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WWE Superstar Salary 2022 Details!

WWE Superstar Salary 2022

The typical WWE contracted wrestler that is dynamic makes between 100-500k every year. Headliner ones like John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton, bring back a few million. The essential eventers get extra things from help deals, film appearances, etc.

All entertainers are given an agreement; however, the workplace can make changes given individual execution. On the off chance that an entertainer is an included ability, similar to John Cena or Brock Lesnar, they accept their agreement rate in addition to sizeable rewards for large shows, particularly if they headliner a show like Wrestlemania or King of the Ring.

Unnecessary they say, the loftier of a show (beginning at the top with large PPVs, normal PPVs, Raw as well as Smackdown! Superstars) the higher the compensation. House shows boil down to a level of the door gross.

House show pay is important to mid-card to upper mid-carders as their interest is a little higher which likewise empowers their singular product to sell (good judgment, if the wrestler is really at the show, their shirt will sell more rather than the inverse); which comes to the following component.

Who are the highest-paid Wrestlers of WWE?

With John Cena stepping down as WWE’s Main cantered superstar, Brock Lesnar is now the highest-paid superstar with a yearly salary of 10 million dollars. Followed by Roman Reigns and John Cena. Ronda Rousey Is the highest-paid athlete in the women’s Division

Here’s The list of highest Paid WWE Wrestlers In Men’s and Women’s divisions:

Men’s Division:

Brock Lesnar (10 Million/Year)

Brock Lesnar has a salary of $5 million every year. In addition, he gets compensated $500,000 for every headliner appearance. On number 2 is the clan leader, Roman Reigns. The top of the table is the greatest group puller in WWE separated from Brock. With his heel turn being one of the best, Roman is getting compensated with a yearly salary of above $5 million.

The all-out resources of Brock Lesnar are around $25 million. His memoir is overflowing with wins in a consistent movement. That is the reason we attempt to tell it to you all along.

Wrestling is one of the world’s most popular and most-watched games across the world, fans are obsessed with the game and the players. What’s more, one such star of Wrestling is Mr. Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is the man behind the enormous triumphs he has accomplished in wrestling lately. look at Brock Lesnar’s total assets in 2022.

 Once in the center, he attempted to get back to blended combative techniques where he won the battle however was prohibited for some time because of his example being tracked down sure in USADA. Nobody has seen the future, that is the reason many individuals accept that one day he will get back to blended combative techniques.

The week after week pay of Brock Lenser is $202,312.63. The day-to-day pay of Brock Lenser is $45,312.65. The yearly pay of Brock Lenser is $11,000,000.12.

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John Cena (8.5 Million/Year)

WWE Superstar Salary 2022

John Cena gets a fat check adding up to a sum of $8.5 million for his administration at the World Wrestling Entertainment. This additionally was the exceptional salary at any point enlisted at the WWE. John Cena as of late overwhelmed The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar to turn into the most generously compensated wrestler in WWE

Cena’s complete resources in 2022 are $60 million, and that too at the hour of just 43 years. John Cena’s flourishing is a result of his tenacious exertion and responsibility.

He from a real perspective rose to levels of wear out as ought to be noticeable to the way that once he wasn’t even prepared to deal with the expense of space and lived out of his vehicle. John Cena is a living representation of what you can secure by paying your dues with your sweat.

John Cena procured a fortune in 2018 as he piled up $10 million, deposing Brock Lesnar as the most paid wrestler in WWE. The Leader of Cenation is set to miss a great deal of time in 2022 because of his Hollywood responsibilities. As the Doctor of Thuganomics, Cena appeared at WrestleMania as of late and impeded Elias’ show. He was likewise associated with a rap fight with The Usos during the RAW Reunion episode.

John Cena isn’t simply some other wrestler, he is a brand. Also, as a result of this brand, we are discussing, John Cena’s Net Worth is among one of the greatest ever, taking everything into account. The head of Cenation orders ‘Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, and his fans concur. The arrangements of John Cena Merchandise amount to critical powers which add up to John Cena’s Net Worth.

Roman Reigns (6.2 Million/Year)

WWE Superstar Salary 2022

His salary with the WWE contacts $5 million every year. Nonetheless, after extra advantages and rewards, it goes up a considerable amount. This isn’t his main type of revenue as he likewise acts in motion pictures and has cash-rich support. Reigns are one of the most generously compensated wrestlers in WWE. As per reports, the Samoan whiz has a net worth of $15 million out of 2021.

Roman Reign is one of the most requesting and renowned stars in the WWE Industry. His complete net worth is near $ 18 million, while his salary from WWE is $1.2 million yearly. Roman procures through WWE as well as goes to the different occasions, for which he charges a huge sum of a million, and his month-to-month payment is $1,70,000.

As per FirstSportz, Roman Reigns’ net worth in 2022 is about $12 million and is supposed to ascend by 22% consistently. He has highlighted various major WWE events, including the last WrestleManias. He made an option that could be higher than $200,000 in 2013, simply a 10th of what he makes now as an expert wrestler. With developing compensation per-view memberships how much cash procured by WWE whizzes will likewise increment.

Different sources he acquires are Paid Promotion, commercials, support, and different sorts of speculations, and his net worth develops by 20% every year.

Everybody knows Roman Reigns as a renowned Wrestler and an entertainer in the Hollywood Industry. Because of this, he has turned into the brand representative of notable organizations. Roman turned into the brand representative of ‘C4® Energy’, the quickest developing caffeinated drink brand universally.

Randy Orton (4.5 Million/Year)

As the youngest WWE World Champion ever, perhaps of the most notable hotshot, and quite possibly of the most generously compensated wrestler in 2022, Randy Orton. As indicated by solid reports, Orton procures around $4.5 million per year.

Toward the start of the 1980s, Orton was brought into the world in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, which is home to professional wrestling and filmmaking. he made his expert wrestling debut in 2000. From that point forward, he has become quite possibly of WWE’s most popular and most notable stars.

Being perhaps of the most extravagant hotshot in all of WWE, Randy Orton likes to follow a showering way of life. Randy Orton’s home is in St. Charles, Missouri which he purchased for $1,255,000.

As seen via online entertainment, The Orton Family surely gets along very well with one another and Orton particularly being a wrestler is seen messing around with his children and girls by the poolside in their gigantic house.

The Orton Family likewise possesses a wonderful canine named Spike, whom they embraced in 2015. Furthermore, Orton’s home likewise comprises a media room, pool room, wellness room, exercise room with a sauna, three-vehicle carport, and a cabana with a chimney.

Despite right now being a part-time whiz in WWE and no matter what the decrease in Randy Orton’s Net Worth, the 13-time WWE World Champion stays as possibly the most well-known star in the organization and has been viewed as one of WWE’s top stars ever.

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Seth Rollins (3 Million/Year)

His detailed yearly salary of $3 million, according to reports, shows exactly how esteemed aware he is to the WWE.

In his vocation to date, he has hardened his status as a future Hall of Famer. In this way, nothing unexpected he’s produced a particularly huge measure of cash. However, on the off chance that Seth Rollins can bring home the WWE Universal Championship at the Rumble, then, at that point, his net worth could rise significantly further.

Seth Rollins, one of the most gifted WWE geniuses and individuals from group safeguard, procures his place as the fifth most generously compensated WWE wrestler in our rankings for 2022. He is an expert wrestler from the United States, brought into the world on May 28, 1986.

Since Rollins is a WWE star, he takes part in WWE Endorsements like the Make a Wish Foundation, Be a Star, and Conor’s Cure. Seth Rollins has likewise done different sorts of Endorsements that have assisted him with working on his net worth, and because he is a notable figure, he will keep on getting more support from now on.

He turned into various-time World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champions. Rollins has been World Heavyweight Champion three distinct times, aside from that. He has been Universal Champion, three distinct times. He is the main individual who has been a boss in FCW WWE as well as in Ring of Honor.

THE MIZ (2.5 Million/Year)

WWE Superstar Salary 2022

The Miz’s salary, yearly would be $2,500,000.00. The monthly share would be $208,333.33 while the month-to-month figure is $48,076.92. Consistently, the host of the Dirt Sheets pulls in $9,615.38 which is heavier in contrast with other individual participants.

As indicated by, The Miz’s net worth is around $14 Million, starting around 2022. All he shows up on virtually WWE’s retail supports. He is likewise one of the uncommon wrestlers who has had a fruitful acting vocation. Mizanin has been in various Hollywood movies consistently. The Miz is likewise a notable TV character.

Mike Mizanin partook in the Travelers Celebrity Pro-Am to fundraise for a noble cause. On a stormy day, the Superstar played golf with renowned entertainer Joe Pesci, NFL football player Rob Gronkowski, and PGA Tour Professional Vaughn Taylor. WWE gives most of his support and bonuses. What he is today, is all on him. He tried sincerely and he came to where he ought to be.

The most high-priority WWE Superstar began his profession with the Tough Enough challenge with minimal assumptions for turning into a wrestler. Be that as it may, presently he’s one of the top workers in the WWE. Totalsportek announced in 2018 that Miz’s salary was $2.5 million while in 2016 the figure was $712,000. According to, TSMPlug The Miz’s salary in February 2014 was $712,000 while it expanded to $800,000 in July

He showed up on Virtual Equality Lounge to uncover that the thought came to him and Maryse, and they tried out the plan to Senior Vice President and Head of WWE Studios Susan Levison, who adored it. Presently the couple is probably going to get their game show.

AJ Styles (2.5 Million/Year)

AJ Styles debuted in WWE in 2016 after a long and tenured vocation in TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling and from that point forward The Phenomenal One has been bringing back home a wonderful compensation bundle.

In 2021 Styles invested most of his energy tutoring his then-label group accomplice, the goliath Omos. With Styles’ wily senses and Omos’ sheer size, the two men overwhelmed The New Day at WrestleMania 37 to catch the Raw Tag Team Championship.

The two men held the belts until SummerSlam when they were ousted by RK-Bro and as frequently occurs, AJ Styles and Omos before long figured out that they could no longer exist together.

Heading into WrestleMania 38 AJ Styles has been focused on by Edge after noting the WWE Hall Of Famer’s open test for the occasion.

AJ Styles will get more than $3 million every year when he put his mark on the spotted lines. He will likewise get some extra transport travel facilities from WWE through this new agreement.

AJ Styles is remaining under the WWE flag for a few additional years. The top whiz from the Monday Night Raw brand has supposedly marked an extravagant agreement with the organization, as detailed as of late by sources. While the length of the agreement has not been uncovered, it’s the low-term management of WWE that is supposed to endure essentially several years.

A WWE source noticed that AJ Styles “merited each penny” and it’s reasonable to imagine that a top star like him will “handily make that back for the organization.” Since the previous WWE Champion is 44 years of age, this recently marked bargain should be his last agreement with the organization.

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Women’s Division:

Ronda Rousey (2 Million/Year)

Ronda Rousey’s salary stands at nearly $2.1 million, per annum, through the rewarding agreement she endorsed with the WWE in 2018. It ought to be noticed that she is right now the most elevated procuring female WWE wrestler on the list. The other top agreement holders of the organization from the ladies’ division supposedly pull around $3,50,000 as their base salary. So there’s an immense hole in checks for The Baddest Woman On The Planet.

Her agreement with WWE is supposed to be very selective which permitted her to remain on a break for quite a while in the wake of dropping the Raw Women’s Title at Wrestlemania 35.

Yet, that unquestionably didn’t prevent her from getting compensated by the WWE. She keeps on being a piece of WWE Video Games or products permitting herself to get eminence checks, consistently. Ronda Rousey’s salary’s large sum helped her net worth, in the long run, come to $12 million.

Ronda Rousey’s salary had a place with the standard game as she was the main American lady to procure an Olympic decoration in judo by winning bronze at the 2008 Summer Olympics. She was the last-ever Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion before UFC purchased Strikeforce.

Afterward, she proceeded to turn into the first and the most prevailing UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. In 2018, Rousey appeared in WWE to bring home the Raw Women’s Championship at Summerslam and began a reign that went on until Wrestlemania 35 in April 2019.

The Chairman, Vince McMahon deals with Ronda Rousey’s salary, these days since the main female Hall of Famer in MMA sport chose to declare retirement from this kind. Presently she has a place in the expert wrestling world.

Charlotte flair (550K/Year)

Charlotte Flair’s salary used to be as low as $2,30,000 during her underlying in the WWE. Be that as it may, it expanded to $5,50,000 with time.

Charlotte Flair’s salary sum couldn’t take her net worth to a recognizable spot. As indicated by a few sources, she roughly has an abundance of around $1.5 million. She needed to miss once in a while in the WWE because of the bosom expansion medical procedure that probably impacted her net worth. Be that as it may, she proceeded with her cause managing WWE organizations with Girl Up, Make-a-wish Foundation, and Connor’s Cure crusades.

Charlotte Flair’s salary has forever been credited to WWE as every step of the way of her vocation, she has been under agreement with the organization. Before turning into an expert wrestler, she went to the Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, playing volleyball in the 2005 and 2006 seasons. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in advertising in 2008 preceding changing to an expert inside the squared circle.

Since joining the organization in 2012, Charlotte Flair has shown what she can do as perhaps of the most gifted competitor on the ongoing WWE list. The Queen is presently a 13-time Women’s Champion and a double cross NXT Women’s Champion. She is likewise a previous WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

The 36-year-old is supposedly the third-most generously compensated female rival in the organization today, with a yearly salary of $1.1 million.

She had not contended since May when she lost her SmackDown Women’s Championship to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash. Following the match, The Queen put a hold on from wrestling to seal the deal with momentum AEW star Andrade El Idolo. The couple wedded on May 27, 2022, in Andrade’s nation of origin of Mexico.

Becky Lynch (250K/Year)

Becky Lynch procures an essential salary of $250,000 from her WWE contract and has a net worth of $5 million. What’s more, she even procures from the product deals and PPV appearances.

Becky Lynch is a colossal star and has the titles to back up her powerful salary. Presently on an incredible $3.1 million, she is procuring more than any semblance of The Miz and Kevin Owens. Lynch’s rebound in the wake of taking maternity leave was quite possibly of the most expected crossroads in ongoing WWE history. She is presently the Raw ladies’ hero and has six complete WWE titles.

Big Time Becks was additionally positioned 6th in Twitter’s Top Female Athletes Worldwide rundown in 2019. Lynch works with noble causes upheld by the WWE like Make-A-Wish, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Connor’s Cure. She likewise works for certain causes voluntarily. There are likewise different pledge drives for specific causes that she is a piece of.

Becky Lynch has numerous accomplishments added to her repertoire. Becky is a five-time Women’s Champion in the organization, a three-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, and a double cross Raw Women’s Champion. She held the top title on the red brand for a record span of 399 days, which is as yet the record for the most extended rule with the title.

She likewise turned into a piece of the very first female-just WrestleMania headliner alongside Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey, where she would arise triumphant in the wake of overcoming the boss Rousey in the triple danger coordinate.

Bayley (350K/Year)

Bayley’s net worth, starting around 2022, is assessed to be around $2 million. She procures $350,000 every year as her essential salary from WWE. Furthermore, Bayley likewise gets income for the PPV appearances and sovereignties from stock deals.

Bayley’s wrestling profession started in 2008 when she wrestled on the free circuit under the ring name of Davina Rose. She was endorsed by WWE in 2012, and there she took on the ring name of Bayley. In 2015 she proceeded to bring home the NXT Women’s Championship.

Bayley showed up on the WWE fundamental program in 2016. She proceeded to win the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship and the Women’s Tag Team Championship. She turned into the very first ladies’ Triple Crown Champion and Grand Slam victor in WWE.

Alexa Bliss (300k/Year)

WWE Superstar Salary 2022

She acquires $300,000 every year as her fundamental salary from WWE. The gross sum she gets every year is higher, as it incorporates installments for PPV appearances and eminences from stock deals. Alexa Bliss’s net worth, starting around 2022, is assessed to be around $2.3 million.

All through her wrestling vocation, she had a few mentionable victories. Here are some of them to tell you. Alexa was the principal lady to hold the Raw and SmackDown Women’s championships.

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