lot higher.”

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To make this discussion more briefly we are going to show you the 5 most famous games between Federer and Djokovic. 

1) 2007 US open: Federer won: Djokovic then was 20 years old, had beaten Federer (26 years old) without precedent for the Canada Masters, before the US Open however the Swiss, currently the dominating lord of tennis with 11 significant titles, wasn’t going to allow the youthful upstart to conquer him in the New York decider.

Djokovic, playing his most memorable Grand Slam, by setting focuses in both of the initial two sets however Federer held firm to take care of business in 2 hours and 56 minutes.

Is Djokovic Better Than Federer?

2) 2010 US open: Djokovic won: Djokovic ended a three-year series of failures to Federer at the US Open and kept Federer from arriving at a seventh consecutive last in this throbbing five-setter. Djokovic saved two sets and focused on the fifth set prior to giving the Swiss expert a surprising defeat.

3) 2011 French Open: Federer won: It had been a lot of Djokovic’s season and he strolled on the court on a fantastic 43-coordinated series of wins with seven titles in his possession in 2011. Cynics were at that point discounting Federer however he finished the Serb’s altercation an amazing semi-last in Paris – and postponed his rising to world No 1 simultaneously.

4) 2014 Wimbledon: Djokovic won: Djokovic stooped and ate cutting edges of Wimbledon grass after he broke Federer’s fantasy of a record eighth title in a shocking final at the All England Club. In just his second significant last against the Swiss, Djokovic saved a match point and battled across the end goal to end a run of three losses in Grand Slam deciders.

5) 2019 Wimbledon: Djokovic won: In the longest final seen at Wimbledon, extending 4hrs, 57mins, Federer defeated Djokovic for huge pieces of a blade edge experience before barely neglecting to turn into the competition’s most seasoned victor at 37. Djokovic saw off two match focuses in the sixteenth round of the final set – which endured over two hours – to acquire the qualification of being the first man in quite a while to bring home the championship from match focuses down.

What about the relationship between these two greats?

At the point when the media have developed progressively strong and the relations between the players have become more policed, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic partake in an aware relationship. The Serb frequently communicates his deference for Roger Federer. As of late, when his Swiss adversary went through a knee medical procedure, Djokovic said, “Tennis needs Roger Federer”.

In a meeting at Tennis World USA in 2019, Novak Djokovic extended about his relationship with Roger Federer: “We have an awesome relationship. We regard one another. Alright, we are not companioning, we don’t eat together. We are NOT partners, but rivals. It’s hard to be companions when you contend on a court.”

Federer and Djokovic played twofold together during the 2018 Laver Cup. The two geniuses in some cases flaunted together at displays. For instance, they played pairs match together at the 2018 Laver Cup.

They likewise consistently trade on informal organizations. In April 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Novak Djokovic answered Roger Federer’s test to volley against a divider. Djokovic likewise freely revealed a WhatsApp texting existed between him, Federer and Nadal, although the Spaniard later explained that they were by all accounts a great friend.

In any case, it appears to be that their relationship isn’t comparable to the one between Federer and Nadal. Novak Djokovic’s dad has openly gone after Roger Federer a few times. In 2013, for instance, he told the Serbian everyday paper “Kurier” that “Federer is an extraordinary tennis player, yet I was unable to express that about his mankind.”. In 2020, Djokovic’s dad was released against the Swiss for being “desirous” of his child.

Toward the start of Djokovic’s vocation, you could see a feeling of hostility between the two players, for example when Federer scrutinized Djokovic’s resignation against Andy Roddick at the 2009 Australian Open.


However, to conclude that Djokovic is the best ever isn’t sufficient. Speculation: Djokovic wins 24 Slams toward the finish of his vocation, Nadal 22, Federer 20 or (for certain supernatural occurrences 21). Djokovic can be considered the best of all time.

Indeed, the Grand Slams are the best thermometer for estimating the significance of a tennis player. No, on the grounds that that by itself can’t be sufficient, assuming the thing that matters is so little between the two. Novak has won more no holds barred, yet he is apparently the most un-well-known boss of the groups in tennis history, in contrast to Federer and Nadal, the most cherished by fans.

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