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What Does The Referee Do In WWE?

What Does The Referee Do In WWE? Well, people are asking this question more and more frequently these days. Therefore, the SportsUnited team decided to answer this reader’s question in this article. Therefore, you should continue reading this post all the way through to the finish. But first, let’s talk about the WWE Referee. Well,  Referees for WWE matches are among the most significant people on the roster, despite the fact that most fans never see them.

The roles of the referees are among the most important since they are the officials responsible for upholding the regulations that are dictated by WWE. Despite the fact that referees are known to frequently override the judgments of superstars when they are summoning them into the ring, their professions remain among the most important. They are the men whose faces you can still picture even though you don’t know their names; they are the ones that WWE put in some of the riskiest situations for the sake of entertainment.

Additionally, whenever a wrestling match takes place, all eyes are on the superstars involved. In the meantime, we would appreciate the artwork that these artists had put together while also rooting for the proper candidate to come out on top.

Nevertheless, there is a category that we frequently overlook, and that is the referees. Referees are frequently taken for granted despite the fact that they are an essential component of a wrestling bout. Even if it is of utmost importance, we could care less who is the match’s referee.

There are many of these things regarding WWE referees that we most likely do not know; thus, in this post, we will also look at some of the more intriguing ones. Read on to find out in detail “What Does The Referee Do In WWE?”

What Does The Referee Do In WWE?

What Does The Referee Do In WWE?

The general public’s misconception that WWE officials only count one, two, and three is completely untrue. The man in black and white is actually more significant than any celebrity in the ring. From their ability to direct performance to their knowledge of safety procedures, here are five things about wrestling referees that you probably weren’t aware of.

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1. Direct The Match

Every referee is provided with an earpiece that has a direct line of communication with the show’s TV and schedule director. They will provide instructions such as the length of the match, the manoeuvres to be used, and the time to end the contest. The wrestlers will then receive a signal from the referee to stop the match quickly, generally with one of their hallmark finishing techniques.

2. Passing The Blade

Blading was a technique that was utilized frequently in professional wrestling, and even now, it is utilized frequently in indy wrestling circles. Blading is when a wrestler opens a superficial cut on their forehead with a concealed blade in order to fake an injury. The cut is usually only a few millimetres long. Normally, the wrestler hides the blade, but occasionally, their attire is so light that they are out of places to hide. The referee steps in at that point; they conceal it for the wrestler and hand it to them when it’s time. It goes without saying that the referee always does it covertly, without the spectators noticing.

3. Communication Is Essential

During a battle, feuding wrestlers obviously can’t just stand there and talk amongst themselves. The unappreciated third guy in the squared circle is the only person they can communicate with in any way, whether it be a whisper or a signal. The referee will communicate for them both, informing each of what the other needs to inform their opponent, such as an injury or what they have planned for the future.

4. Safety First

The man in stripes is typically the first person on the scene when something goes horribly wrong in the ring. To provide care if a wrestler is harmed or in a life-threatening scenario, they must all have first aid training. The referee will give the signal to dim the arena lights if a terrible accident has occurred, and it is necessary to terminate the TV feed or try to prevent spectators from witnessing what is happening.

5. Part Of The Drama

Referees have been a part of some truly spectacular WWE stories, even if they may just seem like another wrestler in the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Triple H are just a few of the great Attitude Era stars that have served as special guest referees. They are still frequently utilized in games today, as evidenced by Finn Balor’s recent disqualification from a bout against The Miz for touching the referee.

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Some Interesting Facts About WWE Referees

1. Not All Referees Are Aware Of The Result

The referees are expected to have knowledge of the result of the game before it even begins. However, doing so is not mandatory. The referees have occasionally been left in the dark regarding the final result. The confrontation between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 with the streak on the line was the most notable.

The match’s referee, Chad Patton, was simply instructed to count attempts at a pin because he was unaware of the outcome. Chad has not confirmed these accusations, but if they are accurate, he would have been as shocked by the result as the rest of the WWE Universe.

2. Referees Must Follow Wellness Policies

What Does The Referee Do In WWE?

Those of you who believe that the WWE superstars are the only ones who are subject to the wellness policies are mistaken. These rules also apply to referees, and those who break them will be disciplined in the same way as wrestlers. Regular testing is conducted on these referees, and they are only permitted to enter the ring after passing the examinations.

In order to protect the company’s reputation, it is important to keep the on-screen performers in good physical and mental health. One of the most well-known individuals who was disciplined for breaking the wellness regulations was Mike Chioda. He was given a 30-day suspension and is now the sole referee who has been punished for breaking the rules.

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3. WWE Referees Wear Earpieces

The earpieces worn by WWE officials are immediately noticeable when they enter the ring. Although it appears that they are recruited by the CIA or the secret service, there is a valid justification for the equipment. Referees frequently communicate with the officials who oversee matches in the back and in the production room.

Referees aid in the progress of the match in addition to recording pin-falls and submissions. They will speed it up if it is taking longer than expected. They are informed if the script is modified in the middle of the game. Referees are just as crucial to the outcome of the segment as the competitors in the ring. If an accident occurs in the ring, they also alert the medical professionals backstage.

4. Storylines Are Occasionally Written For Referees

In the New World Order angle, Nick Patrick, a referee for WCW who is the son of the renowned Masked Assassin, assisted Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan in winning matches. Due to the same kind of Ric Flair-related angle, WWE referee Charles Robinson has been nicknamed “Little Naitch” for years. These men are unique individuals who have played important roles.

Armstrong was a participant in the angle with The Authority that ultimately resulted in Daniel Bryan giving up his title as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Like Bill Alphonso, who was a referee in Florida before joining ECW, some officials have transitioned from being the third person in the ring to managing superstars.

5. Scott Armstrong Is Road Dogg’s Brother

In the WWE scene, Scott Armstrong has long been a well-known figure. He participated heavily in WrestleMania XXX and several other matches prior to that as well. We are aware of all these facts about Scott, but we are unaware that he is the brother of the wrestler Road Dogg.

Road Dogg is one of Scott’s three brothers who became professional wrestlers. Brad Armstrong and Steve Armstrong are Scott Armstrong’s other two brothers. During the territory era, their father, Bob Armstrong, also competed in wrestling. Scott made his WWE debut in 2006 and has since remained a devoted employee.

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6. Drake Younger Is A Hardcore Name In Independent Circuit

The WWE referee division is one of the areas in which Drake Younger is a relatively recent name. However, he is well-known as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit.

In IPW and CZW, Younger was well-known for taking part in combative contests. Throughout his wrestling career, he participated in brutal matches, including the Barefoot Thumbtack Death Match, Tangled Web Death Match, and many others.

Drake is the first wrestler to have triumphed in both a technical and a death match competition. He opted to end his ten-year wrestling career and joined the WWE as a referee. Drake has previously faced up against current WWE stars Cesaro and Dean Ambrose.

7. Earl Hebner Has His Own Action Figure

It’s nothing unusual for wrestlers to obtain their own action figurines in the industry. The majority of the Wrestlers on the roster at the moment each have their own action figure. However, the fact that a referee receives his or her own action figure is something to take note of. One of the most well-known referees in the industry, Earl Hebner, had an action figure. It was a limited item, and there is absolutely no chance of finding it at this point in time.

Hebner rose to fame as a member of the Montreal Screwjob and enjoyed several intriguing situations involving his identical twin brother, who also worked as a referee. Hebner began working for TNA in 2006 and is now employed there.

8. Since 1989, Mike Chioda Has Been A Member Of The WWE

Mike Chioda, a senior WWE official, has worked for the organization for a longer period of time than many of the current main roster stars. Even longer than The Undertaker, who made his official debut at the Survivor Series pay-per-view in 1990, the Raw referee has been a part of WWE longer than anyone else.

Although many officials are able to keep their professions going with WWE for their entire lives, the frequent travel and physical toll it has on their bodies eventually catch up with them. This does not appear to be the case with Chioda, as he is still working as a referee at the top level on a weekly basis. Charles Robinson, a member of the staff since 2001, has the second-longest tenure of any referee.

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Top 5 Referees In WWE History

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has employed a large number of referees during the course of its history; in this article, we will examine some of the organization’s most well-known referees.

1. John Cone (WWE, 2006-present)

In 2006, John Cone, a former hopeful wrestler who is now a referee, joined WWE. Since then, he has overseen numerous TV and pay-per-view battles for the company. Cone and his wife also manage the Donut King restaurant in Kansas City. His son Nicholas, who won the RAW Tag Team Championship with Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34 by defeating The Bar, is a past champion. The very next day after that, he made the announcement that he would no longer be holding the title he had previously held.

2. Jessika Carr (WWE, 2017-present)

Jessika Heiser, also known as Jessika Carr, started working for WWE in 2017. Up until 2019, when she was transferred to SmackDown, Carr presided over a lot of matches in NXT. She was the first female referee to progress through the Performance Center. Upon Carr’s exit from NXT, Triple H personally came out to congratulate her on her success and gave her a one-of-a-kind farewell. Since then, she has established herself as a staple of the televised and pay-per-view editions of SmackDown.

3. Earl Hebner (WWE, 1988-2005)

What Does The Referee Do In WWE?

In addition to some of the most well-known and memorable moments in WWE history, Earl Hebner has participated in a number of noteworthy occasions. Hebner was involved in everything that took place during the Attitude Era, from the Montreal Screwjob that took place at Survivor Series 1997 to the countless notable matches that he oversaw throughout that time period. He completed every task.

Following his dismissal from WWE in 2005 for illegally selling the company’s wares, he went on to work for IMPACT Wrestling, where he remained employed until 2017. At AEW, then he has a permanent, full-time position.

4. Charles Robinson (WWE, 2001-present)

Charles Robinson, an experienced member of the WWE, has now worked for the organization for almost 20 years. When WCW ended operations in 2001, Robinson joined the organization and quickly rose to become one of the most well-known and dependable referees in the WWE.

Following Mike Chioda’s dismissal from his position as senior referee for SmackDown in April of 2020, he was promoted to that role in 2020. He most recently won the 2020 ‘Referee of the Year’ SLAMMY Award for his services in the pandemic-hit year.

5. Mike Chioda (WWE, 1989-2020)

As the referee with the longest employment history in WWE, Mike Chioda served the organization for a total of 31 years, from 1989 until 2020. As a result of financial constraints brought on by the spread of COVID-19, he was let go in April. His departure stunned the WWE Universe because no one expected such a senior figure to be terminated.

He has served as a referee for several WrestleMania matches while he has been employed by WWE. Additionally, he has spent nearly 15 years as the senior RAW referee. He has been working intermittently for AEW ever since he was let out of his WWE contract.

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