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Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline?

The Bloodline could be getting another part soon, and it’s not anybody presently on the WWE primary list. The Bloodline has been ruling WWE for a long time now. The triplet as of now has six titles between them, every one of them coming to the ring with one on each shoulder.

Once more with Roman Reigns’ potential challengers dropping like flies, a few fans are not exactly satisfied to see him face Brock Lesnar. Many would favor The Bloodline’s next game-plan to include selecting another part.

there are plans for current NXT Superstar Solo Sikoa to be called up to the principal list. There have been serious conversations about this among individuals inside the organization. Sikoa is the more youthful sibling of Jimmy and Jey Uso and Roman Reigns’ cousin.

The wrestling business is loaded with family heritage, however, there is no family more associated and more effective than that of the Anoa’i family.

From Grand Chief Peter Maivia and The Wild Samoans, through Yokozuna and The Rock, and to the ongoing harvest on top of the WWE, no family can flaunt such a progression legendry names as this bloodline.

Does Solo Sikoa Want To Join The Bloodline?

Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline

Sikoa uncovered to BT Sport that placing him in The Bloodline was the principal thing WWE considered for his profession. “Before I appeared on TV, WWE innovative was like ‘we’ll put you with your siblings’.

Then, at that point, the following gathering was like ‘how about we find out what you can do all alone,” Sikoa uncovered. It was early, and it was brief, however, an affirmation that WWE has thought about making Sikoa a piece of the gathering.

Sikoa looks such a lot like Jimmy and Jey, even though he concedes by then in his profession, it would have been difficult for fans to differentiate them. However, he is not at present that he has managed the cost of his foundation on which to secure himself.

“Before man, I had dark hair, we as a whole seemed to be similar. Once more, after nine months, individuals realize goodness that is Solo, that ain’t Jimmy and Jey.”

Assuming that The Bloodline stays together, it appears to be unavoidable that Sikoa will ultimately be added to its position. Unsurprising? Perhaps, yet it has an excess of potential to avoid it.

Concerning allowing Sikoa to find his balance in NXT first, that has demonstrated importance. Not just has Sikoa become well known inside WWE, but, he has sparkled as one of NXT 2.0’s greatest stars when the brand frantically needs them.

When Will Solo Sikoa Join The Bloodline?

It’s right now obscure whether he will join the RAW or SmackDown brand in the wake of being called up from NXT 2.0. His family members, The Bloodline, are essential for the two brands since Roman Reigns and The Usos are brought together world and label group champions.

Solo Sikoa is the child of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. He made his WWE debut on the November 2 episode of NXT 2.0 and crushed Jeet Rama in two minutes or less.

He’s perhaps the quickest rising star on the show and could be an incredible expansion to The Bloodline.

The Bloodline is the most predominant group in the expert wrestling industry. The Tribal Chief is the ruling Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, while The Usos are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

During a new meeting with BT Sport, Solo Sikoa uncovered that there were starting designs for him to work close by The Usos on the fundamental program, however, it was nixed.

Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline

“By the day’s end, it’s so natural to return and say I’m [The Uso] sibling, I’m their loved ones… I maintain that individuals should remember me for me. I think before I began before I appeared on TV-The inventive were like ‘We’ll just put you with your siblings’ and afterward the following gathering was like ‘We should find out what you can do all alone’ and I felt like that was a fire day,” said Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa’s last broadcast singles match was on the June 8 episode of NXT 2.0, where Grayson Waller crushed him. It’ll be fascinating to see what he does on the primary program when he makes a big appearance.

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What Does Solo Sikoa Have To Do In The Future To Rise?

Solo Sikoa is a male Samoan-American whiz, he is at present filling in as a piece of the ongoing list on NXT.

He is an individual from the Anoa’i Family, a famous Samoan-American wrestling line. His dad is Rikishi and his more established siblings are Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso.

It is not yet clear on the off chance that we see an on-screen unification for the Uso siblings, however, off-screen Sikoa’s senior kin have been a loaning hand during his lady run on NXT.

The 29-year-old notes that they are generally a call away and consistently examine with him how his matches proceeded to offer exhortation on the WWE machine. What’s more, in addition to his siblings, the threesome Dad, previous WWE star Rikishi is another who is generally available.

The Street Champion of the Island can depend on a few major names as needs be, however, when comes to two his family and the WWE family, there could be no greater name than The Rock.

So how much would it mean so that Sikoa might see The People’s Champ’s hotly anticipated return one year from now for the vigorously supposed standoff with cousin Roman Reigns?

Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline

Sikoa’s ongoing point is to at last get his hands on the NXT North American Championship, a one-on-a-single shot of Carmelo Hayes that he’s yet to get. This Tuesday he faces Grayson Waller, yet after he doles out that retribution his eyes will be on NXT’s Great American Bash and a title shot of a top dog, Hayes.

Should Solo Join His Brothers?

There is a single word to best depict why Solo Sikoa ought to join The Bloodline. That word is “family”. The greatest star in proficient wrestling today is Roman Reigns, and Roman is Solo’s cousin.

Ostensibly the best label group in the cutting edge period is the sets of Jimmy and Jey Uso. The Usos are Solo’s elder siblings. It simply appears to be legit to join with family.

Solo joining his family’s group is legitimate for additional reasons than only the blood association itself. While assembling the gathering, Roman accentuated that what he did in sports diversion was for his loved ones.

He’s called himself The Head Of The Table. For Roman and The Usos, family isn’t just about an association through blood and DNA. The family bond runs further. It is important for their way of life and their business. Solo joining and is logically needed, however, expected to serve the family.

Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline

Roman Reigns has spent almost two years in a row as Universal Champion. The Usos have held the Smackdown Tag Team Titles for almost a year. While their strength is something the WWE Universe is in wonder over, quite possibly the strong stable could start to feel lifeless.

The expansion of Sami Zayn to the blend has mitigated those concerns briefly. Furthermore, quality rivals and narrating will help with keeping Roman’s gathering new. In any case, another dynamic could add to the kind of The Bloodline.

On the off chance that Solo goes along with it, he plays a few parts he could fill. The NXT star could be the muscle of the gathering or even the flunky of the group who gets beat up so the other three don’t need to.

How Has Been Solo Sikoa All Through His Vocation?

Solo Sikoa, real name Joseph “Sefa” Fatu, supported WWE back in August 2021 and appeared on the NXT program that November.

He has since gotten himself as one of the extra encouraging stars on the NXT 2.0 brand as a contender for the NXT North American Championship, yet many fans are simply keeping things under control for him to jump to WWE’s chief program.

Line up with his kin, Jimmy and Jey Uso, and cousin Roman Reigns as a person from The Bloodline bunch. Sikoa uncovered in one more gathering with BT Sport this week that WWE thought about shooting him straight ward upon the basic rundown to be the social occasion’s freshest part, yet at the same time that promptly unique.

The Bloodline’s finished prevalence over both Raw and SmackDown has united about Reigns getting the WWE and Universal Championships the main event of WrestleMania 38, while Jimmy and Jey united the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships in unification coordination with RK-Bro.

Is Solo Sikoa Going To Join The Bloodline

The kin will gamble with their titles at Money in the Bank, while Reigns won’t safeguard his world championship in that frame of mind until SummerSlam when he’ll eventually go up against Brock Lesnar. This time the match will win regardless of a Last Man Standing assumption.

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