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Is Zelina Vega Still In WWE?

Is Zelina Vega Still In WWE?

Zelina Vega aka. Queen has been absent from WWE shows since April after losing to Bianca Belair in a championship match. Zelina hasn’t been featured in any of the WWE shows ever since, which puts a thought in fans’ minds that is she released.

No, she is currently out of action due to injury and she recently underwent surgery. The kind of injury is still unknown but it can be said that she will be out for at least 8 weeks due to Rehabilitation.

She returned to TV following eight monthly releases and partook in the Money in the Bank match. In September, she entered the debut Queen’s Crown competition. At Crown Jewel, she crushed Duodrop to win the competition.

During the Draft, she went to RAW. She shaped a union with Carmella. On RAW, the pair won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship from Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley. In a tag team match of WrestleMania 38, they lost the Tag team titles to Sasha and Naomi.

The craft of being an expert wrestling manager is something that has gotten derailed lately. It’s uncommon that a wrestler is given a supervisor in WWE these days, which is a major disgrace thinking about the amount they can affect a show. Be that as it may, WWE hasn’t disposed of them altogether, with Paul Heyman and Zelina Vega both being unimaginably engaging. They are constantly displayed on TV and they work effectively of causing their clients to feel significant.

Vega has a difficult situation on her hands working with three wrestlers consistently, helping them to progress each time. This is difficult however she figures out how to make it work, which grandstands her ability.

Was Zelina Vega Released from WWE?

Is Zelina Vega Still In WWE?

Zelina Vega was removed from the roster by WWE on November 13, 2020, and the delivery overwhelmed wrestling Twitter. Vega posted a tweet not long from now before her takeoff that clarified that she upheld unionization in genius wrestling.

Vega voiced her help for a Wrestling Union before the WWE declared her flight. It is likelier that Vega knew about her termination and tweeted just before the declaration. Notwithstanding, it is likely a mark of the bone of conflict between the two players.

Wrestlers having their Twitch channels is shown to wrestling fans that Vince and WWE have no control over, as well as cash that was being made based on the distinction they’d obtained working for WWE, and WWE wasn’t getting a cut. WWE takes a piece of the Twitch income, and the part of the Twitch income that goes to the wrestler combines with their drawback ensure, which is essentially the base yearly compensation that a wrestler’s agreement says they can procure.

So to run a Twitch channel WWE currently takes all that pay and folds Twitch into one more legally committed obligation that you’re made to perform for a similar least compensation you had previously.

WWE needs to firmly control how the wrestlers are introduced to general society, they need to have a cut of the cash procured, and they need to control when, where, and how something like this occurs.

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Why and when did WWE re-sign Zelina vega?

Is Zelina Vega Still In WWE

Before the time when Vega’s contract was terminated, WWE had implemented another standard that didn’t permit wrestlers to have handles on different stages. Vega later took to her Twitch account and responded to her removal from the organization.

Zelina Vega finally got back to WWE in the June 2021 episode of Friday Night SmackDown more than seven months after her WWE discharge the year before. Sonya Deville declared her return to contention in the current year’s ladies’ Money in the Bank match. Zelina Vega additionally confronted Liv Morgan on SmackDown this week and lost her return match, tragically.

Almost eight months after her underlying delivery, Vega made her profit from the July 2, 2021 episode of SmackDown, where it was reported that she would contend in the 2021 Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. She would likewise make her in-ring return that very late evening confronting Liv Morgan in a terrible exertion.

Vega was drafted to the Raw brand, which produced results on October 22. Before that, Vega entered the debut Queen’s Crown competition, addressing SmackDown, where she crushed Toni Storm in the primary round and Carmella in the semi-finals.

Since her re-visitation to WWE last July, Vega was reserved to win the very first Queen’s Crown competition in Saudi Arabia, following which she caught the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Carmella. She would be back to safeguard the Queen’s Crown if WWE somehow managed to head down that path driving into the “Crown Jewel” premium live occasion, which would exude from Saudi Arabia this October.

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