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Will Kane return to WWE? The answer is shocking!

Will Kane Return To WWE

At this year’s Royal Rumble event, Kane, played by Glenn Jacobs, made his long-awaited WWE comeback. Kane is one of the most well-known masked figures of all time. Kane is, in reality, the all-time greatest masked wrestler.

After weeks of rumors, Kane made his return to WWE on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, and he did so while wearing his mask.

The Big Red Monster executed it in tremendous style as well.

Will Kane Return To WWE

Kane’s previous music played during the main event match between John Cena and Mark Henry, as he stepped out into the arena wearing a new attire and not one, but two new masks. The crowd sat in wonder as he made his way to the ring, eager to see what would happen next.

Given that Henry was the one who injured Kane and forced him to sit out in July, many supporters expected Kane to annihilate Henry. Instead, Kane snatched Cena’s throat and slammed him down with a massive chokeslam.

Of course, I’m referring to The Undertaker.

On the surface, Kane and the Undertaker don’t appear to be on the verge of colliding anytime soon. Many people believe that Taker and Triple H will square off at Wrestlemania again, based on how Triple H addressed him during his comeback promo on Monday’s Raw. And with Taker likely only having one feud between now and Wrestlemania, it doesn’t appear like another war with Kane is on the cards.

However, I see things a different way.

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I really don’t think it’s a coincidence that Kane returned to the WWE—as a masked villain, no less—right about the same time that reports about The Undertaker returning to the business began to circulate. Given that The Undertaker is back as a babyface and Kane has recently returned as a heel, the stars are already aligning for these two to meet soon.

After all, it would be very natural to watch these narrative brothers clash for the 83rd time.

Will Kane Return To WWE

It’s no secret that Kane and The Undertaker are reaching the twilight of their legendary careers. The Undertaker is a part-timer who only appears during Wrestlemania season, and his unbeaten run at the pay-per-view stands at 19-0.

Call me crazy, but I think it’d be almost too simple for the WWE to create a storyline in which The Undertaker attempts to extend his undefeated streak to the third year.

 20-0 against his brother Kane, whom he has previously defeated twice at the pay-per-view.

Kane Vs Undertaker

Kane met The Undertaker for the first time at Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 14) as masked Kane, the unstoppable monster who was one of the WWE’s most feared superstars. The second time the two brothers squared off at Wrestlemania XX, Kane was an unmasked, bland Kane who had lost most of his character’s mystique.

So, everyone says that every story has a beginning, middle, and conclusion, right?

So, the 15-year drama between Kane and The Undertaker is set to come to a close.

Will Kane Return To WWE

Kane is wearing his mask for the first time since 2003, looking like the real freak who made his debut against Taker at Badd Blood: In Your House and made him so popular in the first place. With that mask comes new energy, a new persona, and a fantastic storyline: the last chapter of Kane vs. The Undertaker.

After all, Kane and Taker had a feud a little over a year ago, and their most recent bout—a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights—ended with Kane burying his brother alive to retain his World Heavyweight Championship.

Masked Kane has been “resurrected” since then, and I don’t believe the word was coined by chance. Kane has resurrected from the dead, and The Undertaker will as well.

It’s just too perfect a set-up: Kane returns, The Undertaker returns, and The Undertaker ends his streak against Kane at Wrestlemania 28.

That’s the only way Kane vs. Undertaker can come to an end once and for all.

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