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Is IPL Fixed? Get To Know Here!

The Indian Premier League, better known as the IPL, has grown to a billion-dollar industry. IPL is a wonderful two-month entertainment package for cricket fans, and it encourages them to stay until the end to watch the entire event. As a result, the majority of people believe that IPL matches are already predetermined and written to make them more interesting.

Since its inception in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has in no way regarded back. It is the world’s biggest T20 league. Every year, lovers eagerly assume the beginning of the IPL.

The IPL is well-known for having a lot of money riding on it, due to the arrival of bookies and punters with ties to the underworld.

So, is it surely fixed?

Founder Of IPL And Revenue IPL Generates

Is IPL Fixed

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) established the IPL in 2007. In its initial year, the IPL attracted millions of viewers and had a positive reception. As a result, it continued every summer.

Media Rights, Title Sponsorship, Ticket Sales, Prize Money, and Merchandising are all sources of revenue for the IPL. In 2018, Star Sports agreed to a five-year deal of 16,374.50 crores for media rights. This is one of the largest sums IPL receives solely from media rights. The Vivo IPL then generates money by giving title sponsorship to firms like Dream 11. In 2018, Vivo agreed to a five-year contract with IPL for Rs 2188 crores. However, following the boycott of China, they withdrew their title sponsorship. Dream 11 has now secured a contract for 222 crore rupees per year.

Ticket sales also produce a lot of money, however owing to COVID, ticket sales are no longer profitable. As a result, there are several methods to benefit from IPL, and it is one of the most successful business models.

Signs That Point IPL Match Is Fixed And Scripted

1 . Sting Operation by India Today

In 2013, India Today performed a sting operation that revealed that IPL matches were already rigged and scripted. Two bookmakers from Dekhi organized a sting operation. They said that their bosses in Karachi and Dubai are in charge of the IPL. According to the bookies, “every ball played in this two-month event has already been set.” Everything, including the finalist and winner, is chosen before the first match begins.

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2 . Mumbai Indians Twitter Official Tweet

Is IPL Fixed

The Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals held a tournament on October 11th, 2020.” Pattinson is sharing the brand new ball with Boult!” published the Mumbai Indians’ reliable Twitter feed on the moment.

163/5 (19.5)” (DC).

This was the last tweet from the Mumbai Indians’ Twitter account before the game started. The Delhi Capitals’ final score was 162 / 4 (20), which was quite close to the projected tweet.

After supporters raised concerns about match manipulation in the IPL, the Mumbai Indians Twitter account removed the message.

3 . Frequent Suits With a Win With The Aid Of Using Simply One Run

The matches where the team won by a single run are repeated. In One Day Cricket, International Cricket, and Test Matches, teams seldom win by a single run margin. However, it is a common occurrence in IPL. In the 2019 IPL, it was stated that one out of every ten matches resulted in a one-run victory. When there is a circumstance like ‘need one run to win’ or match changes in the last four overs,’ the number of spectators increases dramatically.

4 . Bookie Accepting About Fixing In ICC Raid

Match rigging in the IPL was uncovered by an international bookie. He used to mend things and would say things like, “I give you a red watch, you wear a red watch.” The IPL will have five full-size t-shirts and five half-sleeve t-shirts. The indication is when a player bowls the over while wearing a full t-shirt.” “They are adequately signaled in advance,” he continued.

The signals are purposefully not revealed on the live broadcasts of every IPL match.” Wearing watches, full and half sleeve t-shirts, and other signals are all established to send signals among players. He also claims that signal wide may indicate that the next ball must be a six or wicket. These facts were discovered during an inquiry by the ICC’s anti-corruption unit.

Apart from these coincidences, if one closely monitors the IPL each year, many more coincidences and patterns of match rigging may be detected.

Why IPL Is Not Banned If It Is Fixing Matches?

Is IPL Fixed

There is no conclusive evidence of match rigging. Any of the above-mentioned evidence of IPL manipulation might be seen as a mere coincidence by anyone. In India, the IPL is a billion-dollar industry and the world’s sixth-largest league. provides the government a lot of money in taxes.

IPL has given many newcomers a chance to play mainstream cricket and realize their ambition of becoming a cricketer. Many people are amused, advertisers are given a platform to sell their products, stations such as Star Sports Hotstar are gaining a large number of subscribers, the BCCI is making billions, and individuals can legally gamble with Dream 11. The IPL is essentially a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the government, cricketers, and the general audience. So, unless there is public pressure, there are no prospects that any national organization will probe match rigging in the IPL.

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