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Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns? Well, before discussing this question, let us know in a nutshell about Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns. The American professional wrestler Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado is well-known under the ring name Sasha Banks. She is currently under contract with WWE, and during her time there, she has competed against some of the most skilled wrestling pros. From a young age, Sasha was an avid wrestler. She grew up watching “All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling,” and she was pretty enthused about it. Sasha Banks has a long list of successes and triumphs to her name, despite the fact that she is one of the youngest wrestlers in WWE.

On the other side, Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoai, also known by his ring name Roman Reigns, is a professional wrestler from the well-known Anoai family. He currently has a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and is well-known for his appearances on “WWE Raw” or “Monday Night Raw” (WWE). Leati is also a former Canadian footballer; he began his career as a football player for a Canadian collegiate team. He then trained as a wrestler, like the rest of his family, and in 2010 signed a contract with “WWE.” In 2014, he became eligible to compete as a singles wrestler after making his initial appearance on the roster alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as a member of “The Shield.” In addition to claiming the title of ‘United States Championship,’ he was also a three-time winner of the ‘WWE World Heavyweight Championship.’ Continue reading to get the answer to your question, “Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?”

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns? Well, yes, they both have been related to each other in professional terms. On Monday Night RAW in 2016, Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns defeated Charlotte Flair and Miro (a.k.a. Rusev). While Banks and Reigns appeared to have good chemistry in the ring together, the two superstars apparently got along well behind the scenes. There were some rumours about the personal lives of the WWE stars as well. There has been a rumour going around for a while that Banks and Reigns are parents to a kid together from a prior relationship. But that never actually happened.

As, Reigns has five children from his current wife, Galina Becker, while Banks and her spouse are still childless. It appears then that this event had an impact on the relationship between Banks and Reigns. Additionally, following her exit from RAW, Banks unfollowed The Tribal Chief and other WWE Superstars on Twitter.

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Sasha Banks’ Dating History

Throughout her WWE career, there have been numerous speculations regarding Banks having romantic relationships with some of her co-workers. However, not all rumours turned out to be true. Here are several WWE Superstars with whom Sasha Banks has had romantic relationships in the past.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and Sasha Banks have maintained a close relationship over the past few years. Several backstage photographs show the two of them together. Austin’s show once featured The Boss as a guest. In December of last year, reports circulated that Banks and Austin had ended their relationships with their wives and were dating in real life. However, the rumours were untrue. Banks and her husband Sarath Ton are still together, despite the fact that The Texas Rattlesnake appears to be still married to his fourth wife, Kristin Feres. Banks and Austin continue to be close. After he defeated Kevin Owens on the first night of WrestleMania 38, she tweeted that she admired him. The following night, after The Texas Rattlesnake’s segment with Vince McMahon, the two shared a beer backstage.

2. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

When Sasha Banks started working for Vince McMahon’s company, she quickly became friends with one of her co-workers named Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Even in 2016, she and Bayley humorously fought on social media about his friendship. There were whispers going around at the time that The Boss and The Visionary were more than simply friends because of their tight friendship. Rollins has also complimented Banks on her work in WWE in the past. The Visionary was The Shield’s favourite member, according to Banks.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between them, however, were untrue. In the same year, rumours began to circulate that Banks had tied the knot with another professional wrestler. In the meantime, Rollins started dating another co-worker, Becky Lynch, three years after they first met.

3. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio has recently assisted several younger superstars due to his position as one of the WWE’s locker room leaders. Among them were Sasha Banks and Bayley, two wrestlers. Rumors said that Banks and Mysterio were not only good friends but also lovers in 2021. The rumours stated that Banks and her husband had already divorced and that the marriages of both celebrities were in trouble. These rumours, however, were untrue. The bond between Mysterio and his wife Angie is still quite strong. Also, in an Instagram post, Angie referred to Rey as the love of her life and celebrated his birthday. Meanwhile, Banks and her husband have not divorced and are maintaining their relationship.

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4. Sarath Ton

Sasha Banks met Sarath Ton while competing on the independent circuit. The two became romantically involved after getting to know one other better through their shared work experience. Banks revealed that her first date with Ton was a complete disaster in an interview with Charly Caruso. Despite the fact that their first date didn’t go well, the couple kept seeing each other. After then, Ton and Banks got married in 2016. Their marriage has been together for almost six years. For several years, Banks and her husband have collaborated on WWE projects. While The Boss continued to wrestle in the ring, Ton called it quits in 2015 due to an injury he received while performing in a dark match on NXT. The injury forced him to retire from in-ring activity. Currently, he works for WWE as a costume designer.

Who Is Roman Reigns Wife?

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

At this time, Roman Reigns is happily married to his wife, Galina Becker. He spent several years dating Galina Joelle Becker. Roman Reigns, in contrast to many other wrestlers who appear on WWE’s main roster, was already in a relationship when he made his debut on WWE TV. In 2014, he tied the knot with Galina Becker, the woman he had been dating for almost a decade at the time. Roman and Galina first met with one another while they were both students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his time at college, Reigns was on the football squad while his girlfriend competed for the track and field team.

Then, Galina and Roman both pursued management degrees; it is said that this is when they first crossed paths. During an episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young, Reigns discussed his marriage with his wife. During the conversation, he claimed that his life was a lot simpler back when he and his wife first met because he wasn’t constantly travelling around the world at the time.

More About Roman Reigns

Leati Joseph Anoai was the first name given to Roman Reigns when he was born on May 25, 1985, in Pensacola, Florida. His parents were Sika and Patricia A. Anoai. Leati “Sika” Anoai, his father, was a former professional wrestler from American Samoa. His older sibling, Matthew Anoai, subsequently rose to fame under the ring name “Rosey,” and he is Matthew’s younger brother. Growing up, Roman Reigns was surrounded by wrestlers. Sport, therefore, played a significant role in his life, although he had a particular passion for football as opposed to the rest of his family. Roman Reigns went to “Pensacola Catholic High School” and then transferred to “Escambia High School” for his secondary education. At both of his previous schools, he was a member of the school football team.

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He was awarded the title of “Defensive Player of the Year” by the “Pensacola News Journal” in addition to winning a number of tournaments held between other schools. His first aim was education. Therefore after high school, he applied for admission to the “Georgia Institute of Technology.” He joined the “Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football Team” in college, serving as team captain in his final year. In 2007, he was given a contract with the team known as the ‘Minnesota Vikings.’

In 2008, he signed with the “Edmonton Eskimos” of the “Canadian Football League” to play for the team. In 2008, he announced his retirement from competitive athletics. He then focused on his family business and started his wrestling career. His older brother Rosey, who was already well-known in the wrestling world at the time, mentored Reigns and provided him with insightful guidance that would prove to be important in the development of his wrestling career.

More About Sasha Banks

Is Sasha Banks Related To Roman Reigns?

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado was born on January 26, 1992, in the city of Fairfield, California, in the United States. Sasha Banks is her childhood name. Aside from the fact that she has a brother who has autism, not much else is known about her family. In order to locate suitable educational opportunities and medical facilities for Sasha’s brother, Sasha and her family spent a significant amount of time traveling. Later, Banks claimed that her brother looked to her as a second mother.

She eventually relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, where she completed her academic work online. Eddie Guerrero is her favourite star. She was an avid fan of the television program “All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling,” which she grew up watching. From the age of ten, she had a tremendous urge to train. However, her mother was not a fan of wrestling and strongly discouraged her daughter from pursuing a career in the sport.

She started her training with “Chaotic Wrestling,” an independent American wrestling promotion with headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year 2008. She made her WWE NXT debut under the ring name Sasha Banks. She lost her first bout, which was against Paige. Sasha Banks is one of the many women who have joined the “Women’s Revolution,” which began in 2015. She, in order to form “Team B.A.D.,” aligned herself with Tamina Snuka and Naomi.

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