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Is Kabaddi In The Commonwealth Games?

No, Kabaddi has never been included in any edition of the commonwealth games. It has been played a couple of times at the Summer Olympics yet it has been a “hit or miss” thing.

It has been a normal component of the Asian Games since the nineties. Various states in India play it (expected to have started in Tamil Nadu) and it is a national game of Bangladesh and Nepal, yet insufficient nations all over the planet play it. (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, UK, Japan, Canada)

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a contact team sport. Played between two teams of seven players, the target of the game is for a solitary player on offense, alluded to as a “raider”, to run into the rival team’s half of a court, contact out however many of their defenders as could be expected under the circumstances, and return to their portion of the court, all without being handled by the defenders, and in a solitary breath.

Points are scored for every player labeled by the raider, while the rival team procures a point for halting the raider.

Players are removed from the game on the off chance that they are contacted or handled, however, are gotten back for each point scored by their team from a tag or tackle.

It is famous in the Indian subcontinent and other encompassing Asian nations. Even though records of kabaddi show up in the narratives of old India, the game was promoted as a serious game in the twentieth 100 years. It is the national game of Bangladesh.

It is the state round of the Indian territories of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh.

Is Kabaddi In The Commonwealth Games

There are two significant disciplines of kabaddi: “Punjabi kabaddi”, likewise alluded to as “circle styles”, contains customary types of the game that are played on a roundabout field outside.

While the “standard style”, played on a rectangular court inside, is the discipline played in significant expert associations and worldwide rivalries like the Asian Games.

This game is known by various names in various pieces of the Indian subcontinent, for example, kabaddi or Chengdu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; kabaddi in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Is Kabaddi Played In The Olympics?

Kabaddi was presented as an exhibition sport at Berlin Olympics in 1936. In any case, Kabaddi never got perceived as an Olympic serious game as a result of different reasons.

It has been perceived as an international game and is highlighted in the Asian game design. However, to turn into an Olympic game it has to cross a couple of additional obstacles.

The World Kabaddi Federation (WKF) is striving to get games into the Olympics, however, they have been told by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that their solicitation must be engaged on the off chance that the game can be played deliberately in 50 subsidiary nations.

Is Kabaddi In The Commonwealth Games

To acquire the Olympic compartment, the game should be broadly taken on in numerous nations. Nations like Japan have begun playing this game well. We want more nations to embrace this game for it to be remembered for the Olympics.

Kabaddi is an extraordinary game, presumably, it merits a spot in Olympics, having said that, one should take note of the rules for remembering a game for the Olympics is that it ought to be played truly and consistently in no less than 35 nations (for guys, 25 for ladies)

Kabaddi doesn’t satisfy those standards, so one should sit tight for it to be well known in over 35 nations.

The other risk of additional nations playing the game is that we won’t be as effective as in the past, similar to what befell us in hockey, the main justification for why Indian teams win in cricket is because there isn’t a lot of contest from the more athletic and capable nations.

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Will Kabaddi Be Included In The Olympics?

For consideration of a game in the Olympics, it is fundamental that the game should be broadly drilled in at least 75 nations and ought to be spread over more than 4 mainlands.

Kabaddi is an old game and was started in India around quite a while back yet it neglected to spread all around the globe chiefly because of the absence of help and assets. Still, it turned out to be extremely famous in south Asian nations.

Is Kabaddi In The Commonwealth Games

The primary explanation that hampers the consideration of Kabaddi in the Olympics is an absence of expert Kabaddi relationships in different nations.

However, after the passage of the Pro Kabaddi League by Mashal Sports, there is a critical expansion in the notoriety of the game in India as well as different nations. Presently even the Kabaddi world cup has acquired interest among Indians

In a range of around three years, the number of nations having a public Kabaddi team expanded to 41 from beforehand 27 in 2013.

As a result of the tremendous outcome of the Pro Kabaddi League in India different countries also are getting keen on this game.

It is absurd to expect to remember Kabaddi for Tokyo Olympics (2020) as we can see still we want cooperation from 34 additional nations to make the most of the 75 furthermore the games for Tokyo Olympics have been as of now chosen.

Because of the huge ascent in prevalence of Kabaddi in such sort length, we can anticipate that Kabaddi should be remembered for Olympics 2024 which will be held in Budapest/Los Angeles or Paris.

British Kabaddi League

A new kabaddi competition, the British Kabaddi League, was sent off in Wolverhampton, the UK on Tuesday with eight groups set to take part in the extended occasion, beginning April 9.

Birmingham Bulls, Wolverhampton Wolfpack, Walsall Hunters, Leicester Warriors, London Lions, Edinburgh Eagles, Glasgow Unicorns, and Manchester Raiders battled for the debut crown.

The British Kabaddi League closed on May 10 with the matches to be played in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Wolverhampton.

The association has been laid out by the English Kabaddi Association and the Scottish Kabaddi Association. As per the Inside the game site, the association is upheld by the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Business and Tourism Program (BATP).

Regardless of being played in India for a very long time, kabaddi just shot into prevalence in 2014 with the send-off of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in India.

The BKL, in any case, likewise has plans to send off a ladies’ association in 2023 and grow the men’s association from eight to 12 establishments.

Kabaddi won’t highlight at the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, UK from July 28 to August 8. Be that as it may, kabaddi has been a normal component at the Asian Games starting around 1990.

Pro-Kabaddi League

The Pro Kabaddi League was laid out in 2014. The association displayed its endless supply of the Indian Premier League of Twenty20 cricket, with an enormous spotlight on showcasing, the sponsorship of neighborhood telecaster Star Sports, and changes to the game’s standards and its show to make it more reasonable for a TV audience.

The Pro Kabaddi League immediately turned into an evaluation accomplishment on Indian TV; the 2014 season was watched by no less than 435 million watchers throughout the season, and the debut title match was seen by 98.6 million watchers.

Kabaddi World Cup

The Kabaddi World Cup is an open-air global standard style kabaddi rivalry directed by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) and challenged by people’s public teams. The opposition has been recently challenged in 2004, 2007, and 2016.

Every one of the competitions has been won by India. India crushed Iran by 38-29 in the last of the title game to secure the title of 2016.

After the foundation of a new kabaddi association named World Kabaddi Federation, the 2019 Kabaddi World Cup was held in April 2019 in Malacca, Malaysia. It was the biggest world cup in kabaddi history, comprising 32 men’s teams and 24 ladies’ teams.

Asian Games

Kabaddi was played like a showing occasion at the First Asian Games in 1951, and again in 1982, before turning into a decoration occasion without precedent for 1990.

The Indian public team won each man’s and ladies’ kabaddi contest in the Asian Games from 1990 through 2014. At the 2018 Asian Games, Iran turned into the main country other than India to win gold awards in kabaddi, with India’s men’s team winning bronze, and India’s ladies’ team being beaten by Iran to win silver.

European Kabaddi Championship

The Initial release of the European Kabaddi Championship was held in Scotland in 2019. The last match was between Poland and Holland, Poland won the competition.

The final score was Poland 47-27 Holland. The subsequent version was held in Cyprus in 2021 which World Kabaddi Federation coordinated.

Poland held their title by beating Cyprus in the last, 29-15. Italy is set to have the third release in 2022.

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