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Is Mick Foley Still Alive?

Is Mick Foley Still Alive? Well, before we get further into this often-asked question, let’s quickly know in a nutshell about  Mike Foley’s background. Well, starting from basics,  Mick Foley, also known as Michael Francis Foley Sr., is a WWE-affiliated commentator, referee, author, and former wrestler. Throughout his career, he worked for numerous wrestling promotions, such as “World Championship Wrestling,” “National Wrestling Alliance,” and “Extreme Championship Wrestling.”

Mike Foley has also participated in some Japanese wrestling promotions. His professional life took off after Demonic DeNucci, who had seen and enjoyed some of his video feats, chose to serve as a mentor for him. Since that time, Foley has not been required to look at his past. Foley is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished wrestlers in WWE history, thanks to his extensive career. In recognition of all of his accomplishments, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the year 2013. Among his many accolades, he has won the WWE championship, the TNA Legends Championship, the WWE Hardcore Championship, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

In addition to wrestling, he has written an ongoing series of memoirs and appeared as a guest star in several popular TV shows. Reviewers have praised these books, and a documentary featuring him was made from an adaptation of them. Foley has not restricted his popularity to the sport of wrestling but rather has chosen to actively champion many different causes. He is a well-known supporter of numerous charities and aids in RAINN’s fundraising efforts, a group that works to end sexual violence. Read on to learn more about the frequently asked question, “Is Mick Foley Still Alive?”

Is Mick Foley Still Alive?

Is Mick Foley Still Alive?

Yes, Mick Foley is still alive. At this time, Mick Foley is 57 years old. He presently works as a company ambassador for WWE after signing a contract through the company’s Legends program. He took part in the WrestleMania main event in 1999 and 2000 and is widely recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history. Mike Foley is happily married and cohabitating with his wife and kids. In 1992, Foley and Colette became husband and wife. They have four children: Michael Francis “Mickey” Jr. (born in 2001), Hughie Francis (2003), Dewey Francis, and Noelle Margaret. Dewey Francis was born on February 20, 1992, and Noelle Margaret was born on December 15, 1993. (born 2003).

As of the month of June 2018, Dewey works for WWE, Noelle models for social media, and Mickey has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The MickeyFoley0105 YouTube channel is run by Mickey and Hughie. Foley occasionally makes an appearance in Mickey’s videos, such as one that parodies the 2010 LeBron James special The Decision and has Foley hinting that Terry Funk, rather than Al Snow, will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. For the past ten years, Foley, Mr. Socko, and the family have resided at the Smithtown house. According to the Hall of Famer who spoke to Newsday, the family is hoping to relocate south in order to avoid the harsh winters in New York.

His sons Mickey and Hughie have a YouTube page where they post videos of the family. Mike Foley frequently appears in these vlogs in humorous circumstances and parodies. Foley has long advocated for gender equality in men’s and women’s professional wrestling. Foley routinely attended home games of the college basketball team Stony Brook Seawolves as a fan. Father of Foley was a professor at Stony Brook University’s professional development program. Foley reported that he had tested positive with COVID-19 in January 2021. He was a little uncomfortable for a few days but soon recovered completely.

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Mike Foley Early Life

Is Mick Foley Still Alive?

Mick Foley was born to an Irish-American family on June 7, 1965, in Bloomington, Indiana. He went to high school at Ward Melville, located in New York City, where he spent his formative years. In his academic years, his enthusiasm for wrestling was clear. He participated in wrestling and lacrosse at school and attended classes with actor Kevin James. Foley, attending college at the State University of New York in Cortland at the time, decided to hitchhike to Madison Square Garden to watch his favorite wrestler, Jimmy Snuka, compete against Don Muraco in a steel cage match.

Mick Foley has stated that the flying body splash that Snuka performed from the top of the cage was the moment that motivated him to seek a career in professional wrestling. He was seated in a position quite near to the front row, and his presence can be seen in the footage of the event. His passion for wrestling peaked at this time, and he attended several contests that encouraged him to pursue it professionally.

Mike Foley Early Career

Dominic DeNucci served as Mick Foley’s mentor during the early stages of his career, which led to his 1983 debut. He also worked as a jobber, where he encountered several formidable rivals. Foley earned numerous offers as a result of his well-recognized work on the independent circuit.

He signed up for the Continental Wrestling Association as “Cactus Jack,” and in 1988, he and Gary Young held the CWA Tag title. However, he gave up that career and started competing in “World Class Championship Wrestling” (WCCW).

In the WCCW, he went by the moniker “Cactus Jack Manson” and amassed numerous light-heavyweight belts. He left this in order to sign up for World Championship Wrestling, although his tenure there was brief. His previous wrestling organization was the Universal Wrestling Federation, which he left in order to join “Tri-State Wrestling.”

When Foley began working there full-time in 1991, “World Championship Wrestling” took notice of his persona. He continued to go by the name “Cactus Jack” and began developing his signature sound, “Bang, Bang!” In addition, Mike had taken part in prominent competitions against well-known personalities such as Sabu and Vader.

In 1994, he began competing for Eastern Championship Wrestling. However, before the year was through, he abruptly quit to sign up with “Smoky Mountain Wrestling.” In1995, he switched to being a member of the “International Wrestling Association of Japan.”

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Mike Foley Professional WWE Career

Is Mick Foley Still Alive?

In 1996, he started his career with WWE, formerly known as WWF. His three-persona image, which featured Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love, was extremely successful when he participated in the Royal Rumble for the first time in 1998. The saying “have a great day” that he popularised is still widely used today. In 1998, his narrative finally came to an end.

He adopted the new persona of “Mr. Socko,” who gained popularity right away. In December 1998, he won the Hardcore Championship before going on to fight The Rock to claim his first WWE Championship crown. The program was broadcast on television in January 1999.

As a result of Mick Foley and The Rock’s tag team, which became known as the “Rock and Sock connection” and was one of the most successful in terms of winning tag team titles, they became one of the most popular teams.

He later won the WWE championship twice more. After WrestleMania 2000, he gave up telling his story. In 2000, he started serving as a storyline commissioner for WWF. On RAW, he also served as a guest referee. After a lengthy hiatus, he finally quit his job in 2001.

Foley continued to play a variety of roles in the independent wrestling scene throughout his absence from 2000 to 2003. From the “International Wrestling Cartel” to “HUSTLE” to “Triple Crown Championship” to “New England Championship” to “World League Wrestling” to “New York Wrestling Connection,” he made his appearance everywhere.

When he returned to WWE in June 2003, he was given a Hardcore Championship Belt as a token of appreciation. Later, he was named RAW’s co-manager. Since 2004, his wrestling matches have been sporadic because he frequently pulled out of matches.

After that, Foley began working for WWE as a color commentator for ECW One Night Stand. Later on, he also began working as a referee. In 2007, he made a comeback to compete in the WWE championship, but Cena defeated him. He departed WWE in September 2008, after his contract had expired, claiming creative differences.

A contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling was his next move. After claiming victory in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in April 2009, he went on to claim victory in the TNA Legends Championship in July 2009. In addition, he published a weekly commentary on their website. In 2011, he left TNA.

Later, in November 2011, he made a comeback with WWE. He participated in the Survivor Series, Wrestlemania XXVII, and the 2012 Royal Rumble. But as his wounds grew worse, it was determined that he wasn’t well enough to compete in the ring. Thus, in August 2012, he made his retirement announcement.

The year 2013 marked his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He never competed in the ring, although he was frequently seen on RAW and SmackDown. Later, he was chosen to serve as RAW’s general manager. However, Stephanie MacMahon quickly fired him.

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Mike Foley’s Other Accomplishments

Foley is an author who has had multiple successes on the New York Times Best Sellers list. He is most well-known for his ongoing series of autobiographies. Reviews of his writing have mainly been positive. In addition, bestsellers for Mick Foley include his autobiography, children’s books, and works of fiction. His autobiographies are quite well-liked.

In addition to that, he has some acting experience. He also has roles in films which was based on his life journey. In 2009, he was a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he discussed the importance of LGBT rights. He is also a committed philanthropist. Foley has taken part in a number of activities, has financed numerous kids through Child Fund International, and continues to be a major philanthropist in supporting global education.

He is a hotline volunteer for RAINN, an organization Tori Amos created. His records are impeccable, and he has logged many hours and done fundraisers. He raised money for the group by auctioning off his wrestling equipment. He has endorsed the equality of women’s professional wrestling and is a passionate advocate of feminist causes.

Foley received numerous awards and championship belts throughout his lengthy career. In 1993, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named him the year’s Most Inspiring Wrestler. Additionally, he was listed at number 19 among the top 500 wrestlers on the PWI 500 list. He received a “Medal of Reasonableness” from Jon Stewart in 2010 for his strong support of numerous causes.

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Mike Foley’s Net Worth

Foley is believed to have a total net worth of roughly $14 million. This covers all of his belongings, resources, and investments. He makes most of his living from his profession as a professional wrestler. But he also makes money doing acting jobs. He provided the voices for a few of the Avatar movie’s characters. Additionally, he has made appearances in several wrestling documentaries and reality TV programs.

Furthermore, from the books he has written, including his novels. These consist of four children’s stories and two novels. His overall net worth is the sum of all of these.

Some Facts About Mike Foley That We Don’t Know

Through his experiences in WCW, WWE, ECW, and TNA, Mick gave us a lighthearted yet sincere glimpse into this industry and revealed a lot about himself. Therefore, we will examine some unknown facts about him in this section:

1. Friend Of King Of Queens

By any standard, Mick Foley is well-known. Therefore, it makes sense that he could know other well-known people. The thing is, Mick has a genuine bond with Kevin “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” James that dates back to when they were both in high school. They not only stayed in touch, but they also attended college together and competed on the wrestling team, according to more than one of Foley’s novels. In fact, Mick’s opportunity to win the State Championship came from Kevin James’ injury.

2. WWE Rings Modified To Benefit Humanity

On the WWE Network in the past, you can see and hear the WWE/F ring sounding very different from how it does now. This is so that WWE could implement adjustments following the horrific Hell In A Cell incident at the 1998 King Of The Ring. It was anticipated that softening the ring and allowing some “bounce” would protect the wrestlers from serious harm and ultimately lengthen their careers. Mick himself found it ironic that the bouncy mat still hurt his knees.

3. Schools By Mike Foley

Mick Foley calls himself a thrifty man, yet he has a big heart. He describes how he has sponsored a youngster named Alimany in Sierra Leonne in addition to three other girls named Rosita, Nida, and Herma Grace. He is also skilled at granting wishes, and his extravagant actions have brought smiles to many people going through difficult times. Mick is a decent man.

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4. Locked Up Million Dollar Mick

Although Mick Foley’s time with TNA may not be remembered today as particularly noteworthy, he says it was very gratifying regarding his creativity. The result of that, along with his book Countdown to Lockdown, was to be a steel cage that had been particularly redesigned for his fight with Sting. It sounded fairly badass—a throwback to the traditional “Blue Steel Bars” cage-style from the WWF in the 1980s, complete with a platform around the rim that they could walk on and leap off of. Unfortunately, the plan was abandoned too late because it would have cost close to a million dollars for a single match without a guarantee of profit. But seeing his proposed flying elbow off the top would have been cool.

5. Speed Dial

It is commonly known that Foley wrote most of his novels by hand using a pen and paper. He doesn’t precisely choose to be technologically advanced. However, at the time this article was being written, his phone did have an impressive list of contacts on speed dial. Trish Stratus and Melina are two of his valued few places for exceptional circumstances. Stratus claims that Mick serves as the Diva’s “safety valve” with the male wrestlers since he is decent enough to make them feel secure and able to be themselves around him.

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