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Is Kabaddi In The Olympics? Know Here!

Is Kabaddi In The Olympics

Making a name for oneself outside of the shadows of grandeur is a difficult endeavor to master. Making your presence noticed in a game other than cricket, especially in a nation like India, is a difficult undertaking.

The Hindu God Krishna is said to have played kabaddi as a youngster, according to holy writings, and the sport is also mentioned in the Mahabharata epic. Gautam Buddha is said to have enjoyed kabaddi as a leisure pastime.

Kabaddi has long been a popular game in India’s rural areas, because of its profound roots in Indian culture. Kabaddi is sometimes referred to as India’s national sport due to its widespread popularity in communities across the country.

However, because of kabaddi’s inclusion in the Asian Games and the recently founded Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) – a franchise-based competition – in India, India’s indigenous sport has seen a boom in popularity in metropolitan areas.

The Pro Kabaddi League, which was launched in 2014 with the goal of nurturing rising talent from throughout India, gave the old game of kabaddi a fresh lease of life. The game has seen more involvement than ever before after the addition of a women’s kabaddi variant.

So it all boils down to one question: why isn’t the PKL and World Cups an Olympic sport, especially after four seasons of razzmatazz? Here’s the solution.

What Are The Qualifications For A Game To Make It To The Olympics?

One of the key requirements for a sport to be eligible for the Olympics is that it be “played in at least 75 nations across four continents.”

While kabaddi is played in over 31 nations throughout the world, it does not match the Olympic criteria of 75 countries or more and is thus banned.

However, the spark that sparked kabaddi’s transformation from a rural pastime to a worldwide spectacle may be traced back to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games in Germany, or more specifically the build-up to the Games.

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Should The Blame Fall On Kabaddi’s Popularity?

If a game newly added to the hundreds via an eight-metropolis primarily based totally franchise match can accumulate ten instances the viewership on its inaugural season whilst in comparison to an international occasion which includes FIFA, it best speaks volumes approximately the game’s reputation even earlier than it became telecasted globally.

Aside from the glitz and glam, the Pro Kabaddi League gave the participants a sense of belonging and security, allowing them to display their talents on a worldwide stage. While players like Manjeet Chhillar, Rohit Kumar, and Rahul Chaudhari were unknown in the early seasons, the PKL instilled confidence in them and other aspiring players, propelling the game to new heights.

Is Kabaddi In The Olympics

The PKL made such an impact that Star Sports stated that viewing had increased by nearly 54 percent following season one, compared to late 2013 and early 2014, when the league’s backers were merely laying out the plan.

From the initial season in 2014 to the most recent season in 2017, the PKL has provided some essential ingredients for the sport’s development. International players have arrived in India in pursuit of PKL possibilities, whereas Kabaddi World Cups have merely served to open doors in nations where the sport has yet to find its footing.

What’s The Current Scenario?

The inaugural Pro Kabaddi League took place four seasons ago, and the cash-rich event has altered lives.

Three years ago, the nation was mostly concerned with cricket, with a smattering of badminton and football thrown in for good measure. However, there was more to speak about following the first season of the Pro Kabaddi League.

With each passing year, the word spread faster than Airtel’s TV commercials. Little youngsters thronged to their nearby grounds, drew some lines with tiny sticks, and rolled up their sleeves as soon as the air was filled with comments about the game of kabaddi. It was time to try something new, a game of kabaddi that was both fierce and fascinating!

What Does The Future Look Like?

Is Kabaddi In The Olympics

Now that the game is well-known in many areas of the globe, a growing number of international players are approaching their country’s governing body in the hopes of helping their country win World Cups and Asian Games.

Fans in India give kabaddi players a lot more respect than they do in the United States. The majority of the PKL’s great guns have gone on to represent India in Asian Games and World Cups.

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