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How Much Is Logan Paul Net Worth?

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul Net Worth is $245 Million USD. Logan Paul has acquired more than $50 Million Dollars through his Boxing matches. Logan Paul acquired continuing income sources in 2013, posting outlines on the video-sharing application Vine. Logan Paul later made the Logan Paul Vlogs feed on August 29, 2015, which has since turned into his most-bought in YouTube channel.

Logan Paul battled British YouTuber and rapper KSI in a novice middleweight class bout. As well as posting on his own YouTube channel, Logan Paul has run the IMPAULSIVE digital recording since November 2018. An accumulation of his work from Vine was uploaded to a YouTube channel and posted. In April 2014, the video got multiple million views during the first week it was uploaded.

He before had 4 million subscribers on his Vine channel and was employed to make paid recordings for HBO, Pepsi, Virgin Mobile, and different organizations. He was the tenth most famous Vine creator in 2015, with his brief recordings making him countless dollars each. When Vine shut down, Paul moved his demonstration over to YouTube.

He was a famous All-Star line-backer for his Westlake High School football team in the year 2012. He was additionally a State Champion wrestler in secondary school and proceeded to concentrate on designing at Ohio University. Somewhere in the range between 2013 and 2014, he went from 900 subscribers on different social stages to 1.5 million. He was specifically well known on the social media platform Vine. He exited school at Ohio University in 2014 to move to Los Angeles.

As of Today, Logan’s recordings have been viewed very nearly 5 billion times. He has in excess of 20 million endorsers on YouTube, 16 million adherents on Instagram, and 15 million fans on Facebook, as of this composition.

In the fall of 2015, Paul and his flatmates Mark Dohner and Evan Eckenrode lived in a high rise in Hollywood with different superstars from the universe of online entertainment including Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny, and Andrew Bachelor. Living so near one another, the gathering worked together on recordings for every one of their channels.

In May 2020, Logan Paul revealed that he was dating model Josie Canseco, daughter one the legendary baseball legend Jose Canseco. In June 2020, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel called “I Bought My Girlfriend A Horse.” Apparently, the couple got into a little fight and he chose to compensate for it by purchasing Josie, who cherishes horseback riding, her own pony. The video shows the couple riding two ponies and Paul telling her he purchased the two of them. He said: “100 per cent yours. Regardless of whether we separate in near future, you can keep them with yourself.”

Logan Paul owns large numbers of the top extravagance vehicle brands on the planet. Logan Paul’s carport is loaded up with million-dollar Lamborghinis and Bentleys. Logan Paul has bought himself a Lamborghini Urus that cost him more than $1 Million USD.


Logan Paul is one of the internet icons who have built their career from controversies and other ways. Many hate him for that but he still is one of the richest YouTubers. Here are some sources through which Logan Paul has made his fortune:

Youtube’s Income

Logan Paul has near 20 million subscribers on the YouTube platform, making him one of the greatest web-based entertainment stars. Logan Paul has acquired more than $120 million dollars through YouTube Advertising income and sponsorship posts, in a previous couple of years. In 2021, Logan Paul has procured more than $17 million bucks from YouTube. Essentially, in 2020, he has procured up to $15 million bucks.


Suicide forest controversy: Paul once uploaded a video to his YouTube channel that he had recorded at Aokigahara at the foundation of Mount Fuji in Japan on December 31, 2017. This region is normally referred to as the suicide forest as it is a spot many individuals have gone to end it all. Paul’s video showed a dead body swinging from a tree.

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The video had 6.3 million perspectives in somewhere around 24 hours of being uploaded. A few web-based petitions were made asking YouTube to erase Paul’s channel. Paul eliminated the video from his YouTube channel and released a composed conciliatory apology message on Twitter on January 1, 2018.

On January 9, YouTube gave an assertion through their Twitter account denouncing Paul’s video. On January 10, YouTube declared it was eliminating Paul’s channels from its favoured promotion program, Google Preferred. Paul was likewise terminated from the YouTube premium series “Foursome.” In the outcome, Paul gave $1 million to counteraction offices.

Tide pond Challenge: YouTube suspended all publicizing on Paul’s diverts toward the beginning of February 2018 because of his “example of conduct.” YouTube was explicitly alluding to Paul partaking in the Tide Pod challenge, the time he removed the video from his channel to, in a way that would sound natural to him, “tongue in cheek give it CPR,” and the time he videoed himself utilizing a firearm.

Paul got no income from his site that was hit during that period. YouTube re-established advertisements on his channel fourteen days after the whole matter. In any case, he stayed waiting on the post-trial process for 90-days, during which his channel and its substance were not qualified to show up on the moving tab on YouTube.

Boxing Matches

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: On Saturday, June 6, 2021, Logan went head to head against Floyd Mayweather in an expert bout. Logan apparently arranged an arrangement that would pay him a base compensation of $250,000 in addition to 10% of Pay Per View benefits. Mayweather was purportedly ensured $10 million to appear in addition to an astounding half of the PPV benefits.

Logan asserted that he would make at least $20 million from the battle. Floyd asserted he would make north of $50 million. Truly, the fight was bought by around 1 million individuals. Consequently, Floyd acquired an expected $35 million and Logan procured around $5.25 million.

Logan Paul was legally due a somewhat little $250,000 show charge for the fight yet, in addition, procured a 10% portion of the compensation pay-per-view benefits, which was generally determined to be around $5 million. Working out based on the quantity of PPV purchases and the complete income, Paul made around $10 million comprehensives of paid advancements, supports, show charges, pay-per-view share, and so on.

However, ‘Maverick’ procured a gigantic tote for the show session, he was at that point an effective YouTuber and a business visionary. Beginning in media outlets, Paul took to YouTube and started creating short (7-9 seconds) comic recordings known as plants. Paul additionally began vlogging early and pulled in a colossal crowd to his YouTube channel, which actually was above 23 million supporters of this day.

Moreover, Logan Paul runs an exceptionally rewarding product organization called Maverick beyond web-based entertainment. During its initial nine months of activity alone, the organization created more than $40 million in deals.

KSI vs Logan Paul:  Logan Paul and individual YouTuber KSI broadly disdain one another. On August 25, 2018, KSI and Logan held compensation for every view bout that was advanced as “the greatest web occasion ever” A rematch occurred on November 9, 2019, at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

The first fight was watched by 2.25 million watchers live, with 1 million watching by means of pay-per-view and one more assessed 1.2 million observing wrongfully through Twitch streams. Eventually, 1.3 million bought the battle through PPV, producing around $13 million in income.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Almost certainly, Logan and KSI each acquired around $2 million all out from the match before charges when any remaining sources like products are incorporated. For the subsequent battle, they each were ensured at least $900,000. Their complete profit for the subsequent battle, was communicated by boxing organization DAZN USA.

KSI-Paul fight produced up to $11 million. That doesn’t imply that every fighter took $5.5 million, however anything somewhat near that rough sum would imply that these YouTubers are equipped for producing mountains of cash for their confining rematch. That equivalent Business Insider appraises that the fighters could procure twofold the sum for their rematch when factoring in ticket deals and different eminences.

The inexact $11 million produced in the first session was collected from the 20,000 fans who purchased passes to enter the Manchester Arena and the million or more fans who bought the compensation per view to watch live on YouTube at $10 a pop.

Real Estate

He bought a home in October 2017 for $6.55 million. It had been recorded a while before for $8.5 million. The house is in excess of 30,000 square feet and highlights 14 rooms. Logan at long last sold the home in April 2022 for $7.4 million. The purchaser was Machine Gun Kelly.

Logan has gone through the most recent couple of years by residing in Puerto Rico where he leases a $13+ million chateau inside the Ritz-Carlton private gated local area.

In 2019 Logan paid $1 million for an 80-section of land property called Fobes Ranch in the San Jacinto Mountains approximately two hours east of downtown Los Angeles. During the 1960s Fobes Ranch was involved by Harvard teacher turned LSD maker Timothy Leary. Leary lived on the property and fabricated LSD with a gathering of surfers from Laguna Beach that considered themselves the “Fellowship of Eternal Love.”

Logan Paul claims 5 land properties to his name. Logan Paul claims a 10,000 square foot extravagance manor in Ohio. This manor has cost him more than $25 Million USD.

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