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WWE Greatest Game List That Provides ultimate fun!

Only time will tell if the WWE game series lives up to the hype or not, but in celebration of a new WWE video game to play, let’s take a look at the greatest WWE video games that have ever graced our consoles. The following are the seven best WWE video games of all time.

WCW/NWO Revenge (N64)

WCW/NWO Revenge (N64) Cover Pic

If you’re not a fan of the Nintendo 64, you should probably skip the majority of this list. Whether you like the old console or not, you have to agree that they got professional wrestling video games right. WCW/NWO Revenge was one of several fantastic N64 games that got a lot of things right.

Revenge makes use of AKI’s notorious grapple engine, which revolutionized the way wrestling games were played. It was no longer an arcade-style adventure in which players competed to see who could press the most buttons the fastest while doing the same two movements over and again. Instead, we began to see the creation of distinct move sets that made each character feel distinct from the others.

Just have a peek at the cast of characters. The roster featured more than 60 WCW superstars, as well as some humorous fictitious characters, like everyone’s favorite, AKI Man.

For its multiple gameplay options and amazing grapple engine, WCW/NWO Revenge was definitely one of the greatest wrestling games ever developed. It’s remarkable as the last AKI production for the N64 before THQ acquired the WWF brand.

Speaking of the WWF Brand…

WrestleMania 2000 (N64)

WWE Greatest Game List

WWF WrestleMania 2000 was THQ’s first attempt at a WWF-branded video game. The groundbreaking nature of WM2000 was enough to kick off THQ’s lengthy line of WWF/WWE video games, but it wasn’t all about what it stood for. This creep has the ability to roll, dude.

THQ and AKI’s wrestling video game gurus collaborated on WM2000, which was a wonderful Frankenstein-Esque invention. AKI used elements from both WCW/NWO Revenge and WWF Attitude to develop the WM2000 combat engine, which was incredible, to say the least.

Aside from better gameplay, WM2000 had a strong roster and was one of the first professional wrestling games to allow players to customize wrestlers’ outfits. You could have Undertaker dressed entirely in pink, or HBK dressed in trunks instead of his signature trousers.

However, the game’s create-a-wrestler feature was one of its highlights. For a game of that era, the surprisingly comprehensive customizing feature was astounding. The narrative mode in WM2000 allowed users to take their favorite wrestlers from rookie to the main event at WrestleMania.

Returning to the sport currently reveals that not solely are the movements clumsy and robotic, however, it additionally has clipping problems and glitches.

Returning to the sport currently reveals that not solely are the movements clumsy and robotic, however, it conjointly has clipping problems and glitches.

WWE ’13 (Xbox 360)

WWE ’13 more than made up for a disappointing 2012 offering by providing one of the finest WWE gaming experiences since the PlayStation 2. THQ has created both fantastic and challenging wrestling games. WWE ’13 is one of the best in the series.

WWE ’13 made use of next-generation visuals to make you feel like you were a part of the WWE. With the option to personalize almost everything, from the shows you engage in during the WWE Universe mode to entirely customized venues, this game truly has it all in terms of personalization.

Returning to the sport currently reveals that not solely are the movements clumsy and robotic, however, it conjointly has clipping problems and glitches.

WWE ’13 has undoubtedly raised the standard for 2K and WWE 2K14, which is a positive indication for WWE fans everywhere.

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WWF Smackdown (PlayStation)

Cover Picture of WWF SmackDown

Now we’ll get to the classics that revolutionized WWE video gaming. We’ll start with WWF SmackDown, the PlayStation game that began it all. SmackDown, another of THQ’s earliest attempts at wrestling games after leaving Acclaim, established the tone for wrestling games in the future.

SmackDown provided the WWE Universe with a fantastic narrative mode, an outstanding early-2000s WWE roster, and excellent overall gameplay. Grappling and counters grew increasingly popular, requiring players to rely on genuine talent rather than blind, doo-dah chance.

The creative suite was another area where WWF SmackDown shone brightly. Players could not only personalize almost every aspect of their create-a-wrestler, but they could also hurl them into the game’s novel narrative mode and battle for WWE’s most prestigious championships.

SmackDown changed the face of professional wrestling gaming forever. It was the finest wrestling game for PlayStation fans…until the sequel was out.

SmackDown vs. Raw 2006

WWE Greatest Game List

The distinct SmackDown and Raw championships were joined combined for the appropriately called SmackDown vs. Raw series, which was thankfully for the creators of the WWE Raw series and WWE players worldwide. SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 was a particularly bright example of the series.

In SvR 2006, an intuitive stamina/momentum mechanism was included. Gone were the days when you could do 34 German suplexes in a succession, hit your finisher, pin your opponent, and win the bout. Players had to combine punches, submissions, and grappling movements throughout their battles until they hit a finisher and won the match.

SvR 2006 also added a counter for practically every move, making the countering mechanism much more comprehensive. Players might also link plays after counters in order to make a reversal more catastrophic than in previous games.

SvR 2006 also included General Manager mode, which was warmly received by WWE fans and would eventually lead to WWE’s innovative WWE Universe mode in later games.

Overall, SvR 2006 set the tone for the SmackDown vs. Raw series, bringing two brands together and laying the groundwork for future professional wrestling video games.

WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain (PlayStation 2)

This game was fantastic simply because of the tremendously talented lineup. This game was pure gold when you consider the gameplay was some of the greatest we’ve ever seen.
This game was incredible simply because of the incredible skill on display. When you consider that the gameplay was some of the best we’ve ever seen, this game was pure gold.

The roster wasn’t the only thing this game has going for it. With enhanced aesthetics and faster, less clunky gameplay, the grapple mechanism, which was previously amazing, was upgraded and worked wonderfully. New match types, such as first blood, bra and panties, and the terrifying Elimination Chamber, were also introduced in this classic game.

Here Comes the Pain enhanced their already engaging backstage areas, enhancing an already excellent game. SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain’s gameplay was highly rewarding and fluid, and few WWE video games have ever been as enjoyable to play. This game has everything. It had everything…well, almost everything…in terms of gameplay, personalization, and presentation.

WWF No Mercy (N64)

WWE Greatest Game List

If you don’t believe WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64 was and continues to be the best professional wrestling video game ever made, you should seriously reconsider your life. The visuals aren’t next-generation, blah blah, boohoo. It’s not about the aesthetics; it’s about the gameplay and entire user experience, and No Mercy is the best in both categories.

This game was as near to perfection as you can get. For good reason, most of my middle and high school existence focused on this masterwork. This game has a fantastic control mechanism, a fantastic create-a-wrestler mode, and, to this day, the best story mode ever seen in a WWE/F video game.

Oh, and do you enjoy great lineups? This game included over 60 Superstars and Divas to pick from, as well as a TON of hidden characters who could be discovered through the game’s incredible narrative mode. You may start the narrative with any wrestler, even one you’ve made. Depending on whether you win or lose, and the decisions you make, different things happen. With so many branching and options, this plot nearly never played out the same way twice, which is something you won’t find in today’s wrestling games.

Let’s not forget about the controls and gameplay. The controls in No Mercy set the tone for practically every subsequent WWE game. They aren’t too detailed or intense, resulting in a relaxing and delightful gaming experience that simply seems right.

WWF No Mercy was incredible in every way. This game contained everything you could want in a wrestling game, and it is without a doubt the best WWE video game of all time.

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