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Is IPL Scripted? Know Here!

Is IPL Scripted

The IPL is the world’s largest T20 event. It is even more popular than the T20 World Cup, attracting fans from all around the world, not just India. However, there have been several shady incidents surrounding the IPL, the most noteworthy of which was the owner of CSK being charged with betting and Sreesanth being suspended for spot-fixing. Is the Indian Premier League scripted? Is the outcome of every match known ahead of time?

Why is every IPL game a nerve-wracking experience? Even if a side scores less than 90 runs, the game must always terminate in the final over. IPL hasn’t failed to make gamblers nervous, with millions of dollars being wagered on India and Asia. With each ball, the win pointer is passed to the opposing team. Have you ever wondered why the Indian Premier League is so much more fascinating than other premier leagues? If you haven’t figured it out yet, you must love WWE scripts just as much as I do.

Disappointing IPL Scripts

Is IPL Scripted

SRH needed 18 runs in the last over to win the match, and Andre Russell came in with a short run-up and produced simple deliveries. He started the game with a no-ball. On the second, third, and fourth deliveries, Warner hit three straight fours, lowering the required total to four runs in two balls.

Ballwarner tapped a single run too long-on in the last over, pushing the game to a super over.

Don’t Forget About The Double Super Over!

The Second Case

Jorden is on strike for the final ball with the KXIP needing two runs to win. After hitting Trent Boult’s blockhole toss to long-off, Jordan had time to return for a second run, but he chose a longer route and couldn’t beat Pollard’s deep throw and became run-out, forcing the sport right into a tie-breaker. Isn’t it a great pleasure to write IPL scripts?

Fun fact: KKR versus SRH and KXIP vs MI were both played on the same day and finished in a tie-breaker. It was a Sunday, too. There’s a lot of pleasure to be had.

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On The Motion

Is IPL Scripted
  • The IPL is a format that combines entertainment, obscene splendour, and cricket. Cricket, on the other hand, is sadly masked by the veil of money, power, and beauty.
  • It is played between clubs named after cities or states in India. In actuality, only a small percentage of a team’s members come from the same city. Additionally, players switch teams. As a result, loyalty is severely undervalued in this arrangement.
  • Another concern is team owners interfering with day-to-day strategy. The spirit of a gentleman’s game is being suffocated by this intervention.
  • Fixing controversies has become far more common than being an exception in the absence of an efficient monitoring agency.
  • Even spectators come to the field for so-called entertainment, such as fireworks, music, dancing, and cheerleaders, rather than to watch cricket. Is this the same game that Bradman, Sobers, and Vishwanath used to play?


In test cricket, a cricketer’s abilities and technique are put to the test. In the IPL, the batsman’s goal is to smash sixes on every delivery, while the bowler’s goal is to preserve these sixes. Technique, which is an important aspect of the gentleman’s game, is lost in this tight duel between ball and bat.

Against The Motion

Is IPL Scripted
  • IPL has evolved as a significant chance for local Indian players to perform in front of a global audience. The fact that there is a four-player restriction on the amount of international players that may participate in each squad only helps local players.
  • Many times, Indian selectors have chosen fresh players for the Indian national team based on their success in the IPL rather than in other local events. Raidu, Manpreet Gony, and Suresh Kulkarni are just a few examples.
  • In reality, there have been cases where IPL teams have selected local players from other nations, including as Australia, despite the fact that they had never participated in an international game. They were picked for their respective nations’ national teams after doing well in the IPL.
  • The Indian cricket board, BCCI, has seen a significant increase in their worldwide clout as a result of the IPL.
  • In terms of the economy, the IPL has resulted in the creation of new employment and the expansion of several event and sports management organisations.


Every phenomenon, according to philosophy, changes with time. Cricket is no exception to the rule that change is the only constant. Sports must adapt to this dynamic since culture and society are never static. All of these characteristics are reflected in newer forms like IPL.

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