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Upcoming Matches Of John Cena!

Upcoming Matches Of John Cena

After World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend John Cena experienced an appalling loss to Roman Reigns at WWE Summerslam 2021, the head of the Cenation will not be making a return at the current week’s WWE Smackdown or Raw anytime soon. Everyone’s eyes will be on Friday night this week as. With the 16-time champion having had a few face-offs throughout recent weeks, it is not yet clear who will be John Cena’s next challenger.

Over the course of the last action of him in the ring, Cena took Finn Balor’s chance for the Universal Championship with his sensational return last year, confronted Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, and furthermore got beaten by Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam 2021. The following is a glance at the various opportunities for Cena’s next Challengers. John could go up against Randy Orton who is his career rival. But as it was made clear earlier there is no confirmation from WWE yet.

Where is John Cena Right now?

In his breaks from WWE, John Cena was featured in various Hollywood films. He showed up in Daddy’s Home and its spin-off, featuring close by Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell. Cena likewise had appearances in the Transformer’s side project “Honey bee” and the 10th film of the Fast and the Furious establishment, “F9”.

Upcoming Matches Of John Cena

He has made all a name for himself in Hollywood and is hoping to walk away from wrestling and give more attention and focus to his career in films. John Cena is following the strides of some other previous WWE Champions. The Rock and Batista have both taken the action to film, and are more notable for motion pictures than wrestling now.

There are presently no designs for a John Cena return to WWE. As indicated by PWInsider a reliable source for WWE news, Cena passed on from WWE after Summerslam to keep shooting films, and as of now, WWE has no desire to bring him back soon. Notwithstanding being probably the best grappler in WWE history he has no desire to get back to the ring any time soon either.

John Cena is set to star in the Matthew Vaughn composed spy-spine chiller “Argyle”. The film is set to be streamed on Apple TV later on, with Apple paying $200 million for the legal rights of the film. John Cena won’t be accessible for WWE because of recording, with no word how long it will require.

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With both John Cena and Brock Lesnar reported during the current week’s WWE SmackDown, the two legends of pro wrestling could participate in a warmed head to head match. Lesnar attacked Cena after the 16-time champion had a difficult match against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WWE SummerSlam. With Reigns versus Lesnar expected to occur at Summerslam, Cena could take on The Beast Incarnate at WWE’s upcoming major events.


Upcoming Matches Of John Cena

Since John Cena and Roman Reigns were occupied with a firmly challenging match at WWE SummerSlam last year, it is conceivable that the head of the Cenation will expect a rematch against The Head of The Table. Cena conveyed three disposition changes in accordance with the Universal Champion, yet crushing Reigns was adequately not. John Cena and Ric Flair are attached with the most perceived WWE World Championship reign ever, at 16. If Cena somehow happened to bring home a seventeenth big showdown, he would turn into the most enriched champion in WWE history.

With triumphs over Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre and Lesnar, Roman Reigns has been in an overwhelming space. The Tribal Chief is bowed on obliteration, destroying anyone hindering him.

The Leader of the Cenation fought The Big Dog at No Mercy 2017. In this session, we saw Cena pass the light to Reigns, prior to changing into being a part-time star. The two contenders have changed essentially starting around 2017. A rematch, with Cena getting back to obliterate what he made, would be a captivating decision for the 16-time champion.

Summerslam this year will be definitely one of the most surprising events. While the occasion in all likelihood is critical, this potential challenge could make the current year’s WWE popularity extraordinary and of the next level.


John Cena vs AJ Styles was one of the best WWE competitions of the modern time period. Each time they ventured into the ring together, there was a major battle of a sizzling feel. In their 2016’s and 2017’s series of matches, Styles voiced his complaints with The Champ, not trusting Cena to deserve his status when he didn’t show up on Smackdown week after week.

This contention has just become more significant, with John Cena reputed to contend on the greatest WWE show of the year following a year from the ring. It would check out for the two contenders to seek after this expected challenge. Styles has been after Cena various times, most shockingly at SummerSlam 2016 and No Mercy 2016.

In their latest singles match, be that as it may, Cena crushed Styles at Royal Rumble 2017 to turn himself into a 16-time World Champion. One final single match would give an incredible end to probably the best rivalry of John Cena’s professional career.


In 2013, John Cena chose Daniel Bryan to turn into his SummerSlam challenger. Despite everything, the long shot stuck Cena in the focal point of the ring to bring home his most memorable WWE Championship.

This was the last time that Cena and Bryan have come up against each other in the ring. At the 2013 Championship Ascension service, The Champ singled out The Leader of the Yes Movement, promising fans a rematch.

Tragically, this rematch never worked out as expected. Other than their 2013 experience, Bryan and Cena have had another singles match, with Cena getting the triumph in 2012. With one win each, a third challenge would choose the unrivalled competitor. With the two men in the nightfall of their WWE vocations, this is one match we want to see before the two contenders hang their boots up for good and choose to retire.


It has been accounted that Summerslam is supposed to be a “march of previous stars”. Assuming the current year’s occasion will feature contenders of the past, this fantasy match could top the card. One of the most successful grapplers ever, Goldberg was for all purposes relentless. With a 173-match series of wins, the Georgian force is to be reckoned with and turned into a pillar of WCW.

After his 2002 presentation, John Cena immediately rose to the highest point of WWE, remaining there in the north for a time period of 10 years. Bringing home his most memorable World Championship in 2005 and his most recent in 2017, The Champ unquestionably procured his brilliant epithet.

These Two are symbols of their individual times, Cena and Goldberg have never gone head to head in one-on-one rivalry. With the two men just contending on a part-time premise, this extraordinary fascinated match has the potential to break all the news headlines.


Upcoming Matches Of John Cena

Finn Balor is most probably the next challenger for John Cena as the two appear to have an incomplete business with each other to deal with. The sixteen-time champion took Balor’s chance for the Universal Championship after he signed the agreement on a WWE SmackDown episode rather than him. On the chance that Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar truly does without a doubt happen at Summerslam, Cena and Balor could make up a fascinating matchup at the occasion.  

In 2015, John Cena was quite possibly the earliest contender to compliment Finn Balor after he brought home the NXT Championship. Yet again the way that fitting could it be, after six years, for Balor, the NXT Champion, to fight Cena. The Demon King began to become famous on The Gold Brand while Cena was currently at the highest point of WWE. Unfortunately, when Balor made his Raw debut, John Cena was wrestling for Smackdown.

With Bálor back in NXT and Cena an extraordinary fascination once more, the two men are in comparative situations to when they initially met in 2015. A potential light with passing experience, this match would unquestionably be serious


John Cena and Edge will be for all time related to each other. Besides the fact that their rivalry was characterized by the Ruthless Aggression period, the 16-time champion was engaged in one of Edge’s last matches before his break. Edge moved back from the ring in mid-2011 because of undermining neck issues. John Cena’s vocation just turned out to be more exciting after 2011, with mind-blowing competitions with any semblance of CM Punk, The Rock and AJ Styles.

Towards the finish of the 2010s, the 16-time Champ chose to seek projects beyond the ring. Cena quit wrestling for WWE full-time similarly as Edge was cleared to get back to in-ring rivalry.

In the astounding period during the 2020 Royal Rumble, Edge got back to WWE following an absence of 9 years from the ring. The Rated-R Superstar made his re-visitation of one-on-one activity at WrestleMania 36, that very night that Cena “evaporated” from the organization.

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