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15 Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows!

Fans of WWE come from a diverse range of backgrounds and lifestyles. Everyone, from regular people to famous people, seemed to have a great deal of enthusiasm for WWE and the product that is delivered on a weekly basis. There have been a few cases where sportsmen from other sports have confronted a WWE wrestler, despite the fact that only the wrestlers compete against one another. There are a few situations like this that are discussed in this article. Furthermore, there have been a few instances where “Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows.” Therefore, the focus of this article will be on situations in which “Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows. But first, let’s quickly talk about WWE and its widespread fame all over the world.

Well, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a publicly-traded, privately-held entertainment organization based in the United States that specializes in professional wrestling. It also generates a significant amount of money through direct product sales, product licencing, film, and music sales. At the moment, it is the professional wrestling industry’s most dominant organization worldwide, with 13 million viewers in the United States alone and more than 145 countries receiving the broadcasts of its shows in 30 different languages. The business is owned and headed by Vince McMahon, who also serves as CEO. The McMahons control over 70% of WWE’s economic stake and 96 percent of the voting power in the business, along with his wife Linda, their children Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque.

With offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Toronto, and Sydney, the business has its corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. In 1952, the company was first established under the name as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, and it promoted matches initially under the banner of the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) and later on under the banner of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). It was sold to the Titan Sports business of the same family in 1982. Titan Sports eventually changed its name to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment before becoming World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. Continue reading to learn more about your favourite wrestlers who have appeared on talk shows and engaged in physical confrontations. “15 times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows” will be discussed in great detail in this post.

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15 Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

On talk shows, wrestlers frequently turn to violent scuffles, primarily because they do not always receive the respect they deserve. Therefore, they engage in physical activity on talk shows. The list of “15 times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows” can be found down below. Read on to learn more.

1. Giant Haystacks Bodyslams Jackie Fullerton

Giant Haystacks, who stood close to 7 feet tall and weighed close to 700 pounds, had a significant legacy in Britain in contrast to Hulk Hogan in the USA. Though not the most skilled wrestler, he became well-known for his performances with Big Daddy. His name value subsequently helped him land matches in Stampede Wrestling and even WCW.

The gigantic Haystacks made an appearance on Jackie Fullerton’s Northern Irish TV program Good Morning Ulster in 1980. Haystacks lifted him and smacked him onto the hard floor after being instructed to demonstrate a move. Later, Fullerton remembered that the heavyweight from London was merely meant to set him for a power slam. After the brutal throwdown, Jackie attempted to continue but collapsed to the ground in agony from many fractured ribs. Jackie tried to thank Haystacks while being severely injured, and he said, “My pleasure,” in a deadpan way.

2. Shaquille O’Neal Fight With Big Show

We are all familiar with Shaquille O’Neal because of his NBA career. The massive man’s body and strength are so impressive that they would make many wrestlers look weak. The Big Show and Shaq got into a violent brawl after Shaq was invited to be a guest host on Monday Night RAW. To the surprise of everyone in the arena, including the fans and the wrestlers in the ring, Shaq made a surprise entrance during the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 after a long absence. In a WrestleMania moment that was absolutely remarkable, the former center for the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Big Show after all of the wrestlers had been pushed into a corner.

3. John Stossel Gets Slapped By Dr. D David Schultz

The 1984 incident in which WWF character “Dr” David Schultz twice smacked reporter John Stossel across the face is arguably the most well-known instance of a wrestler acting physically in real life. John Stossel worked as a reporter for the American television news program 20/20. Stossel was publishing a piece that questioned the integrity of the professional wrestling business as the WWF was blowing apart.

Stossel conducted an interview with Schultz, a former star of Stampede Wrestling, AWA, and NWA, backstage at Madison Square Garden. The reporter with the moustache claimed he believed everything to be a lie. Stossel recalls feeling ringing in his ears for eight weeks after Schultz slapped him again in retaliation, knocking him to the ground.

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4. Great Khali And The Big Show Backstage Brawl

Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

Although Big Show was more skilled in the ring than Great Khali, who was taller, both men were envious of the other. Unbelievable as it may seem, Big Show and Great Khali actually got into a fight backstage. It turns out that he was the only man insane enough to engage in combat with a huge man. Chris Jericho was present backstage with his friends to watch these two beasts battle it out. The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea, Chris’ widely acclaimed autobiography, showcases his extraordinary storytelling abilities. The Great Khali and The Big Show had been at odds for years due to their shared affinity for being Brobdingnagian (best word in this book), which the boys referred to as having “Giant Heat.” The Great Khali recounted this fabled battle in an interview with the website Youth Ki Awaaz years later.

5. Hulk Hogan Chokes Out Richard Belzer

In 1985, there was a great deal of excitement surrounding the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and during WrestleMania, Hulk Hogan appeared on Richard Belzer’s cable television show Hot Properties. The 1980s gave the impression that Belzer was progressing. He appeared in Scarface and on Saturday Night Live, albeit he may not be a household name. He repeatedly requested “The Hulkster” to demonstrate a wrestling move during his visit with Hogan. Belzer was placed in a front face lock as a result of Hogan’s consent. As the Hulk unknowingly let go of Belzer, who had been squeezed by Hogan’s powerful arms, Beltzer fell to the ground in a heap. Belzer’s head hit the ground with such force that nine stitches were required to close the wound on his scalp. In spite of significant bleeding coming from the back of his skull, Belzer was able to recover in time for the commercial break.

6. A Bodyslam Heard Around The Panel

On a popular television show in the United Kingdom, “Would I Lie to You,” Jack Whitehall, a British comedian, participated as a panelist on David Mitchell’s team. Three members of one team in the game show’s “This Is My” round make claims that they are related to a guest.

The opposing side is tasked with determining who among them actually had a connection to the person in question. So, panelists questioned why WWE was involved right now rather than the WWF. In addition, when asked to name five wrestlers, Whitehall mentioned Shelton Benjamin along with The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker. The other team made an inaccurate guess, and it turned out that he was Whitehall’s trainer all along. After that, he positioned his apprentice for a power slam, much to the dismay of the panel, and he slammed his protege onto the solid set.

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7. Triple H Puts Jimmy Fallon Through A Table

Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

The host of The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, penned a number of “Thank You Notes” during one episode. One of these was directed against Triple H, a.k.a. “The Game.” Fallon remarked that his name sounded more like an “extra strength hemorrhoid cream” than a name of a wrestler and that this was an accurate assessment. When Triple H’s Motorhead theme suddenly broke out, the crowd exploded in applause as he emerged from behind the curtain. Jimmy was grabbed by HHH, who was wearing a tough leather jacket, and he was forcefully slammed into his desk. He then sat down and informed the audience about the upcoming pay-per-view.

8. Drake On The Last Leg

Some British wrestling fans might be familiar with Drake. Drake established himself early on in WhatCulture Pro Wrestling, becoming the final Hardcore titleholder and gaining notoriety as a part of Prospect and Anti-Fun Police. He frequently appeared on Australian amputee Adam Hills’ political talk show, The Last Leg. In one of these appearances, Hills compared the trash-talking of former President Trump to that of a prototypical wrestler, performed by Drake. Hills linked the late 2018 political campaign for the 45th US President to the activity. Prior to a pile-on, a Republican-shirted Drake administered a power smash on the Australian comic on the crash mat.

9. Big Van Vader vs. Bassam Al Othman

Vader nearly gave the Kuwaiti fans a bonus match while he was in Kuwait to promote a match between him and The Undertaker. The host of “Good Morning Kuwait,” Bassam Al Othman, used the same provocative line of questioning as John Stossel did, which led to the latter’s downfall. He enquired of Vader and Undertaker whether wrestling was fake. Taker responded coolly, enhancing his own reputation as well as that of the wrestling business. Vader acknowledged that he lacked almost as much diplomacy. He leaped out of his chair, knocked a table over, and grabbed Othman by the tie. cites the event as the reason why Vader was arrested for assault shortly after it occurred.

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10. Wayne Rooney Slaps Wade Barrett.

Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

Most people are familiar with Wayne Rooney from his time playing in the Premier League for Manchester United and Everton. In addition to being a fantastic goal scorer, the former England hero was also a pitbull on the field, never one to back down from a battle. WWE traveled to Manchester as part of their 2015 UK tour for the Monday Night RAW episode on November 9. Wade Barrett began making fun of Rooney while he was there with his kid and former United teammate Darren Fletcher. Additionally, he claimed that while he could beat Rooney up, he didn’t want to humiliate him in front of his son. To the delight of the Manchester crowd, Rooney appeared to become enraged by this and delivered a strong slap to Barrett’s face.

11. Babi Slymm vs. Michael Moody

The documentary 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler was directed by Michael Moody at the time. It included interviews with wrestlers like Rikishi, Diamond Dallas Page, Chyna, and—most importantly—Babi Slymm. Slymm confronted the director outside an independent show because he was upset about being included in a documentary that was intended to portray the wrestling business negatively. Moody pulled out his camera and started filming, which resulted in the footage in which Slymm seems to punch Moody in the head and chase him into a parking lot. Unfortunately, the violence occurs as predicted.

12. Randy Orton vs. El Furby

The Viper’s conversation with the Mexican journalist known only as El Furby did not go well at first. Orton became noticeably agitated when the reporter inquired about his breakfast. He could have been looking for some more probing queries. The situation immediately deteriorated after he asked the next question, which was concerning Orton’s durability. On numerous times, Orton has lost his composure. In comparison to the other men on this list, El Furby escaped the event with only some spittle on his face. Everything appears to be in order until Orton turns around and signals “cut” as he starts to storm off. This effective performance is evidence that Orton is a considerably superior actor when playing the villain. The explosion seemed so real that Deadspin and other media sources accepted it as fact.

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13. Big Show Attacks Andrew Green

Times Wrestlers Got Physical On Talk Shows

Road producer Andrew Green was tasked with taping an interview with The Big Show following his defeat to Alberto Del Rio at the Royal Rumble in 2013, but the monster, however, wasn’t in the mood for that kind of thing. Show hits Green in the face, shoves him up against a storage crate, and then storms off. The WWE was then sued for failing to adequately oversee The Big Show, according to Andrew. He also leveled other accusations against the WWE, including negligence, violation of privacy, causing emotional distress, commercial appropriation of his likeness, unfair enrichment, and careless hiring, retention, and supervision.

14. Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman

Over the span of professional wrestling history, there have been a countless number of incredible feuds. The rivalry between Andy Kaufman and Jerry “The King” Lawler is one example. Kaufman, who was more of a humorous comedian than a wrestler, took a keen interest in the industry and entered it by referring to himself as the Inter-Gender Champion. As part of his act, Kaufman would wrestle ladies, and this was subsequently exploited against Lawler. Lawler had an issue with Kaufman wrestling women from a kayfabe standpoint, which ultimately sparked their animosity. Lawler engaged in two bouts with the lightweight Kaufman, one of which resulted in a neck injury for Kaufman.

15. Randy Orton Blasted On American Rapper Soulja Boy

One of the most well-known wrestlers in history and a potential future Hall of Famer is WWE Superstar Randy Orton. He has been very vocal about how exhausting a career in wrestling can be for a person and how much it takes out of them. As a result, it was inevitable for him to become angry when a person who had not been involved in the company said that it was a fake.

Randy Orton wasn’t one to let this one pass because American musician Soulja Boy referred to WWE as a “fake.” According to Orton, the WWE is comparable to a movie, with the exception that wrestlers are performers who carry out acts without the use of padding and don’t complain about their wounds. The former WWE Champion then claimed that because Bad Bunny has experience in the sport and respect for it, he could defeat Soulja Boy with ease.

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