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Is Royal Rumble 2022 Over?

Is Royal Rumble 2022 Over

The yearly occasion is generally one of the greatest and most expected WWE shows of the year highlighting both a people’s Royal Rumble coordinate with 30 members in every session and the sole survivor procuring a championship match at WrestleMania 38 in April.

This year, there will be a couple of exceptional appearances as Johnny Knoxville and Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion Mickie James.

Beyond the Royal Rumble, resentment and title matches will be occurring. Edge and Beth Phoenix take on The Miz and Maryse in a blended label group match to get the ball rolling.

Roman Reigns defended the WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins, while Becky Lynch defended the WWE RAW Women’s Title against Doudrop. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley after long last faced each other for the WWE Championship.

Match Cards and Results:

Royal Rumble 2022 really gave a roller coaster ride to the fans as we all say old partners reigns and Rollins battered each other to win WWE universal championship, and Brock Lesnar fought against Bobby Lashley.

Is Royal Rumble 2022 Over

With a high-profile return of The Rowdy Ronda Rousey in the Women’s Royal Rumble match created a fizz in the atmosphere of The Dome at America’s Center stadium.

Mix tag team match between Edge, Beth, Miz, and Maryse also caused a late drama.

1) Raw Women’s Title Match: Becky Lynch vs Doudrop

Doudrop enjoyed the early benefit at Royal Rumble and Becky escaped the ring almost immediately before she was shipped off the top rope by the challenger. Outside the ring, Doudrop ran into the steel ventures before Lynch secured in a sleeper hold, back in the ring.

The Champ got a rocket punt and a senton before taking a huge Powerbomb from Doudrop. Becky took a cannonball in the corner for a close-to fall before dumping Doudrop on the cover.

This challenge didn’t arrive at a similar degree of fervour as Doudrop versus Bianca Belair, however, the two women worked effectively to make themselves and each other look great. They committed no large errors and sold all that they did to one another.

For two individuals who have basically no past experience together, they functioned admirably. It’s simple and really the group didn’t appear to be into it. With stronger responses, this would have seemed to be a far greater arrangement.

2) WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar

WWE took as much time as is needed to get to this match. There was a long promotion and two extensive passageways notwithstanding the authority presentations from the ring commentator.

The two men began with an essential lockup yet when neither could get the benefit, they split away from one another. They pulled out all the stops once more and Lesnar hit a German suplex.

Is Royal Rumble 2022 Over

Lashley, needing to give no indications of shortcoming, returned right once again to his feet and did not sell the move. He gave back with his own German suplex that got The Beast Incarnate off guard.

Lashley went for one more Spear at ringside and wound up crashing through the blockade when Lesnar kept away from him. The Beast hit some more German suplexes when they got back in the ring, however, The All-Mighty continued to get back up.

Lesnar supported him to the corner and squashed the ref simultaneously. The Beast hit an F5 and took the ref out again with Lashley’s leg, so there was no one there to make the most of the.

Rules then appeared suddenly to stick to Lesnar. Heyman gave him the WWE belt so he could raise a ruckus around town with it and cost him the match. Heyman left with Reigns as Lashley made the cover for the success.

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3) Mix Tag Team Match: The Miz & Maryse vs Edge and Beth Phoenix

Beth and Maryse started off the match at Royal Rumble and Maryse escaped the ring immediately prior to Tagging The Miz. Edge came in also and assumed command over the match before Maryse got him from outside and dropped the Rated-R Superstar.

The Miz gained influence after the shameful attack from Maryse and hit the It kicks. Maryse came in for one more unfair attack while Miz diverted the ref.

Edge was going to make the tag however Maryse attempted to stop him. In any case, the Hall of Famer got the tag at any rate.

Beth dumped on Maryse in the ring as Royal Rumble went on before Miz separated the pin. Beth dumped on The Miz after he insulted her and Maryse took Phoenix out with her handbag.

Tags were made before Edge got close to falling. An interruption from Beth prompted the Miz to be power-bombed by Phoenix before Edge hit an elbow drop.

Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for a close-to fall as the Royal Rumble proceeded. Beth prevented Miz and Maryse from stirring things up around town finisher prior to joining Edge for a twofold Spear on The Miz. They hit the twofold Glamazon Slam on Miz and Maryse prior to getting the success

4) Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Roman was sent over the ropes right off the bat in the match before Rollins hit two major jumps into the blockades. Back in the ring, Reigns got Seth with a major right snare off a counter prior to getting the drive-by on the cover.

Rollins power bombed the Champ through the host’s work area prior to hauling Roman back in the ring for a sprinkle and a close-to-fall. Rollins missed a moonsault and evaded a Spear before raising a ruckus around town for one closer to fall.

Roman evaded the second step with a clothesline prior to dumping Seth in the ring. Rollins secured in a Triangle Lock yet Roman figured out how to receive in return prior to sending Seth into the turnbuckles and over the blockades outwardly.

Rollins countered a Spear into a Pedigree however just got a close fall. The Tribal Chief ultimately raised a ruckus around town however as he went for the cover, his opponent just chuckled at him.

Reigns snatched him in the guillotine yet Rollins scarcely came to the ropes. The titleholder would not deliver the hold and got himself precluded.

As Rollins got to his feet, Reigns attacked him with a steel chair. He then beat The Visionary down with more than twelve shots as the fans booed him as boisterous as possible.

5) Women’s Royal Rumble:

That period gets a great deal of stick from fans, yet the analysis ought to be aimed at who was reserving them, not the actual gifts.

Naomi and Deville wiping out one another mean their quarrel will continue onward. WWE has been remembering the big picture with this yet as long as they wrap it up soon, it can in any case be rescued.

The inventive group integrated a few quarrels into this match. Ripley versus A.S.H., James versus McCool from quite a long while back, and Summer versus Natalya were undeniably used to keep the challenge moving along.

When Rousey showed up, it was clear she would have been one of the top choices, particularly entering the match at No. 28. In any case, it was frustrating we didn’t get to see Bayley or anybody from NXT like Io Shirai or Dakota Kai.

Here’s a list of 30 female wrestlers that took part in an intriguing Royal rumble match.

  1. Sasha Banks
  2. Melina
  3. Tamina
  4. Kelly Kelly
  5. Aliyah
  6. Liv Morgan
  7. Queen Zelina
  8. Bianca Belair
  9. Dana Brooke
  10. Michelle McCool
  11. Sonya Deville
  12. Natalya
  13. Cameron
  14. Naomi
  15. Carmella
  16. Rhea Ripley
  17. Charlotte Flair
  18. Ivory
  19. Brie Bella
  20. Mickie James
  21. Alicia Fox
  22. Nikki A.S.H.
  23. Summer Rae
  24. Nikki Bella
  25. Sarah Logan
  26. Lita
  27. Molly Holly
  28. Ronda Rousey
  29. Shotzi
  30. Shayna Baszler

6) Men’s Royal Rumble:

We saw companions and accomplices turn on one another, and we even saw Knoxville hit a twofold leg takedown.

For reasons unknown, however, the men’s Rumble never fully hit its sweet spot. The group was obviously drained and WWE has changed a ton of entry subjects of late, so there weren’t such a large number of enormous pops to be heard.

Kingston missed saving himself when he was obviously expected to arrive on the blockade, which collapsed things significantly further. The cameras were missing disposals and in some way or another Bad Bunny was perhaps the best contestant with regard to ends.

When Lesnar lost before in the evening, the hypothesis about him winning the men’s Rumble started to spin out of control via virtual entertainment.

WWE might have utilized this to put another person over yet reserved Reigns versus Lesnar at WrestleMania, however, the executives plainly thought this was the right call.

Here’s a list Of Men’s Royal Rumble participants

  1. AJ Styles
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Austin Theory
  4. Robert Roode
  5. Edge Holland
  6. Montez Ford
  7. Damian Priest
  8. Sami Zayn
  9. Johnny Knoxville
  10. Angelo Dawkins
  11. Omos
  12. Ricochet
  13. Chad Gable
  14. Dominik Mysterio
  15. Blissful Corbin
  16. Dolph Ziggler
  17. Sheamus
  18. Rick Boogs
  19. Moss
  20. Enigma
  21. Drew McIntyre
  22. Kevin Owens
  23. Rey Mysterio
  24. Kofi Kingston
  25. Otis
  26. Big E
  27. Bad Bunny
  28. Shane McMahon
  29. Randy Orton
  30. Brock Lesnar

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