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Is WWE 2022 Good?

Is WWE 2022 Good?

Is WWE 2022 Good? Well, if you want to learn everything there is to know about WWE 2022, make sure you read this page all the way through until the end. The WWE 2K series, much like other sports game franchises, releases a new game each year with some minor tweaks and an updated roster. But then came WWE 2020, which derailed the series entirely by receiving terrible reviews from the press and gaining a reputation as one of the wrestling video games with the worst reviews that have ever been produced. Due to the considerable amount of negative feedback received over WWE 2020, 2K Sports made the decision to scrap their plans for WWE 2021 and instead give their development team permission to concentrate their efforts on WWE 2022.

Since WWE 2022 is a significant improvement over the disastrous WWE 2020, it would appear that the additional time spent on development was well spent. It seems like much more than just a mere roster update, with new game modes, new controls, and a dramatically better graphic presentation that far outclasses all of the prior WWE video games in every way. On March 11, WWE 2022 was released for personal computers (PCs), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X platforms. Continue reading this article if you are interested in learning more about “WWE 2022” and have a sense of curiosity about the topic.

What Is WWE 2022?

The video game known as WWE 2022 is a simulation of the sport of professional wrestling set in the year 2022. It was created by Visual Concepts and released by 2K Sports. It is the twenty-second overall entry in the series of video games based on WWE, the ninth game to be published under the WWE 2K name, and the sequel to 2019’s WWE 2020. The game was made available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms on March 11, 2022. The next year, the fiscal year 2023, would see the release of its replacement, titled WWE 2023 (October 2022-March 2023).

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Is WWE 2022 Good?

Is WWE 2022 Good?

WWE 2022 is as good as the real match. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between genuine matches and WWE 2022. A user can take advantage of a lot of features and controls while playing it. The new control scheme in WWE 2022 is less complicated than what came before it, but the game also includes a useful and speedy tutorial for anyone who is having problems getting up to speed. The X button on an Xbox is used for light attacks, the A button for strong attacks, and the B button for grapples.

Players have the ability to employ a variety of button combinations to carry out a variety of moves, and the same buttons may also be used to counter. While Y is the primary counter button, players have a second opportunity to counter if they correctly predict and time their opponent’s next attack by pressing the same button. Compared to its predecessors, the game feels faster-paced thanks to the new controls, which make the trickier moves much simpler to execute thanks to on-screen prompts and simpler button combinations.

But overall, the in-ring action in WWE 2022 is as reliable and well-executed as it has ever been, and it looks fantastic. Wrestlers in WWE 2022 have an incredible level of detail and impressive animations, making them almost lifelike in appearance. It looks better than any WWE video game has ever looked, and the new-generation versions have virtually eliminated all of the jank and silly visual flaws that plagued older games.

With the observable quality of life enhancements, players can use the wrestlers in demonstration matches and have a blast competing against artificial intelligence (AI) or playing with friends. In contrast, the MyRISE mode allows users to create their own wrestler and climb the WWE ranks while making choices that have an impact on the plot.

MyRISE, which replaces MyCareer in WWE 2020, is regrettably just as annoying due to its drag of awkward dialogue and protracted, interminable cutscenes. MyRISE might not be all that entertaining on its own, but the great creation tools in WWE 2022 make it quite enjoyable to design one’s own wrestler.

The WWE video games have always offered thorough creation tools, and WWE 2022 is no exception. Players are given complete freedom to design their own wrestler, their gear, and their move-set. Along with scheduling bouts, players can also schedule promos, which give wrestlers the ability to interact with the audience and build their popularity. This can, in turn, spur interest in their feuds and matches and boost TV ratings.

How Is WWE 2022 Development Take Place?

After WWE 2020 was met with criticism from both the wrestling community and the media, the executive producer of the WWE 2K franchise, Patrick Gilmore, made a pledge that the subsequent installment would place a greater emphasis on the overall quality of the game. Following the airing of a teaser trailer with Cesaro and Rey Mysterio during WrestleMania 37 in April 2021 and the tagline “Hit Different,” the game was formally announced. A planned WWE 2021 title was cancelled by 2K Sports almost a year before to the announcement.

WWE 2K22 would have a revamped game engine and smoother controls, according to commentator Michael Cole during the July 23, 2021 broadcast of SmackDown; this was later confirmed by sources close to 2K. The March 2022 release date was revealed in the second teaser trailer, which debuted during SummerSlam in August 2021. A “Hit List” trailer featuring ten distinct aspects emphasizing the game’s tagline was released on November 18, 2021.

A brief video featuring Machine Gun Kelly and WWE veteran The Undertaker was released alongside the announcement that Kelly would serve as the official executive producer on February 23, 2022. 

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When Was WWE 2022 Released?

Is WWE 2022 Good?

The game’s official release date of March 11, 2022, was announced along with the game’s official trailer on January 20, 2022. It was revealed that Rey Mysterio would appear on both the Deluxe and Standard edition covers. The “nWo 4-Life” edition, the “Deluxe” edition, and the “Standard” edition are the three official game editions. The “nWo 4-Life” and “Deluxe” editions were made available on March 8, three days before the “Standard” edition was made available on March 11. The release window for the following video game, WWE 2k23, has been set for October 2021 to March 2023.

WWE 2022 Feedback

WWE 2022 received “mixed or average reviews” for the Windows version and “generally favourable reviews” for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S versions. Despite its flaws, 2022 was generally regarded by critics as one of the best modern entries in the series.

Zoey Handley of Destructoid commended the newly added game modes as well as the changes made to the game engine, including the new physics and artificial intelligence. WWE 2022 overtakes Sony’s Gran Turismo 7 to debut at #2 on the UK digital video game sales list. WWE 2020’s overall sales were double that of the previous game, while digital launch sales were 390% higher.

Marcus Stewart of Game Informer dubbed 2K22 “the most fun – and most importantly, playable – WWE game in some time” and praised its more polished, arcade-style gameplay, enhanced character models, smoother animations, and additional modes. He only had a few minor complaints, though, about the game’s inconsistent online play, occasionally unresponsive controls, and certainly too intricate techniques.

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About WWE 2020

Is WWE 2022 Good

The twenty-first game in the WWE series, WWE 2020, is the seventh to be released under the WWE 2K brand and is the follow-up to WWE 2K19. The first game in the franchise, 2K20, was not created by Yuke’s, which had created each game in the series since its beginning in 2000. Yuke had previously collaborated with Visual Concepts as co-developers since 2014, and Visual Concepts took over as the series’ primary studio.

The reviews for WWE 2K20 were mostly unfavourable, with reviewers pointing out a decline in quality from 2K19. The game’s numerous flaws at launch and other technical concerns have since earned it recognition in both the wrestling and gaming worlds. In retaliation, 2K would cancel WWE 2K21 and put the franchise on a two-year break. On March 11, 2022, WWE 2K22—the sequel—was made available.

The previous games in the series were co-developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, while WWE 2K20 is the first one to be exclusively created by them. Early in the game’s development, Eminem was rumoured to be curating the soundtrack, but negotiations with the rapper stalled after the information leaked before it was made official.

IGN, Metacritic, Mint, and PlayStation Universe all listed WWE 2K20 as one of the worst video games of 2019. The game lost to the main event of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view when it was nominated for WrestleCrap’s Gooker Award for the worst gimmick, storyline, or event in wrestling in 2019. 

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