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Is Sepak Takraw Hard? ‘Learn And Play’

Yes, Sepak takraw is hard to ‘learn and play’ sports because it involves very intensive acrobatic skills and techniques. Injuries can be caused while pulling such moves.

Sepak takraw takes the hard aspects of volleyball, the high net, little court, and the standard that the ball should stay in the air and the critical step of soccer with exact ball control without your hands and joins them into a game that looks unreasonably challenging and somewhat conceivable.

Fundamentally you’re playing volleyball with your feet, and the ball isn’t the main thing that is airborne. The crazy leaps and flips that are performed by the players may simply be the most amazing aspect of watching this high-energy and inconceivable game

Sepak takraw or kick volleyball is one of the occasions at the 2018 Asian Games. The Indian men’s group guaranteed itself a medal at the Asian Games by advancing to the semi-last with a success against Iran 21-16 19-21 21-17.

As the name proposes, it is a local game in Southeast Asia. With its gymnastic kicks, like the bike kick in football, it has every one of the components of an engaging passive activity.

With What Rules Is Sepak Takraw Played?

  1. The game beginnings with a serve. The group that needs to serve initially is chosen by flipping a coin. The toss winner of the throw can either decide to serve or decide to protect. The side that serves initially begins the set.
  2. During the service, the server should have one of his legs inside the assistance circle, while different players should remain in their separate quarter circles.
  3. Either the feeder or the striker first throws the ball to the server who then kicks the ball across the net to the adversary side with no foot in the help circle.
  4. Throwing the ball to the server should be done solely after the official reports the score. On the off chance that the toss happens before the score call, the ball is again re-tossed and an admonition is given to the group.
  5. A serve is called legitimate if it disregards the net to the rival side inside the limit before the limit line of the adversary group.
  6. Regardless of whether it contacts the net doesn’t make any difference. When the service is finished, the players are allowed to move into any piece of their particular court.
  7. To answer the serve, the defending group attempts to pass the ball across the net to the adversary side inside three hints of the ball.
  8. Normally the feeder and the server move around the court to safeguard the services of the resistance and set the ball for the striker to strike in two contacts.
  9. The side that wins the primary set has the choice of picking the assistance.
  10. The game goes on till one of the groups makes a shortcoming. When a shortcoming is finished by a group, the rival group gets a point.
  11. At the point when the ball isn’t in play, each group is qualified for a strategic break of one moment during the game. There are no programmed breaks.
  12. During the break, most extreme five players are permitted on the gauge in the event of Regu matches.
  13. On the off chance that a player seeks to harm and needs prompt treatment, the ref can suspend the game briefly for 5 minutes. Assuming after the 5 minutes, the player is as yet unfit to play, he can be subbed with another player.
Is Sepak Takraw Hard

During the matches, teams can make a replacement from the two substitute players. A similar player can’t be rehashed for any team contest including more than one team.

Out of the enlisted players, various players are picked for various Regus. A player can be subbed whenever in demand made by the team when the ball isn’t on the play.

A team can think about a limit of two substitute players during a match, just a single replacement is permitted. A player who has been shipped off by the ref can be subbed, provided that no replacement has been finished till that second.

A team with under three players isn’t permitted to play in the game and is thought of as the looser side.

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How Do You Score In Sepak Takraw?

An authority Regu or Doubles Regu coordinate as a rule involves three arrangements of the game with each set having 21 focuses. If there should be an occurrence of a group occasion, three consecutive matches are played involving various players for each Regu.

Is Sepak Takraw Hard

They are not set in stone by the best of three sets. When a set is finished, the groups change their side and the group which lost the past set serves first.

On the off chance that the two groups are at 20-20 toward the finish of the game, the game is stretched out up to 25 points and the team to be ahead by 2 wins the set.

At the point when a team wins two sets, the game is dominated. On the off chance that any of the group doesn’t win two consecutive matches, the third match which is additionally called the sudden death round match just has the objective of 15 places.

What Equipment Is Used In Sepak Takraw?

Every one of the two teams in Sepak Takraw comprises three players, each playing a particular position. These are the ‘Teukgong’ which is the player who stands furthest back on the court and an Inside Left Inside and a Right Inside who plays nearer to the net on each side of the court.

The ball utilized in games are made of various engineered materials and all balls should be endorsed by ISTAF when is being utilized in contests.

Is Sepak Takraw Hard

Balls are ‘woven’ and should comprise 12 openings and 20 crossing points and accompany the guideline size and weight

Games are to be played on a court that is like a twofold estimated badminton court with aspects of 13.4 x 6.1 meters with a net extended across the middle at a level of 1.5m for men and 1.42m for ladies.

What Positions Are There In Sepak Takraw?

1) Striker: The striker is answerable for executing the volleys into the rival side with high velocity. At the point when the striker doesn’t have the ball, he ordinarily attempts to hinder high kicks from the adversary side.

2) Server: The fundamental occupation of the server or Tekong is to serve the ball. Preceding the match, each team should enroll with at least 9 players or most extreme 12 players. The server as a rule raises a ruckus around the court with high velocity across the net with extraordinary speed making it challenging for the rival players to shield.

3) Feeder: The third kind of player is the Feeder, who has the most extreme command over the ball during the match. He is the most dexterous and responsive player in the group.

The fundamental occupation of the feeder is to set the ball reasonably for the striker to kick hard past the net. He can likewise raise a ruckus around town across the net. The server for the most part remains toward the back while the striker and feeder take the front left side and front right side.

From where did Sepak Takraw originate and what is its history?

The game’s set of experiences extends back to the fifteenth hundred years with marginally varying variants of the game being played in various pieces of Southeast Asia.

It was during the 1940s, in any case, that the principal set of formalized rules was presented and the game took the authority name of Sepak Takraw with, ISTAF, the International Sepak Takraw Federation administering the game overall where it is filling in notoriety year-on-year.

Beyond Southeast Asia, the game is especially famous in the USA and Canada, and other western nations where there are critical Southeast Asian people groups.

The object of the game is for one team to score a bigger number of points than their resistance by making their rivals commit a shortcoming, it is granted to bring about a score.

Be that as it may, in a somewhat unique variant of the game called ‘Jawline Lone’ played in Myanmar (Burma), teams play together, the game is viewed as a greater amount of craftsmanship in which the point isn’t to beat any resistance, yet to keep the ball over top in progressively fascinating and effortless ways.

You might have never known about it yet sepak takraw is gigantic in Asia and has been played for a long time. It’s muddled where it started however it has profound and solid roots in various Southeast-Asian nations like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

The name “sepak takraw” comes from a mix of the Malay word for ‘kick’ and the Thai name of the ball utilized in play. The game has immense competition across Asia and its ubiquity is gradually spreading all over the globe.

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