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Where Is John Cena Now? Acting Or In Wrestling?

Wrestling whiz John Cena gave a message to the fans as he commended his twentieth commemoration on WWE Raw. The promotion showed Cena expressing gratitude toward his fans for their help. The extraordinary promotion was displayed during the most recent episode of WWE RAW.

The 16-time world boss is presently occupied with his Hollywood profession. In the wrestling field, he was most recently seen quarreling with Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam 2021.

The greater part of Cena’s fans has been supporting him all through his 20-year venture since he initially appeared. Cena shared with his fans in the close-to-home location, “For a very long time, you have established a climate for me to be my actual self. You’ve additionally been adequately daring to let me know when I suck and you’ve likewise been sufficiently caring to let me know when I don’t.”

The WWE legend closed his discourse saying, “We won’t ever surrender. We’re simply getting everything rolling.” Cena likewise said that he wouldn’t be back in that frame of mind for only one match when he returns.

There has been a buzz among fans concerning who the whiz will look like in his most memorable match following his return. Some have estimated that it very well might be United States Champion Theory given their showdown behind the stage during the twentieth commemoration episode.

Last year, in a meeting with Chris Hardwick, Cena discussed what getting back to WWE would now feel like and how it has changed. He communicated, “Returning to WWE, it’s a flawless world.”

What is John Cena doing in the season of being away from wrestling?

While wrestlers becoming performers used to be seen as jokes, by the bombarded Hollywood runs of people like Hulk Hogan, the instances of conquering difficulty of The Rock, Cena, and Dave Bautista seem, by all accounts, to be turning around the circumstance away from that rationale.

In light of that, here are the six films and TV shows fans can anticipate seeing the greatly solid Cena spring up in straightaway.

Where Is John Cena Now

WWE fans can’t see John Cena in the ring these days, however, the wrestler turned entertainer has a few affirmed film and TV show projects coming up. For a long time, Cena was the banner kid for WWE, and seemingly his age was identical to wrestling stars like Hulk Hogan and The Rock.

He would obviously in the long run proceed to fight The Rock two times in a couple of genuine dream matches on consecutive WrestleMania occasions. Cena shows up for WWE on unique events, yet the time between them is getting increasingly long.

Fairly unexpectedly, Cena used to scrutinize The Rock openly for totally leaving wrestling to turn into a Hollywood entertainer, even though the amount of that was real and how much was simply working the fans is impossible to say.

Over the most recent five years or somewhere in the vicinity, Cena has seen his own Hollywood profile increment enormously, much similarly it took The Rock a couple of long periods of all-over jobs before he out of nowhere burst into the A-rundown.

Here’s a List of Movies In which John Cena is starring!

Project X-Traction:

One more film without a positive delivery date, however, is supposed to show up later than expected in 2021 or mid-2022 is Project X-Traction (otherwise called Snafu), an activity spine chiller that groups up John Cena with incredible entertainer and military craftsman Jackie Chan.

It’s a piece inquisitive that this one hasn’t come out since it was shot in 2018. Cena moved to China for the span of recording and being what his identity is, reported his time there using YouTube.

Project X-Traction’s story concerns a Chinese security worker for hire (Chan), who reveals a plot to make a fortune in oil after a treatment facility is exploded. To stop this, he collaborates with a previous U.S. Marine, played by Cena.

The undertaking is promoted towards the Chinese crowd, so insights regarding the film’s delivery in the remainder of the world are still scant.


Both James Gunn and Warner Bros. were very happy with Cena’s presentation as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad, as he’s set to repeat the job in an eight-episode prequel series for HBO Max.

Making the show a prequel was insightful, as now fans couldn’t say whether Peacemaker will endure The Suicide Squad or not. A peacemaker is a man so fixated on harmony that he strangely utilizes viciousness to uphold his concept of it, likewise getting logically more insane with time.

It’s a person not at all like any Cena has played previously, and ought to offer him a valuable chance to flaunt the two of his activity chops and comic timing. A peacemaker doesn’t have a precise delivery date either, yet it as of now wanted to debut on HBO Max in January 2022.

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The Janson Directive:

It’s a piece hazy what the situation with The Janson Directive is, as they keep going substantial update on the task came in 2018. It’s conceivable the film has fallen into advancement heck, however ideally that is not the situation, as it seems like an intriguing possibility.

The Janson Directive depends on a novel of a similar name, composed by Jason Bourne maker Robert Ludlum, and distributed following the creator’s passing.

The Rock was initially set to star, but because of booking challenges, fell once again into the job of the maker, and by and by cast John Cena as his substitution.

That unquestionably recommends that Rock and Cena are presently enjoying a positive outlook outside the ring. The plot focuses on Paul Janson, an ex-Navy Seal and government specialist who’s sent on a high-profile salvage mission, just for things to turn out badly, and see Janson himself become the pursued.

Vacation Friends:

In films like Trainwreck and Blockers, John Cena demonstrated he has fitness for parody, and that is expertise he’ll get back to with Vacation Friends. Get-away Friends has been bound to happen, as it was initially wanted to star Chris Pratt and Anna Faris back in 2014, then, at that point, by 2015 they were out and Ice Cube was the lead, then he left as well.

Silicon Valley maker Clay Tarver coordinates this parody about an easygoing couple who has a great time with a lot more stunning couple and an extended get-away, just to be stunned when that couple follows them home.

Meredith Hagner (Palm Springs), Lil Rel Howery (Get Out), and Yvonne Orji (Insecure) moreover star. Journey Friends is set to convey around the completion of August 2021 on Hulu, Disney+, and Star+.


Kingsman chief Matthew Vaughn is set to coordinate Argyle, an activity thrill ride that follows a James Bond-like government operative on a worldwide experience.

Argyle highlights a ritzy cast, made out of Henry Cavill, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Catherine O’Hara, Dua Lipa, and, obviously, John Cena.

The film, as most would consider normal to deliver in 2022, will be the principal in a set of three and will go with the send-off of Ellie Conway’s eponymous book. Insights concerning John Cena’s job are still hushed, yet he might be a significant piece of this establishment, essentially toward the start.

Head of State:

After their separate jobs as Peacemaker and Bloodsport in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, John Cena and Idris Elba will work together in the future as Amazon’s Head of State.

As per Deadline, the plot might look like Air Force One and Hobbs and Shaw, as the two stars could have a friendly competition amid a high-stakes experience that might include the main leaders of the state.

Screenwriter Harrison Query and makers Peter Safran and John Rickard are joined to the task, which hasn’t gotten a delivery date yet. Conway’s eponymous book. Insights concerning John Cena’s job are still hushed, yet he might be a significant piece of this establishment, basically toward the start.

Did John Cena Confirm That he is going to take retirement?

Taking to Twitter John Cena composed that he was keen to the WWE Universe for permitting him the chance to return and perform inside the ring. Cena in his tweet likewise expressed gratitude toward the WWE staff, whizzes, and fans for giving him a remarkable summer. Here’s John Cena’s tweet.

John Cena’s excursion in WWE has at long last arrived an end after losing the WWE Championship match to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. On the last episode of Smackdown.

Where Is John Cena Now

WWE Champion Reigns had upped the ante of the title conflict on Friday, saying “Possibly I’m leaving that arena as the Universal Champion or I’m leaving WWE.”

For the most recent couple of years, the ‘Specialist of Thuganomics’ has been a part-time in-ring contender because of his blooming Hollywood vocation. He was most recently seen in the activity film ‘Quick and Furious 9’ which had Vin Diesel ahead of the pack job.

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