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Is Ice Skating Dangerous? Here’s The Answer!

When ice skating this winter, there are a number of major concerns to consider; here are some of the most prevalent risks and how to avoid skating accidents.

The thermometer is decreasing in temperature, and snowflakes are beginning to fall. It’s time to dust off the hockey and figure skates that were put away during the hot months and get out on the rink to enjoy the winter weather.

It encouraged people to take cautious since there was a possibility of serious harm.

It suggests warming up by jogging and avoiding mulled wine.

Falling down and bumping into others as part of the enjoyment, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, although there were safety precautions.

Prof Graham Smith, chairman of the Society of Sports Therapists, told the BBC: “It wasn’t a case of ‘bah, humbug.’ Have a good time, but be cautious.”

“While it is a wonderful activity, it can be quite hazardous and should be treated with a great deal of care,” he added, noting that some people only participate once or twice a year.

‘Don’t over-estimate ability’

Is Ice Skating Dangerous

If you fall, he suggests tucking your arms in and rolling rather than extending your hand to stop the fall, which might harm the hand or expose it to the blades of another skater.

He said that the risks were larger for the elderly.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ head of leisure safety, Peter Cornall, said: “Leisure activities should be as safe as required, not as safe as possible; for example, while ice skating, you should anticipate to fall over and be bumped into by others – it’s all part of the pleasure.

“If you’re going ice skating, gloves are continuously a sensible idea, as is sporting the protection instrumentation provided by the edifice and properly lacing your skates.

“You definitely won’t be able to duplicate what you saw during the Winter Olympics,” he added, cautioning people not to overestimate their abilities.

After all, ice skating isn’t only for winter Olympic athletes; it’s a popular wintertime pastime enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s practicing figure-eights at the community rink or playing a casual game of hockey, there are always hazards. Because most casual ice skaters lack the sort of expertise and training that the aforementioned Olympic professionals possess, they are unfamiliar with the types of skating injuries that can occur when ice skating, as well as the safety precautions they can take to lessen their chance of injury.

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Ice Skating Injuries

In 2015, almost 50,000 individuals were injured while ice skating. Both figure skating and hockey skating injuries fall under this category. These figures show that ice skating is a risky activity; while skating injuries are less common than skiing injuries (skiing is the most deadly winter sport), the hazards connected with ice skating should be taken seriously. To keep secure, the greatest thing you can do is to be knowledgeable and vigilant. Consider the following dangers and precautions.

Five Key Skating Injuries Risks

Is Ice Skating Dangerous

Ankle Sprains & Fractures

Skating exercises put a lot of weight and strain on the ankles, which renders them prone to sprains and fractures. Stress-related ankle skating injuries might include injury to the peroneal and tibialis anterior muscles.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a common and devastating result of a loss of balance or control. Because there is no buffer against contact, the ice surface is extremely hazardous. Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries are common skating injuries.

ACL Tears

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) provides rotational stability by running diagonally down the center of the knee. A tear of the ACL or surrounding menisci can occur as a result of a violent injury, such as those typically encountered during ice skating.


Blades that are razor sharp. Ice that is extremely hard to break. Movements that are quick and accurate. Ice skaters are in danger of lacerations of varying degrees of severity due to the combination of these causes.

Hand and Wrist Injuries

When we slip or fall, our first response is to reach out and catch ourselves, which is a good thing since it protects the more vital head and face. However, the power of the contact might cause catastrophic harm to the hand or wrist.

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