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Who Is Bajrang Punia Wife? Is She A Wrestler Too?

Sangita Phogat is the wife of Bajrang Punia. Like Punia, Sangit is additionally a wrestler. Sangita is the sister of the international champions and medal-winning sisters Geeta and Babita Phogat. The film Dangal is the story of the Phogat family. Sangita won a silver medallist at the National Championships.

Her dad Mahavir Phogat is likewise a veteran wrestler, who prepared his girls to be awesome. Bajrang is at present positioned at number 2 in the 65 kg weight classification. He is the top Indian wrestler to have won three medals at the World Wrestling Championship.

Punia added an Olympic medal to his rundown in the wake of winning the bronze medal match at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He crushed his adversary 8-0 in the play-off to get his most memorable Olympic medal.

Punia has a place with Khudan town of Jhajjar locale in Haryana. He began wrestling at 7 years old and was supported by his dad, who was likewise a wrestler, to seek after the game.

 In 2015, his family moved to Sonepat so he could join the local focal point of the Sports Authority of India. He is presently utilized by the Indian Railways.

Bajrang Punia Wife

At their wedding, the love birds took eight ‘pheras’. The eight ‘phera’ was devoted to the young lady kid as they promised for the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’  an administration crusade. Her sisters, Geeta and Babita, additionally took eight ‘pheras’ during their wedding and a similar custom was continued in Sangita’s wedding.

Who is Sangita Phogat?

Sangita Phogat is an impending name in the realm of wrestling and is being prepared by other relatives like Geeta Phogat, Babita Phogat, Vineesh Phogat, and the Great Mahavir Singh Phogat.

The most youthful sister in the Phogat family has a standing of going after the rival hard, which makes that person demotivated.

Sangita Phogat is the most youthful girl of Mahavir Singh Phogat and is known to partake in worldwide titles with high achievement rates. The most youthful girl is prepared well and in great shape contrasted with the other Phogat sisters.

Each player should comprehend the game strategies and circumstances before picking the game since it assists them with simply acquiring sufficient information.

Sangita Phogat has figured out how to win just a single silver medal since she has not taken part in that frame of mind of competitions. Her sisters have a sum of 9 medals in global competitions, though Sangita has just a single silver medal in her bag.

Bajrang Punia Wife

As she has begun her vocation a couple of days back in the worldwide field, it is clear that one medal is sufficient to show her capacities. Like any other person, Sangita experienced childhood in a sound climate alongside other wrestling champions. As her dad is known to lead extreme activities for understudies, she needs to go through thorough preparation to get prepared really.

Genius wrestling association is a significant competition to look out for to realize the following India champion. The stage gives a decent space for all players across the world to demonstrate their capacities occasionally.

Sangita figured out how to partake in the competition and pulled in a lot of crowds with the assistance of her flexible range of abilities gained by his loved ones.

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How did Bajrang Punia And Sangita Phogat meet?

Bajrang and Sangita met interestingly at an instructional course and soon the team succumbed to one another. Their bond got more grounded through their successive instant messages. The couples share a wonderfully romantic tale that came about in their “joyfully ever later”. Bajrang and Sangita secured the bunch on November 25, 2020, at a private wedding.

The science between the two wrestlers is so apparent you keep thinking about whether they were adolescence darlings. Be that as it may, no. However they had been colleagues for certain years, he a notable wrestler, and she, the most youthful of the renowned wrestling Phogat sisters. They just started to get to know one another better in 2017 during the Pro Wrestling League.

Quite a while back, Sangita harmed her knee so seriously that she was out of her game for quite a while. At the point when she, at last, got back to it after clinical freedom, her significant other was not too far off to inspire and tutor her through it.

When and how did Bajrang And Sangita got married?

Sangita and Bajrang married in November 2020. However, they have essentially been kept separated from that point forward, first because Bajrang was preparing hard for the Olympics, and afterwards given the felicitation services he has needed to go to since getting back from Tokyo with an Olympic medal.

Bajrang Punia Wife

Their underlying thought was to get married after the 2020 Olympics as Bajrang could use that time in training. Be that as it may, when the pandemic drove the Olympics to be delayed and uncovered the vulnerability of life and the significance of family and connections, Bajrang and Sangita chose to wed at the earliest opportunity. In this way, in November 2020, they secured the bunch in a straightforward function in their town.

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