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Is Olympics Ever Held In India?

Is Olympics Ever Held In India

Unfortunately, the Olympics are never held in India. Not a single edition of the Olympic games was ever organized in India. Neither can host another in the next 15 years.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach has said there are a lot of nations keen on facilitating the Games in 2036, 2040 and then some, including India. The following three Olympics have been designated for Paris (2024), Los Angeles (2028) and Brisbane (2032).

The tried and true way of thinking is it that the quantity of possible admirers to have the Games has gone. The rising expenses and debates related with organizing such a major multi-sporting edition might discourage numerous factors such as countries financial situation. However, Bach says it’s not the genuine picture.

What more has been said about India hosting an edition of the Olympics?

Is Olympics Ever Held In India

In a meeting with The Wall Street Journal, directed during the Tokyo Olympics, Bach asserted that IOC was all around putting efforts out when it came to tracking down leaders for its occasion. He referenced India, Indonesia, Germany and Qatar as nations keen on arranging the Games in 2036 and then some others. “And these are just the ones which come to my mind. So, we are really in a very good long-term position,” the German said.

Why hasn’t India hosted the Olympics yet?

  • To host an edition of the Olympics, a city needs to have the foundation for at least 25 or more games and 310 occasions, other than giving convenience to something like 20,000 workforces including IOC individuals, government heads and ministers. Around 5 lakh sightseers visited Rio de Janeiro in 2016 – which prompts extra arrangements. Further, certain games like paddling have their necessities – which, when, consolidated, prompts extraordinary weight on a city’s assets.
  • India is a developing country with a low GDP and we cannot afford to spend nearly a billion dollars on the Olympics. our economy is not in great shape. Moreover, most Indians don’t follow the sporting events that are held in the Olympics like track and field etc. and cricket is not included in the Olympics. So, hosting it will be a financial disaster.
  • Any nation meaning to host Olympics or so far as that is concerned with huge arrangements, ought to have the option to bear the expense of organizing the occasion. Recalling that the whole expense is met out of citizens’ cash. Athens, Greece facilitated Olympics in 2004 and brought about colossal misfortunes. Some even go on to say that the present hardships of Greece were set off by the colossal expense of holding the Olympics. India facilitated the Commonwealth games in 2010. The arenas worked around then are now lying underutilized. Arenas overhauled in Delhi University, Thiagarajan Stadium, IP Indoor arena, cycling track and so on remain underutilized to date.
Is Olympics Ever Held In India
  • It isn’t so much that India can’t hold the Olympics or we come up short on the ability to hold one. We can make it happen. However, would it be a good idea for us? We need to introspect how to utilize the limited funds accessibly. India is as yet creating an enormous piece of development, India needs a fundamental framework. We ought to initially concentrate on improving the average person’s life. Olympics can wait. Since different nations are facilitating the hosting of this mega event, we shouldn’t bounce into the ring and get injured seriously in financial aspects.

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Why India shouldn’t host the Olympics anytime soon?

1)Financial factors: – The size of the Olympic Games is colossal, both in the variety of the games played to the quantity of taking part by nations; it is immense in comparison with the Commonwealth or Asian Games. By 2032, the greater part of the arenas with the dreary support would require rebuilding or overhauls from the scratch.

With the acquaintance of current disciplines with the Olympic development that is generally obscure to the Indians like Rugby 7s or Baseball, there would be a need for new arenas to be developed.

The expense of this building system is immensely burdening on the economies of the non-industrial nations as was found in Rio 2016 with underperforming authorities overshooting the financial plans on different occasions, delays in the development of arenas and severe cutoff times expanding the expense considerably more.

2) Performance standards of athletes: – It’s a well-known fact that India is creating A-list competitors in a couple of select games in particular. What’s more disheartening, the vast majority of those sports are excluded from the Olympic Program. Considering they might be incorporated as the occasions in light of the host city’s decision, just a modest bunch of occasions have genuine award-winning expectations.

While throughout 10 years is to the point of seeing an adjustment of the Indian donning scene, anticipating that India should be an ordinary decoration competitor in a few games is profoundly outlandish.

In such a case, facilitating such an occasion could end up being a worldwide shame for the country with the way that a lot of more modest countries could perform superior to India and come to the winning most of the titles. This can go about as an aid for the donning society of the nation looking for the necessary push for standard consideration however it will be a gigantic humiliation for the rest.

3) Less public interest:Empty stands and pavilion remained at the DY Patil Stadium and Mumbai during U-17 World Cup in 2017, which reflected how much the public is willing in showing interest in supporting the event.

The absence of public interest in many games aside from a couple of standard games like cricket, wrestling or shooting is an enormous reason to prevent a Multi-sporting occasion. Selling out arenas for sports like football or other games is the best test given the limits of these areas.

Indeed, even after its new prominence, football to a great extent remains followed particularly at the U-23 level. This issue is increased by the way that the facilitating privileges will be with Delhi or Mumbai which are not the football heartlands of the country. Sports, for example, Baseball, Swimming, Weightlifting, Fencing and a few others might be successful in tracking down little interest from the Indian public.

Without any groups to channel the competitors, they might find it difficult to look for inspiration for better execution levels, particularly in sports like games where having a joyful group behind or against you might demonstrate an extremely certain inspiration. Monetarily as well, ticket deals are fundamental for satisfying the monetary requirements and getting any opportunities of making back the initial investment.

Why did India shift its focus from bidding for the 2032 Olympics to 2048?

Is Olympics Ever Held In India
  • India was among the nations to have shown a strong interest in organizing an edition in 2032, yet the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last month introduced Brisbane as its favoured applicant.
  • The IOC has entered selective discussions with Australian authorities over facilitating the occasion in Brisbane, which is in line to be granted the Games possibly as soon as possible and not very much long from now.
  • Different countries have flagged their aim to offer IOC to be eligible to host the Olympics, including Germany have scrutinized the cycle that prompted Brisbane to be in Consideration for becoming a candidate for host of the 2032 Olympics and the Paralympics games.
  • Qatar and Hungary have both said they will press ahead with plans to stay in nonstop exchange with the IOC over the 2032 Games.
  • India had designated organizing the 2032 Olympics as a feature of a long-haul facilitating technique that likewise incorporated the 2030 Asian Games and the 2026 Youth Olympic Games.
  • The 2030 and 2034 Asian Games were granted to Qatar and Riyadh, separately, in December, while the 2022 Youth Olympics in Dakar has been delayed to 2026.

Indians at 2020 Olympics 

In the 2020 Summer Olympics, India was represented by a new record number of 124 athletes.

Is Olympics Ever Held In India

P. V. Sindhu also showed her class when she defeated China’s He Bingjiao in the Women’s singles badminton bronze medal match, thus creating an eye-watering record of becoming the first Indian woman to win two individual Olympic medals in two different editions of Olympics.

Neeraj Chopra rose to the top by winning the gold in Javelin Throw, also becoming the first-ever Indian to win a gold medal in track and field format and also the 2nd Indian to win an individual Olympic gold medal. In the Men’s category of Hockey, India won a bronze medal and a consolidation award. This medal also surprised the whole country when it came to India after a gap of 41 years, last winning a gold medal in Moscow in 1980.

In wrestling, Ravi Dahiya and Bajrang Punia won bronze and silver medals respectively.

Debutant athlete Lovlina Borgohain won bronze in women’s category boxing. India added a total of 7 medals to its cabinet and it was the highest number of accolades that India ever received.

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